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September 2, 2017
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September 16, 2017
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Amazon Takes Over The World!

Ralph talks to Lina Khan, monopoly expert with the Open Markets Institute, about how to tame “Too Big To Fail” corporations like Amazon.  And Ralph’s Princeton classmate and Renaissance Man, Scott McVay, tells us about some of the adventures he chronicled in his memoir Surprise Encounters With Artists and Scientists, Whales and Other Living Things. Plus, Ralph weighs in on the DACA controversy and devastating hurricanes.

Lina Khan is legal policy director of the Open Markets Institute where she researches the dangers of corporate consolidation and monopoly power and looks to find ways to make America’s political economy more fair.  Ms. Khan also served as policy director for Zephyr Teachout’s 2014 gubernatorial campaign in New York.

Scott McVay is a painter, a poet, a naturalist, an educator and a philanthropist.  Mr. McVay has served on the boards of numerous foundations, including the World Wildlife Fund, the Smithsonian Institution, the W. Alton Jones Foundation, Earth Policy Institute, and The Endocrine Exchange.  He was founding executive director of both the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation and the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation (  He has written a memoir of his adventurous and varied life entitled Surprise Encounters With Artists and Scientists, Whales and Other Living Things.


  1. AmyInNH says:

    Below cost is difficult to prove? Dumping, illegal. Prosecution is the failure.

    Why do all comments _require_ an email address?

  2. Jim Snitker says:

    Thank you Ralph, Steve and David for another hard hitting and insightful program. Like many others I’ve been a committed Amazon customer for years, because it’s easy and because they have their act together. But they are a monopoly and they are over reaching and they don’t take care of their workers and it’s time to fight back by taking our dollars elsewhere. So I want to address Steve’s comment that he does his book buying thru Kindle and give him and your listeners other book options. With a tablet (like an iPad or similar) Barnes and Noble has the Nook app that works just like Amazon’s Kindle, and you will support Amazon’s online book selling competitor. Or you can go directly to the book publisher, for example with the Harper Collins app HC Reader. You can use an app like Scribd, that offers access to thousands of books for $8.99 per month. OR my favorite, you can get digital books for FREE (well, for the taxes you already pay) thru your public library. Go to your public library and sign up for free digital access. My library delivers books thru my browser or…guess what…Amazon via Kindle, but the books are free to you for 14 days. So Steve take your book dollars elsewhere, there are many options besides Amazon. Thanks Ralph and Steve.

  3. Stewart Moore says:

    Thank you Ralph Nader for all you’ve done for the American worker, the working class, and for the poor. It seems very apparent to me as a working class truck driver that corporations are getting away with more harassment, belligerence, and flagrant disregard for their workers. Do you think it’s a possibility that the mass immigration of third world labor has anything to do with the stagnating wages and the ability of multinational corporations to bully and harass their workers?

  4. Bruce K. says:

    I notice in my Apple iTunes that the highest ratings and the greatest number of saved and liked episodes are always on the Ralph Nader Radio Hour. I find I agree with Ralph and company on just about everything … so balances and thoughtful … why is the country so far out of touch? The only thing I disagree on is the Middle East/Israel.

    I look forward to every new episode … thank you guys, please keep it up, best podcast in the pod-o-verse!