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February 18, 2017
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March 4, 2017
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Capitalism, Federal Reserve, 9/11

Ralph answers your Facebook questions about the Federal Reserve, the state of capitalism, job opportunities in grassroots activism, the twoparty system, unanswered questions about the 9/11 attacks and much more!


  1. Stew Bradley says:

    Discussions questioning the validity of the official 9/11 narrative are usually very emotional and divisive so I really appreciate Ralph’s concise analysis of the facts with painstaking care not to speculate. Is he familliar with the work of Richard Gage at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth? Maybe he would make a great guest on the show?

  2. Kendra says:

    I was very surprised that the host seemed utterly unaware of Justice Democrats. Hopefully because Cenk’s name was pronounced correctly, he is aware of TYT.

  3. richard norwood says:

    you got distracted on the 9/11 false flag… please google WTC Stranger than fiction…9/11 Israels grand deception…war by deception… and Chris Bollyn and Ken O’keefe on 9/11 the evidence is overwhelming and if you are an evidence based person these sites will give you all the evidence you will ever need… please realize that this event was the reason used to invade Afghanistan and Iraq and the following endless war on terror and the Patriot act which was used as the excuse to spend billions upon billions for the security state and to take away our constitutional based freedoms… this is the elephant in the living room that needs exposed now before it becomes another JFK urban legend…. please Ralph you have the platform and the credibility to help expose this and help bring it into the public view… thanks for all your great work

  4. Brux says:

    The discussion of 911 was unexpected and very interesting. The insanity that not knowing and not wanting or demanding answers to these questions is one thing that makes the world a less sane and safe place. I appreciate Ralph being responsible, sticking to the facts and not being drawn into speculation.

    Maybe it’s a bit off-topic, but one question that gnaws at me occasionally is … if we have this major surveillance state and know what is going on int he country or can find out … why do we still have organized crime? The data that should exist about the Mafia and other organized crime groups should be of a degree and magnitude such that we average Americans should have a much better understanding of what we are up against. The fact that we hear nothing about it anymore, except through TV programs like the “Sopranos”, combined with some of the most evil actions of our government makes me wonder if organized crime doesn’t run the country.