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September 29, 2018
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October 13, 2018
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Impeach Kavanaugh?/Trumpcare

Ralph and Lisa Graves, former general counsel for judicial nominations under Democrat Patrick Leahy, tick off a long list of reasons why Brett Kavanaugh should not be elevated to the Supreme Court. And Dr. John Geyman returns to discuss his new book “Trumpcare: Lies, Broken Promises, How It Is Failing, and What Should Be Done”.

Lisa Graves is the co-founder of Documented, which investigates corporate influence on democracy. She serves on the boards of the Center for Media and Democracy and U.S. Right to Know and is on the advisory board of UnKoch My Campus and Free Speech Is for People.  Ms. Graves was the former chief counsel for nominations for the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee under Senator Patrick Leahy and was deputy assistant attorney general in the Department of Justice.

“It’s a disaster for our courts. It’s a disaster for our country. Brett Kavanaugh is really a political operative in black robes.”  Lisa Graves, co-founder of Documented and former chief counsel for nominations for ranking member of Senate Judiciary Committee

John Geyman is an M.D. and professor emeritus of family medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. As a family physician with 21years in academic medicine, he has also practiced in rural communities for 13 years. Dr. Geyman has served as president of Physicians for a National Health Program and is a member of the National Academy of Medicine. His new book is entitled:  “Trumpcare: Lies, Broken Promises, How It Is Failing, and What Should Be Done”.

“I want the Democratic Party to have Medicare For All universal coverage in its platform. But it’s pretty wimpy right now. Centrist Democrats are starting to call for, ‘Oh, let’s have a little public option in here, and we’ll call it Medicare For All.’ That’s not what we want. We want real Medicare For All, which is HR 676 in the House.”    Dr. John Geyman, author of “Trumpcare: Lies, Broken Promises, How It Is Failing, and What Should Be Done”


  1. Keith Forrest says:

    The current paradigm must die it will not fair well for the public. I live in a Republican strong hold and I hear constantly about democratic Presidents are the cause of our problems { which maybe correct} believing Trump is the answer to their problems? I question them about their believes and they don’t have a valid answer. I believe most of these people get their information from the boob tube and right wing talk show hosts. Zombies? This 1984 scenario is here; we need to put wrench’s in the gears not only through the ballot.

  2. Often if I go to the Radio Hour, my computer doesn’t work right afterwords. Hope you have enough malware and virus checks on your site . Can’t get this one to work once “trump care” was mentioned.

  3. Donald Klepack says:

    You know now that Brett Kavanaugh is a supreme court Judge. I blame the Democrats, especially the Judicial committee. – The focus attack that he is a rapist and involved in gang rapes and ignoring due process took away his major weakness being a corporatist. This unethical attack on Kavanaugh is a disgrace and will back fire in the midterm elections.

    • Bruce K. says:

      I totally get what you are saying Donald. I would just ask you what
      benefit does anyone get by “blaming” Democrats.

      In terms of tactics, blaming the Democrats, doesn’t change Republicans,
      and it doesn’t change Democrats because it is not a specific critical
      diagnosis followed by a prescriptive remedy.

      The Democratic party is broken in some fundamental and hidden way
      that Democrats cannot do anything but infer – but alas that again does
      not make the Republicans any better.

      My question would be is this foolish logic just a fake news media
      disinformation campaign that is aimed at rationalizing the disgusting
      state of affairs where Trump & Republicans continue to win elections
      ( that may be fake ?? ) despite their record unpopularity, despite all the
      problems in America with 90% of Americans, despite no popular vote
      victories, more election irregularities?

      If so, this government is over and shall have no further authority until
      a newly established and mathematically provably democratic
      government by the consent of the people is re-established.

      Land is what is voting today, with most of the people driven off the land
      and into the politically under-represented cities, while the landed states
      run by corporate and global interests can fake elections any time by
      mathematical and media trickery and an antiquated interpretation of
      our Constitution.

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