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David Whyte; Steve Tombs; George Mallinckrodt

Ralph makes the case for abolishing the corporation with the help of professor David Whyte and Steve Tombs, authors of The Corporate Criminal.  And we also hear from psychotherapist George Mallinckrodt, who blew the whistle on the systemic abuses of mentally ill prisoners in the Florida state prison system.



David Whyte is a Professor of Socio-legal Studies at the University of Liverpool where he teaches and researches subjects related to criminal justice, political economy and the sociology of law. He is currently completing a long-term project on corporate human rights violations funded by the British Academy and the Arts and Humanities Research Council. His most recent books are How Corrupt is Britain and co-author with Steve Tombs of The Corporate Criminal.



George Mallinckrodt is a psychotherapist, who lives in the Miami, Florida area.  For twenty years, he has practiced both privately and in the public sector.  He has worked at the Bertha Abess Children’s Center, counseling emotionally handicapped and severely emotionally disturbed middle school children for the Dade County Public School System. He facilitates support groups for the Cancer Support Community.  And he also worked for nearly three years in the psychiatric unit of the Dade Correctional Institution, where he blew the whistle on systemic abuses that included beatings, neglect and what by all accounts amounts to torture, which in at least in one case led to the death of an inmate named Darren Rainey.  His book about that is entitled, Getting Away With Murder: A True Story.

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  1. robert dresdner says:

    My guess is the public or the aware part of the public knows most of this; as Ralph noted at 16:20 min.s, 72% of a Business Week poll suggests many in the public know what corporations are up to. Ralph is running an echo chamber here. He should debate the opposition, eg advocates of the SCt decision in Citizens United.

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