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Facebook Must Be Restructured

Ralph engages in a spirited back and forth with Matt Stoller of the Open Markets Institute about corporate power and how Facebook must be restructured. Plus, Ralph answers listener questions about vaccines, the Boeing Max 8 and has some strong words about Apple buying back 75 billion dollars of its own stock.

Matt Stoller is a fellow at the Open Markets Institute, who is currently writing a book on monopoly power in the 20th century. Previously, he was a Senior Policy Advisor and Budget Analyst to the Senate Budget Committee. And he is the co-author of the recent article published in The Guardian entitled: Facebook Must Be Restructured: The FTC Should Take These Nine Steps Now.

“The problem with Facebook is that we’ve centralized this important form of communication – social networking – for basically the entire world in the hands of one company and one small group of people. And that’s catastrophic.” Matt Stoller of the Open Markets Institute

“There’ve been $7 trillion in stock buybacks in the last ten years by major U.S. corporations, who having gotten a huge tax break for bringing their profits from abroad back to Washington – compliments of Trump and the Republicans – are now burning it instead of what they promised they would do, which was invest ‘in productive facilities and jobs.’ Just another corporate betrayal of Congress. And what do they care? They get away with it.” Ralph Nader on Apple buying back another 75 billion of its own stock.

RALPH NADER RADIO HOUR EP 269 TRANSCRIPT(Right click to download)


  1. waldo m Lopez says:

    Our corrupted Congress has fallen in the control of corrupted American corporations to the detriment of the long suffering American public.
    Corporations do whatever please them, with no accountability. Well, they “own” the U.S. government ,which is now another corporate entity.

  2. Eric Z says:

    Hi Ralph — I’m so glad you answered the vaccine question, though your response was rather condescending. This is a serious issue that deserves a segment on your show to flesh out some of your comments about the the pros and cons. What do you make of Congressman Posey’s letter to Facebook? That might have been a nice tie-in with the theme of the show, and a good question for Mr. Stoller.

    Thanks for another great show!

  3. Nancy Lopez says:

    There is no doubt that vaccines save lives. Take a walk through an old cemetary for proof. But there were no antibiotics or antivirals at the time either.

    If vaccines were more transparent about preservatives, and if they contain mercury or not, if they listed ingredients I feel people would have less fear.

    The number of vaccines given at one time on the “schedules” could certainly be changed.

    Getting out of it on religious grounds, I do not know how to deal with that.

    HPV vaccine seems completely unnecessary as it only addresses a few of the strains and there are hundreds. With Medicare for all any cancerous strains can be caught with regular check ups.

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