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Hedrick Smith; Dr. Anthony Bogaert

Ralph talks to Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and executive director of Reclaim The American Dream, Hedrick Smith, about how much of democracy is simply “showing up.”  And professor Anthony Bogaert fills us in on a particular sexual orientation that is not often discussed — asexuality.

hendrick smith


I believe that if more people actually realized what was going on in other states, that Colorado passed a referendum by seventy-four percent to roll back Citizens United and restore the power of Congress to regulate campaign spending.  California’s got the best disclosure law to smoke dark money out of political campaigns.  Twenty-eight states have (raised) minimum wages.  Item after item after item is going on, and it’s not happening in Washington.  Washington is dead in the water. Hedrick Smith:

anthony bogaert


The way I define asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction for others, so someone who has very little or no lustful attraction to others, no lustful lure when they look or think about other people, males or females.  Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean… that they don’t have romantic attraction.  So, they still may be interested in forming a marriage, forming a relationship with someone and having romantic inclinations, love bonds with others. –  Dr. Anthony Bogaert: Understanding Asexuality 

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