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Google is God

Marketing professor and entrepreneur, Scott Galloway, explains how Google is God, Facebook is Love, Amazon is Consumption, Apple is Sex, and their collective market dominance needs to be broken up for the sake of democracy… and innovation. Plus, Ralph talks to Michael Merhige about the political philosophy he developed while working as a CIA operative and in the military.

Scott Galloway is a Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business where he teaches Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing. In addition to founding several businesses himself, Professor Galloway has been named “One of the World’s 50 Best Business School Professors.” He is the author of The Four: The Hidden DNA of Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google.” His article on the topic in Esquire is entitled Silicon Valley’s Tax Avoiding, Job-Killing, Soul Sucking Machine.” 

“If you read the Wall Street Journal or look at CNBC, you’d think we’re living in a great era of innovation. We’re not. We’re living in an era of non-innovation.  There were twice as many new businesses being formed every day when Jimmy Carter was President forty years ago than are being formed today. Because these companies (Google, Amazon, Facebook Apple) are so powerful, they can perform infanticide on small threats; and they’re prematurely euthanizing big companies, which are traditionally bigger employers.”Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing: NYU Stern School of Business

Michael G. Merhige served in the US Army and Marines during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  He was also a CIA officer in the Far East and in South America and retired in the private sector as a Corporate Development Executive. His book is Thoughtful Pauses: A Political Philosophy”  which has been described as “a gripping and potent work that concentrates on the foibles of the government and expresses the musings of a man who worked within this same government.”

“We’ve been in the Middle East now going on two decades… Why is it that today, if these wars are so important to us over there, there is no conscription, no draft? There’s hypocrisy in these wars.” Michael Merhige, author of “Thoughtful Pauses.”


  1. Bruce K. says:

    The media ( Except for Conservative Propaganda ) has become a lightyear wide and a nanometer deep … too much, and in it is all Trump all the time. Every classless wanna-be struggles to find something new to say, or failing that something provocative or failing that something just plain hateful and insulting so they don’t have to get a real job.

    We’d all be sick of this if we could think of anything else to do.

    I could say mostly agree with each an every guest that you have on your show going back to the beginning, but the whole show together, as is the whole Left movement, is like living life in extreme ADHD. There is no continuity, no focus — it is Babel/babble inducing.. A new model, a new idea, some old models and ideas with facelift … what the Left needs, ( besides not being labelled as the Left.Socialists.Communists.villains ) is someone or something to make sense of this, to bring order out of disorder, to distill commonalities, the priorities, and then some project plans about how to bring out any little change at all – not a community organized but a national organizer. Lots of people who voted for or considered voting for Ralph for President thought he would be the natural one because he’s actually shown sensible leadership … except on some issues he is so extremely offensively doctrinaire and wrong and cannot keep away from it or shut up about it and thus undermines himself.

    All I hear is some new face with an old idea trying to sell a book in the corporatist system that criticizes the corporatist system so the author can survive, usually better than me in that corporatist system he professes to want to change. Excuse me if I am more than a little skeptical. There are really important things that need to be done that cannot be done and will never be done, or even considered too. How much money and time goes into listening to these shows, buying these books, reading these books, talking about these books and ideas, and what is the return on that investment? is it any wonder at all why the corporatists are winning?

  2. Marc says:

    Regarding these innovators being “heroes“, I fully agree with Prof. Galloway’s sentiment however we have to remember that our culture also makes soldiers, who he also states as being trusted to defend our country, into heroes. For over two decades, we have worshipped soldiers ad nauseum. Everything from jet flyovers at sporting events to bumper stickers. You name it. That fuels our war culture among the regular citizenry more than anything and it’s got to stop. Because this “I support the soldiers but not the war“ is merely a backdoor support for war. So we have to tread carefully about anointing soldiers as being more than humans even further.

    On artificial intelligence, we have to start being very concerned about that. While we are not at Skynet levels now, the seed is there for it to be so because AI now has something called reinforcement learning, which is basically it programming itself. Nobody sitting behind a desk entering code, but AI coding it self. So we have to start looking hard at AI.

    Re Amazon paying sales tax, I’m confused about this phenomenon of retailers paying it as if those costs are not passed on to us customers. I don’t recall a scenario where a company who sells me something pays some kind of sales tax that I don’t. It always shows up on my receipt.

  3. David Faubion says:

    The technology so-called giants are like nearly all of the other industries, they rose to the top on the back of their predecessors and the largesse of the United States taxpayers. We the funder need to remind Google et al about that fact constantly. And we can echo Google’s do no evil adage back at them at every turnrn.

  4. Jason says:

    The recording won’t play.