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September 7, 2019
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September 21, 2019
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How The New FBI Damages Democracy

Ralph spends the bulk of the hour with prominent FBI whistleblower, Mike German, whose new book is “Disrupt, Discredit, and Divide: How the New FBI Damages Democracy.”  Plus, Ralph answers listener questions!

A sixteen-year veteran of federal law enforcement, Mike German served as a special agent with the FBI, where he specialized in domestic terrorism and covert operations. Mr. German is also fellow with the Brennan Center for Justice’s Liberty and National Security Program, which seeks to ensure that our government respects human rights and fundamental freedoms in conducting the fight against terrorism. Prior to joining the Brennan Center, Mr. German served as the policy counsel for national security and privacy for the American Civil Liberties Union. He is the author of Disrupt, Discredit, and Divide: How the New FBI Damages Democracy.

“The FBI very quietly put out on its website that its primary mission was no longer law enforcement, but rather protecting national security and conducting domestic intelligence. And that is a very broad mandate that isn’t well-defined and allows for an awful lot of abuse.”

Mike German, author of Disrupt, Discredit, and Divide: How the New FBI Damages Democracy


  1. Sally T. Walter says:

    Dear Ralph,
    …..hoping you would remember me as a young girl from Hurlbut Street in Cambridge. so many years ago……have been following you on social media and now plan to listen to your radio hour. Thank you for your continued dedication to inform.
    Sincerely yours,
    Sally Thompson Walter

  2. Donald Klepack says:

    Mike German is correct that the little guy as no recourse when the FBI wants to put you in jail compared to Flynn. However the next question that was never asked, did the FBI start a Coup d’etat against Donald Trump before or after he became President

  3. Afdal Shahanshah says:

    The Trump administration has already repeatedly fabricated claims about both Venezuela and Iran in attempts to build consent for military action. We’ll see if that changes at all now that Bolton is gone. The war criminal Elliot Abrams still has a job.

  4. Gabriel says:

    Horrifying, but not surprising.

  5. David Faubion says:

    At long last, a justice professional and insider, Mike German, articulates the painfully obvious: Federal law enforcement and investigation had for decades dropped the ball on the pursuit of corporate, white collar and political crime. Mike asserts that the FBI et al intentionally took their eye off ball. That is equivalent to looking the other way, condoning and even encouraging corruption on high.

    Stop or reform Teddy’s Gestapo

  6. robert says:

    @~19 min. grand jury testimony entrapment is discussed. If your refuse to appear before a Grand Jury you risk criminal penalties, 18 USC 1001. Prison and and a massive penalty. The government was attempting to entrap Chelsea Manning re Wikileaks, and refused to appear before a Grand Jury, citing her 5th Amendment right to not incriminate herself. Instead of respecting her Constitutional rights, the federal judge fined and tossed her into federal prison for refusing to self incriminate.

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