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Dr. Michael Osterholm on Covid-19

Infectious disease expert, Dr. Michael Osterholm, comes back to update us on the latest in the battle against Covid-19. And Naila Bolus, president and CEO of “Jumpstart,” joins us to talk about how the money spent on early education gives society a tremendous return on investment.

Dr. Michael Osterholm is a professor and director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. He is the author of the 2017 book, “Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs”. And from June 2018 through May 2019, Dr. Osterholm served as a Science Envoy for Health Security on behalf of the US Department of State. He has a weekly podcast called the Osterholm Update: COVID-19.

“We just have a shortage of testing for what we call the PCR test. This is the one that detects the actual virus itself… The challenge has been that we need reagents, chemicals that run the test… What we’ve needed is a national, international effort almost like a Marshall Plan with the private sector and public sectors coming together. Everybody is out there trying to get the reagents for themselves, and there are not nearly enough.”

Dr. Michael Osterholm, author of “Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs”

“As we think of [public health] from a military standpoint the investments have to increase. And we have to be able to have the tools we need to respond quickly. Imagine if we were fighting a war today and we had Civil War muskets. Unfortunately, far too often, that’s what we have in public health today.”

Dr. Michael Osterholm, author of “Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs”

Naila Bolus is the President and CEO of Jumpstart, a national early education organization that provides language, literacy and social-emotional programming for preschoolers from underserved communities. Jumpstart closes the kindergarten readiness gap, by giving children in under-resourced communities the critical academic and social skills they need before they enter kindergarten.

“High quality early childhood education programs consistently generate the greatest social return on investments actually ever documented in social science. So let’s start right there. That’s the why. We know every dollar invested saves taxpayers thirteen dollars in future costs. So, when you’re thinking about a return on investment with education this is your best bet.”

Naila Bolus, President and CEO of Jumpstart

“All aspects of early childhood education will face enormous funding challenges in the months and years to come as a result of [this coronavirus]…  And you have to deal with the fact that children are coming back to centers and schools with significant academic and emotional needs. We’re just starting to think about the trauma and the impacts this crisis is going to have, and they always disproportionately impact children in underserved communities.”

Naila Bolus, President and CEO of Jumpstart

Ralph Nader Radio Hour Ep 321 Transcript (Right click to download)


  1. Marianne says:

    The fact that classroom size per student will shrink will make a huge difference for teachers and students. It will also cost us more, but in the end a much better outcome. America will have to face the fact, whether you like it or not money wise our students will fortunately be raised better. 👍

  2. Mehdi says:

    Where can i get the transcript?

  3. Michelle Ambrosio says:

    I wish Ralph would’ve asked the CEO of Jumpstart what her annual salary is, what’s the salary of the executives, what is the hourly wage for the college students, how many total hours college students work peer week. Also, I wonder why Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, and other corporate criminals are willing to donate money to this organization but are dead set against payig higher (or any!) taxes that could help the underserved communities.

    • Kate says:

      This would have been an excellent question. In my experience as an Early Childhood Ed teacher in the USA I have found that early childhood programs do not require expert qualifications because they don’t want to pay the corresponding salaries.

      I’d also like to say, with all due respect for the Jumpstart representative, when she was asked what effect delaying reading instruction would have on a child’s future reading ability she didn’t, or couldn’t, give a direct answer. Her rambling response resembled a salesperson promoting a reading program rather than a qualified expert in Child Development.

  4. Glenn Velez says:

    Today, there is a headline at a news website titled “Inside the extraordinary race to invent a corona virus vaccine.”
    This idea is too good to be true. The haste to develop a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine at “lightening speed” increases the potential for complications with the vaccine. Despite facing a highly infectious dangerous virus, we need a systematic step-by-step approach to developing a safe and effective vaccine. In the meantime, we need to rely on non-pharmaceutical strategies and safe pharmaceutical treatments (when available) to deal with this corona virus.

  5. Gabe says:

    Though Mr. Nader’s cohorts are clearly clueless regarding Bernie Sander’s slide, it is a significant question. And though many progressives, myself included, are confused, there are certainly some things which seem pretty clear. Mainly that both the DNC and media establishment did all they were able to stop Sanders. Rightly or wrongly, some of Sanders’ supporters (the Bernie Bros etc.) have been labeled part of the problem too, I can’t speak to that one way or the other. So the bigger question is why the progressive movement is failing at the time we need it most. When I think of Sanders’ message I think primarily of Medicare for all, which is a great place to start. Personally, though, I think that Ralph Nader does a much better job of critiquing the establishment as a whole. I like the message very much of limited government with greater regulatory authority. Progressives, I feel to a large extent, have failed to come up with clear messages having the power to unite large groups of people. In answer to the massive scale of corruption and graft infecting all levels of society and without which little to nothing gets done, we are left with vague calls for “socialism,” which tend to invoke skepticism and even fear.

  6. Afdal Shahanshah says:

    Trump campaigned on a number of issues more progressive than Clinton, do you think he honored them? Obama actually campaigned on a public healthcare option, did he honor it? Let’s not be so naive to think that a politician’s actions in office can be predicted by how they campaign. Talk is cheap, Biden’s long record of anti-worker right-wing legislation and the donors who control him like a sockpuppet are what matter.

  7. Sandy Sanders says:

    Ralph, please research David Crowe’s research on virus testing which busts the myth of reliable viral testing. Realize the inventor of the PCR test has said it cannot be used for testing used for CV19. We are all being scammed.

    • John Puma says:

      To Sandy Sanders:

      Kary Mullis won the 1993 Noble Prize in Chemistry for his invention of
      the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). He died in August of 2019.

      To whom, exactly, do you refer as “the inventor of the PCR test”???

      I’m not going to view the 1.5 hour video you cited for the answer
      as I suspect it is full of “inaccuracies.”

  8. Thomas M says:

    Ralph asked a long question about nutrition. She said it was a great question and then proceeded to NOT answer it !!
    Ralph did not respond. Was the audio cut?????

    • Skro35 says:

      No, sometimes Ralph asks long questions and then the answers get lost. Sorry about that.

      • Thomas M says:

        Regardless of the length of Ralph’s question, I would like to hear why she thought it was a “great” question.
        Nutrition is often overlooked as a huge factor in mental development and physical health. To me, she seems to have canned answers that she felt she had to present. After listening to Ralph a lot, I think he knows when someone does not want to answer a question and he will not belabor the point. I appreciate how he keeps a positive rapport with his guests.

  9. Ry says:

    What’s the name of the intro song and where can I listen to it?

  10. Rudy S says:

    AN ALTERNATE POV Guns and butter program interview with Larry Roma off COVID USA # 241.

    Also a secret investigation into safety level 3 and 4 Biological laboratotories in the USA. Published ET. May 28-2015 updated 6.52 pm ET May 28 2015 by researchers Allan Young and Nick Penzenstadler USA TO DAY

  11. AC says:

    Thursday the 25th of June 2020

    Re: TRIBUNAL pending cases?

    Dear Mr. Nader:

    I came across this document in the internent & I was wondering if you could confirm that this actially is a pending Tribunal? If it is great, if it is not then why hasn’t this already been brought to a Tribunal to hold those that have violated our civil rights & Constitutional rights criminally & financially accountable for their abuse of power?

    Link below:

    Why is no one speaking of these cases? Who brought these Tribunal cases about?

    Link to Court Jackets below:

    Human Rights Tribunal International
    The United States of America: NAC:&0PHZ P5FJ2
    The Government of The United States of America
    RR 1,
    General Post Office # 1
    NAC: 850H2 MR7C8

    Government of The United States of America v Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Anthony Fauci, Christine Grady, Tedros Adhanom, National Governors Association, CDC, WHO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    Government of The United States of America v All Members of the Rothschild Family

    Government of The United States of America v Joseph Alcoff, A.N.T.I.F.A. and the National Lawyers Guild

    Truth Seeker,

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