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July 4, 2015
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Chris Hedges, Dr. Nicholas Ashford

Ralph and acclaimed journalist/author Chris Hedges talk about why the American people need to revolt and MIT professor and globalization expert Dr. Nicholas Ashford talks to us from Greece about what is really going on over there.

chris hedges


He’s (Bernie Sanders) is lending credibility to a political party which is completely corporatized and shouldn’t have any. He has agreed that he would endorse the candidate, which unless there is some miracle will probably be Hillary Clinton. So, what he does is he takes all of that energy, he raises all of these legitimate issues, and he funnels it back into a dead political system so that by April, it’s over.

Chris Hedges – author of Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt

nicolas ashford


If one understands the mortgage crisis in the United States, it is exactly the same parallel with regard to the German and the French banks lending to southern governments, including Greece but not restricted to Greece, to people who they knew would not be able to pay in order to basically bolster an export oriented Northern Europe… It’s true that the debt will fall on the citizens of Germany and the citizens of France and maybe Holland, but they have been enjoying enormous increases in the standard of living as a result of this basically export oriented national architecture.

Dr. Nicholas Ashford: MIT professor and expert on globalization and sustainable development.

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  1. Isis Roy says:

    I just listened to this today (Feb 2019) and Chris Hedges mentioned what USA gov did in Chile to Salvador Allende, and it is just what they are doing today to Venezuela, really scary stuff.