Thank you for applying to actively participate in the Congress Club.

As our first project, we have two critical model letters to send to your Senators and Representatives—one on the issue of Corporate Crime, and the other on Taxing the Rich. See them here.

Use these letters as your base, but include your own distinct message and give any personal examples or experience that you wish to share with your elected officials. Indicate that your correspondence represents a lot of work and warrants a substantive response—no form letters. Feel free to copy interested parties on your letter, such as local citizen groups, labor organizations and media.

Send your letter by all methods available to you—email, postal mail, fax, etc. You may also wish to follow up with a phone call to alert them to your letter. Then, send us your elected officials’ response or indicate no response. When we have enough responses, you and we can take things to the next level and turn words into action.

Remember, it’s your Congress, people! Only through sustained pressure from a small but focused group of active, informed citizens, can long overdue change can start happening.


Ralph Nader, Steve Skrovan, David Feldman

P.S. Congress is taking most of the rest of the summer off with full pay and perks. See my recent column. Maybe you can hand your letter to them in person since they say they’re visiting their constituents back home in July and August?