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March 24, 2018
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April 7, 2018
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John Bolton: The New Dr. Strangelove

Ralph talks to journalist Gareth Porter about why both liberals and conservatives should be afraid – be very afraid – of warhawk John Bolton’s appointment as Trump’s National Security Advisor.  And author/activist Julie Wark joins us to talk about why she is “Against Charity.”

Image by Tarek Milleron


Gareth Porter is an independent investigative journalist and historian specializing in US national-security policy. Mr. Porter received the 2012 Gellhorn Prize for journalism for his coverage of the US war in Afghanistan. His latest book is “Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare.

“I think this is the moment of greatest peril in terms of a very serious war being carried out by the United States, simply because of Bolton and Pompeo and Trump.  That combination is something that we have not seen in the White House in any administration since World War II. And I think that should motivate people to take action in a way that nothing we have seen so far has.” Gareth Porter: independent investigative journalist and historian specializing in US national-security policy

Julie Wark is an Australian/Spanish citizen and a resident of Barcelona for 27 years. She is a translator of novels, essays, short stories, poetry, and exhibition catalogues, a long-term human rights author/activist, and is on the editorial board of Sin Permiso, a Spanish language magazine of international politics. She is the co-author along Daniel Raventos of Against Charity,” where they argue for an unconditional universal basic income above the poverty line and paid for by progressive taxation.

“He (Bill Gates) can nudge state and global funding into any area he wishes to prioritize. So for example at the World Health Organization, one staffer has said that hardly any major policy decisions are taken without being ‘vetted’ by Gates’ foundation staff… So, for example it’s much praised for its work on malaria in Ethiopia, but the quid pro quo of that is that Bill Gates hates public health. He says it’s a waste of time and a waste of money – public health services. So he comes in with his mosquito nets.  People overlook the fact that these mosquito nets are drenched with insecticides, which have to be replenished every so often.  And insecticides are another part of Bill Gates’ business, which I think can probably be taken back to Monsanto.” Julie Wark, co-author of “Against Charity.”


  1. Mary says:

    Am I able to order Julie’s book though you?
    I know you are still in he planning stage of putting up her Link. I know this because I listened to the show, which just ended. I was anxious to get her book! Incredible woman..

    • Steve Skrovan says:

      Mary, click on the blue link “Against Charity” in the bio section. That will take you to a place where you can buy the book.

  2. David Hutchinson says:

    I am grateful beyond words for the Ralph Nader Radio Hour podcasts, and a few others. But then OTOH aspects of this electronic ethos of ours can get irksome. For all of this that’s gone done (and now John Bolton) it’s just my nonconforming view of things that Sinclair Broadcasting is most likely more to blame than any of’em (maybe that’s not here nor there; it’s only a guestimate). Zuckerberg doesn’t strike me as any Mr Goody Twoshoes though. As a matter of fact, as of this afternoon around 4 PM when I GO ON FACEBOOK I get a version without comments and without the option to share…anything. There’s been no message in my messages regarding any complaint and nothing in my email box regarding any such. My messaging still works, and I still get items in my newsfeed, but I just messaged a friend to “tag” me with the following…

    relayed from Dave H

    Went to library today because I wanted a faster connection for something. In my newsfeed there were no comments or likes under anything. On my page there were no comments or likes. It’s the same deal now that I’m home. On friends’ pages I see no comments or likes, while at least one friend still sees them ON MY PAGE! There’s no share icon/option under any share in my newsfeed, and no box on my page to share from. I don’t see news of this happening in any wave yet. Messaging still works.Yall have five days to get your congressperson to call for a Joint Congressional Resolution to the effect: John Bolton is unfit to serve as National Security Advisor.

  3. Doug Sasser says:

    Ralph Nader and his guest were very critical of Bill Gates and his foundation. Ralph has praised millionaires such as Ted Turner and his charitable work. How does Ralph decide which millionaires to praise?