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Breaking Through Power!

Ralph promotes a conference he is organizing called “Breaking Through Power” at Constitution Hall in Washington DC where leading experts in the public interest field will be talking about how to renew the spirit of civic action that came on the heels of Ralph’s seminal work Unsafe At Any Speed.  Guests today include America’s #1 populist, Jim Hightower, founder of Consumer Watchdog, Harvey Rosenfield, and executive director of Veterans For Peace, Michael McPhearson.



Jim Hightower  is a syndicated columnist, national radio commentator, and progressive political activist.  He is a prolific author and has been called America’s number one populist.  He writes a monthly newsletter called the Hightower Lowdown and is a board member of Public Citizen and last week was a part of the Democracy Awakening protest on the Capitol steps, the largest civil disobedience action in the last fifteen years.

Harvey Rosenfeld


Harvey Rosenfield cut his teeth working in the Congress Watch Division of Public Citizen, the legendary public interest group that Ralph founded in the 1970s.  Then in 1985, Harvey went on to found his own non-profit organization in California called Consumer Watchdog. He is the author of California Proposition 103 , the landmark insurance reform initiative, which over the past thirty years has saved Californians more than 100 billion dollars in insurance premiums.  He has been an aggressive and influential consumer advocate in just about every area of public policy.

Michael McPhearson


Michael McPhearson is the executive director of Veterans For Peace.  Mr. McPhearson was a field artillery officer of the 24th Mechanized Infantry Division during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. His military career includes 6 years of reserve service and 5 years active duty service.  Mr. McPhearson works as an activist and facilitator to help bring about social and economic justice.

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