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February 27, 2016
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March 12, 2016
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Harvey Wasserman, Comedy, Listener Questions

Ralph challenges old friend, Harvey Wasserman, on his claim that electronic voter fraud turned the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 and could also do so in 2016.  Also, Ralph and Steve debate the value of comedy.  Plus: Listener questions!



Harvey Wasserman is a journalist, author, democracy activist, and advocate for renewable energy. He has been a strategist and organizer in the anti-nuclear movement for over 30 years.  Much of his recent work has focused on the issue of electronic voter fraud.  His book, due out later this year with co-author Bob Fritakis, is entitled, The Strip & Flip Selection of 2016: Five Jim Crows & Electronic Election Theft.

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  1. Afdal Shahanshah says:

    “To be continued”… 🙁

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