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May 12, 2018
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May 26, 2018
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Is The U.S. Turning Into Russia?/DC Statehood?

Ralph welcomes back Yale historian Timothy Snyder, author of “On Tyranny,” to talk about his new book “The Road To Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America.” Then journalist Mark Plotkin tells us the status of DC statehood. Plus, Ralph weighs in on Gaza.

Timothy Snyder is a Professor of History at Yale University and one of the foremost scholars on European history. Professor Snyder is also a member of the Committee on Conscience of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and has written many award winning books, including Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin.” Last year, his handbook “On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons From the Twentieth Century first written as a Facebook post in the wake of Donald Trump’s ascension to the White House went on to becoming a New York Times bestseller. His latest work is The Road To Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, and America.

“Blacks and Hispanics may not expect progress, but white people in America expect the American dream to be true. And I think when it’s turned out for them not to be true or to be much more difficult… People think “I did this on my own… The government didn’t have anything to do with it.” That’s a myth. That’s a myth that white people believe. White people, of course, need the government just as much as anybody else does; but they’ve been taught that they don’t need help. It’s other people that need help. And so you can tell them a story, which says, ‘Well, if you’re suffering, it’s not that the government can help you. It’s that other people are hurting you. The immigrants are taking your stuff. The Blacks are taking your stuff.’ And you get caught in that story, because it makes you feel good. It makes you feel like you’re special, and it’s the other people who are somehow doing something that’s wrong.” Timothy Snyder, author of “The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America”

Mark Plotkin writes for the political website, The Hill,  is a contributor to the BBC on American politics and is also a columnist for DC paper, The Georgetowner. He previously worked as the political analyst for WAMU-FM, Washington’s NPR affiliate, and for WTOP-FM, Washington’s all-news radio station. He is a winner of the Edward R. Murrow Award for excellence in writing.

“Don’t view it politically. View it like a black person not being able to go to a hotel, a Jewish person not being able to join a country club, an ‘Irish Need Not Apply’ – or any other ethnic group. It is purposeful, legal, and deliberate exclusion. Then the indigenous population should be blamed. If they’re not so concerned about their colonial status and their second-class citizenship, why should I be?” Journalist Mark Plotkin on the issue of DC Statehood


  1. David Faubion says:

    Thank you for making a special tribute to Palestine. The USA Zionist gamblers gamble with human lives and rights. It is a game that the aggressors were too tepid with guilt to win. Netanyahu, Trim. Kushner are cards you cannot win with.

  2. Afdal says:

    Interestingly, in Athens where the word originated, the people considered electoral politics to be oligarchy. They correctly noticed the tendency of elections to install people who have more wealth to office and those people look out for their own class interests. To the ancient Athenians the word “democracy” ACTUALLY meant public officials selected via a random sortition system, with major decisions made by the people through direct referenda.

  3. David Faubion says:

    In an anthology of Anthropology I read an essay or excerpt by Ralph’s sister about the topic of her idea of trustanoia. I saw her surname Nader, but I thought likely not related. Ralph, please invite her onto the show to discuss her ideas, diagnosis an prescriptions. I’d love to here the two of you together.

  4. Bruce K. says:

    It’s very sad to see Ralph acting like the Palestinian version of FOX News and parroting the hardline Islamic Fundamentalists on the Middle East. Fair enough to criticize Israel, but how about trying to do it fairly based on facts, and not just criticizing one side. Is it really so black and white to Ralph. I’d love to hear Ralph’s historical version of the mess the Palestinians have made of Lebanon, completely taken over by the terrorist group Hezbollah … is that really the will of the people? How about at least a little balance on Ralph’s Middle Eastern tirades for a change?

  5. whirledpeace says:

    Referring to Mr. Snyder’s “On Tyranny” as a “handbook” indicates that you, Mr. Nader, agree with his definition of “patriotism” which leads me to feel comfortable IGNORING Ralph Nader and whatever you have to say from this point on in your life and the “life” of the United States.
    Mr. Snyder’s version of “American Exceptionalism” at this time in history is simply fuel for more nationalist atrocities.

  6. whirledpeace says:

    Where is your focus on “policies” ?
    Instead I hear “cult-of-personality” everywhere, including from Ralph Nader (now).
    So disappointing…

  7. Mohammad chaudhry says:

    Pretty well founded thought process. I endorse it broadly. However myths have to be busted in whatever field they exist. I recall having done so in my professional like as a marketing and management professional and written in professional and mass media publications. My articles on ,”Busting of some Marketing myths “ and, “ Busting of some Business myths” with case histories appeared in Dawn and Marketing Review in 1992 and 2004

  8. Tom Keeler says:

    The Road to Unfreedom is a very stimulating book. I highly recommend it to all. Thanks.for having Professor Snyder as a guest.