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December 1, 2018
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Global Warming Is Reversible

Ralph debates entrepreneur, author, and activist, Paul Hawken, who makes the case that global warming is reversible in his book “Drawdown.” And conservative constitutional scholar, Bruce Fein, does a deep dive into the Mueller investigation.

Paul Hawken is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, author and activist who has dedicated his life to environmental sustainability and changing the relationship between business and the environment. He is one of the environmental movement’s leading voices, and a pioneering architect of corporate reform with respect to ecological practices. Mr. Hawken is Executive Director of Project Drawdown, a non-profit dedicated to researching when and how global warming can be reversed.

Drawdown is a reality project... I did not write a hopeful bookThere’s five million data points in there... And we did not know what the data would show. This is the reality of what the world is, can do, and where we are right now with solutions that are all scaling. It doesn’t counter the narrative of the corruption on the political level, but it does say something else besides that, which is humanity is not asleep at the switch.” Paul Hawken, Editor of “Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming”

Bruce Fein  is a Constitutional scholar, who was Associate Deputy Attorney General under Ronald Reagan. Mr. Fein has been a visiting Fellow for Constitutional Studies at the Heritage Foundation and an adjunct scholar at American Enterprise Institute. He has advised numerous countries on constitutional reform, including South Africa, Hungary and Russia. He is author of Constitutional Peril: The Life and Death Struggle for Our Constitution and Democracy,” and American Empire: Before the Fall.” 

“Mueller’s not in the business of deciding what’s an impeachable offense. The only, the only institution entrusted with that decision is the House, and especially the House Judiciary Committee. So Mueller isn’t investigating the same thing that Mr. Nadler would.” Constitutional scholar, Bruce Fein


  1. Thank you for the interview with Paul Hawkins. Paul’s statements about refrigeration and air conditioning validates my sence of its overuse. Rolling power outrages occur during peak a.c. usage in the hot States.

    The irony is inescapable: people’s obsession with keeping themselves and their months and years of food chilled whilst ocean and air temps rise.

    This is tragic and pathetic. All that waste and inefficiency when it is common, ancient knowledge that a higher body temperature, fewer calories and cooperation with one’s external environment is the healthier, happier way to live.

    Ralph’s dialectic with Paul about government action versus citizen and entrepreneural work is an essential part of the knowledge we must use going forward.

    Fridge and a.c. free since 2018. Solar swamp coolers and dual use wind turbans rule, yes they do.–David Faubion

  2. Kenneth Paderewski says:

    Listeners did you hear it in the discussion on Global Warming Reversal?

    In polite pushback to Ralph Nader’s suggestion that Congress get active on the well being of all of society in regard to ominous climate impact, Paul Hawkins says all oligarchies are corrupt and he can’t speak to a reversal of that conduct.

    Are all republics some fashion of oligarchy? If so, then getting right the balance between the needs of elites in power and the needs of the population should work out to a pretty well distribution of prosperity and concern about the future of climate.

    Ralph Nader appears to be spot on in demanding highly effective engagement from Congress. But Americans will have a long wait as US oligarchs would have it. Already in Germany last week secret world power Blackrock witnessed defeat of its choice candidate Friedrich Merz to win the top spot of the Christian Democratic Union Party to replace Angela Merkel. Merz lost to Merkel’s pick – a woman – Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, fondly known as AKK.

    In regard to the interests really being served, some see Blackrock’s choice – Friedrich Merz – as a tailor made Mario Dragi for Germany. The “balance” won in the German Republic last week where Blackrock interests were voted against, would imply that Germany might stand a slightly better chance at tackling climate and other issues for the well being of the citizenry.

    Call it Koch Brothers, Blackrock, Goldman Sachs or another powerhouse of financial speculation, only getting the “balance” right can restore respectability in Congress on climate, the central banking system, or any other issue the US population wants solved.

    • David Faubion says:

      Furthermore, Homo sapiens is the species that sweats. Sweat is our most distinguishable feature, more than our opposable thumb and upright stature. Our upright stature, however, suggests a morality that too oft is absent in our species. Overall, our species seems to be prone, supine and groveling to fossils and other dead things when it come to our future and that of all life on Earth.

  3. Had Walmer says:

    This is Reality check, grounded in optimism. Empowerment and possibility writ large.
    We can act skillfully and effectively NOW! Let’s get on board with natural systems’ conversion.
    Renewable energy’s time has come.

  4. Reka R says:

    I love how this speaker decided it is his right to instruct “women” on how many children they should have.

    • David Faubion says:

      Dear Reka R,

      I feel for you and for all women in midst of the ongoing crime that is men’s domination of nearly all women.

      Was Paul instructing or was he supporting and acknowledging women’s plight in the face of men wanting to own women’s reproductive rights?

      BTW, please explain why you have the word women in quote marks. I suppose that “women” in quotes means that women may still have their womanhood denied them via men in the instruction mode–the teacher mansplaining as it were.

      With respect and empathy as the bother of three sisters and an asshole dad,

      David Faubion

      • David Faubion says:

        Dear Reka R,

        I no doubt used the wrong word “womanhood” where I meant “women’s sovereignty.” Clearly men now have to be careful because to date we men have usually been careless, ignorant and criminal in our relations with women. Even education and parenting has been mostly been fraught with inconsistency, insufficiency and denial of the plight that women face vis-a-vis the world of men.

        Thank you for pointing out what we must acknowledged.

  5. Ben Truscott says:

    In regards to energy transition and climate change prevention/mitigation/reversal, I understand the need for substantial Wind and Solar improvements, and all the little things that can be done regardless what government and corporations dictate. However, with these arguments, often nuclear power is dismissed. Recently there was a good argument made for nuclear power in a Michael Schermer’s Science Salon interview with Richard Rhodes surrounding his book “Energy: A Human History” . (youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=casp77crtaA). Rhodes explains that historically it has taken about 100 years for a new energy to break through as a dominant energy source , and that the trend for energy consumption has been to go from diffuse sources to concentrated sources and nuclear is the best suited right now for in terms of infrastructure. Therefore, the fastest and easiest transition for society from fossil fuels would be nuclear with wind and solar augmentation. He argues new designs in safety and efficiency upgrades (in terms of fuel source and waste production) tilt the cost/benefit analysis in favor for nuclear because he would prefer a few controlled waste sites compared to the time it would take to fully implement solar/wind, the tons of materials required for solar and wind, and disposal of those items when they become antiquated. He is hopeful for fusion to overtake nuclear someday, but in his opinion, transition from fossil fuels to nuclear would give us the fastest results in terms of averting climate disaster.

  6. Bruce K. says:

    I like the term “planetary hotboxing” instead of global warming, or climate change because that is what it is.

  7. Geenie says:

    Hearing this podcast within a week or two of the Poland climate summit and the Arctic “report card” news, the timing for this topic couldn’t have been better. I like the way your podcast was staged as a sort of debate between Ralph and Paul. Paul Hawken comes across as almost too optimistic, as entrepreneurs usually are, given all the news at hand. On the other hand, he really seems to crunch the numbers regarding the human interaction with complex ecological systems. He’s a familiar name, and he’s been talking about this for years.

    I’m gonna buy three copies of the book DrawDown. I will give one each to my two millennial (adult) kids. May they have hope for a life in 30 or more years when I’m gone. When I finish reading the third copy, I will give it to the public library. I’ve lately become very pessimistic about humanity’s ability to save itself. This book is a life rope to keep me from despair about our future.

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  9. Brooks Anderson says:

    Extremely informative discussion with Paul Hawken! I’ve recommended this to many friends.

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  11. robert dresdner says:

    Yes, I absolutely agree with Paul Hawkins that reversing GHG emissions is the right goal [who wouldnt? ] but Ralph is right. Climate misery is not reversible through divestment or other activist protests.
    Congress is the Decider—and Congress —elected by consumers— hears mostly from lobbyists which have drowned out minority enviros like NRDC or Paul Hawkin.
    YOUR electric utility will pollute until Congress mandates better. Until then, states except California will not require CO2 controls or emissions limits — It is free to emit CO2 and will keep burning cheap and dirty coal or natural gas without climate because Congress delegated the question of controls to EPA which has refused to address CO2 and is literally lead by polluter hacks. EPA predictably has issued blatantly lax regulations to spare industry the cost of CO2 controls and SUVs with lousy MPG, again because Congress lets them. BTW—Consumers voted not for Jill Stein who wouldve have pushed EPA and Congress to reverse global warming, but rather for big oil and gas front men, Hilary and Trump.

  12. robert dresdner says:

    I dont know about hawkins laundry list -but consumers arent the key. Congress is the key as nader says here.