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“Juuling”/Anybody But Trump?

Ralph welcomes Matthew Myers, co-founder of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids to talk about the dangers of “Juuling.” Then, using an excerpt of Ralph from the documentary, “An Unreasonable Man, “ Steve, David and Alan Minsky, executive director of Progressive Democrats of America, discuss the “Anybody But Trump” mantra in the context of recent history.

Matthew Myers is President and co-founder of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Under Mr. Myers’ leadership, the Campaign has been a leader in the effort to raise tobacco taxes, expand protection against secondhand smoke and fund effective comprehensive tobacco control programs at the state level. The American Cancer Society has honored Mr. Myers with its highest award, The Medal of Honor, for his work in the fight against cancer and childhood tobacco addiction.

“We know that the way Juul has been marketed and the way it is designed, it has fueled an epidemic among our youth. Over three and half million kids last year were using E-cigarettes. 27% of them were using them almost every day. It threatens to reverse all of the progress we’ve made. What’s particularly disturbing is the manner in which the product works. They have succeeded in making it cool among a generation of kids who otherwise wouldn’t have smoked.”

Matthew Myers, President of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

RALPH NADER RADIO HOUR EP 285 TRANSCRIPT (Right click to download)


  1. Bruce K. says:

    The more nonsense ads I hear on the radio from Juul, the angrier it makes me because I know that this is a BLATANT lie and a scam. I’m fine with putting them out of business or requiring a prescription to use for a legitimate medical purpose.

  2. Afdal Shahanshah says:

    How many times are people going to waste their energy and resources on this failed “internal struggle” in the Democratic Party? Over and over and over, these fusion strategies, party-within-a-party strategies, and inside-outside strategies have been tried by labor, progressives, and even socialists and every single time for over a century now the end result has been the same: the activists get co-opted, controlled, and defeated by the capitalist interests that actually run the party down to its very core. Someone has picked up the mantle thinking they’re reinventing the wheel with another one of these attempts regularly every 4/8 years since the late 19th century and all it has ever amounted to at the end of the day is spinning that wheel fruitlessly in midair. Isn’t it about time we learned from history? All those resources and lives that could have been put to use mobilizing third party organizing and the critical grassroots reforms needed to empower them, WASTED on a counter-revolutionary party that has always been just one side of the capitalists’ coin. Yes, even during FDR’s time that’s what they were; the New Deal didn’t spring forth from his benevolent mind, the ideas were cribbed from a communist party, two socialist parties, and an organized labor movement that together comprised millions, and the moment FDR died DEMOCRATS went to work undoing it starting with the Taft-Hartley act. Howie Hawkins, now a Green Party presidential primary candidate, wrote an excellent critique of this oblivious strategy late last year that Alan Minsky should give a read:

    Enough is enough! You want real change to come to American politics? Then it’s time to start looking at the system that gives us these farcical choices on the ballot in the first place. Imagine if all those people putting their time and energy into reforming a counter-revolutionary party since 2016 had instead been organizing ballot initiatives in their states to move to an alternative voting method like Approval or Score voting. Such a change would smash the two-party system wide open and people would no longer feel the need to grovel at the feet of the Democratic Party machine.

  3. NooN says:

    GREAT PROGRAM : Shall we Gravitate to dirty gases or clean oxygen 4 RBC~+~ BRAIN 🧠
    BURNING the Gass Filled AtmosphAIR the MONO(1) OXYGEN SAVES either Brain or Body
    GassLess 0xyGEN dries out elasticity of epithelial Cells Lining Human’s entire Cellular Structure
    Once Cell Walls “R” dry they will form crack 🌜like egg’s shell🌛where VIRUS can enter (cancer)
    MEDICINE, like FOOD, should be eaten & enjoyed all day.

  4. David Faubion says:

    Note the anti tobacco PSAs on the internet, namely on YouTube. Scarely, desperate numbers loaded with muzak and quasi drama the PSAs have one pseudo coherent thought–tobacco = brain poison. Without support for that allegation kids will largely sneer at the entertaining messages.

    Don’t dumb down this crucial message any further. Instead talk about the high likelihood of lifelong addition and the specific chronic, acute and terminal illnesses. Talk about comprised immunity, cognitive function and sexual and social impairment. Talk sbout the time lost to a nasty, addictive, debilitating habit. Talk about the alternatives of fresh air exercise, wholesome fruits and vegetables, art and athletics,

    If you want to alert kids and adults, only a full disclosure of the clinical facts will do that, not vague threats that seem like scare tactics rather than hard science. Talk about how smoking swaps lifegiving oxygen for see the inducing carbo compounds and related chemical toxins.

  5. Brad Davies says:

    A difficult political Solution…
    Nicotine is a addictive drug, allow the FDA to regulate it and make it only available by prescription.

  6. Mark Hughes says:

    Neoliberalism has always been vague to me in the sense I couldn’t really distinguish it from capitalism. That said, the best description of it came from Marxist professor David Harvey. It can be defined as the attempted capture of as much wealth and power as possible by the capitalist class, but again that also strikes me as just capitalism, it’s just that it happened to be ramped up in the 1970s. But what makes neoliberalism special?

    In going back and listening to the first two episodes of Harvey’s “Anti-Capitalist Chronicles” podcasts, he states that it was during a time (1970s) when the capitalist class felt particularly threatened. And it seemed to have started with Lewis Powell, who wasn’t a legislator mind you but a Supreme Court judge, and it was a specific project. Unique aspects of this project included:

    1) the garnering of a strong popular base through the Republican Party via the religious right
    2) the economic doctrine of ‘monetarism’ that was supply-side economics (also special thanks to Nixon for severing the USD from gold in 1971)
    3) the evisceration of unions (largely by lumping them in with agents of a foreign power, the USSR)
    4) the virtues of personal responsibility and personal ‘entrepreneurship’.
    5) monetizing elections (campaign funding was decreed somehow as ‘free speech’), which created a state that instead of supporting the people it subsidizes Big Capital.
    6) domination of the media
    7) surrounding universities with think-tanks (Heritage Foundation, Manhattan Institute, etc), and later,
    8) the garnering of a strong popular base through the Democratic Party (presumably via the intellectual and cultured left).

    (My honorable mention: similar to point 7 above, the beginnings of the capture of public education systems by corporations, which one may argue that it may have begun with GHW Bush’s proposed vouchers for private schools.)

    He states in the 1960s this country saw a strong movement of people wanting individual liberty, freedom, expression and justice. But this justice was antagonistic to what capital was about. Capital struck a deal, saying it will give people a certain level of liberty, but one relegated to freedom in the market to choose whatever products/services you want, but forget about all this social justice stuff. Then began the cancers we experience today, like a widening wealth gap and the eminent threat of economic crises.

    Harvey has been asked “did neoliberalism end”? His answer is no, it’s still going strong. The rich have continued to get far richer and are still profiting immensely from all the problems they’ve created. No, it’s just that it lost its economic and political legitimacies.

  7. To R. Nader, Steve, Dave & the 2 producers;
    I’m Running for President-My Options, Alternatives, Beliefs & Values Started on January 13, 2018
    I’m using a “pen name” when I send this to many people.
    Unfortunately, my BOUGHT & PAID AND Un-insured house in Salem, Oregon was ripped off of EVERYTHING I EVER owned in 2012 & the house is RUINED! It has on sale since June 2013…NO buyers! FYI; I live in Asia since NO-ONE can live in my house.
    When I say “Blanking”, normally, it is a “version” of the “F” word.
    I’m NOT selling weapons/armaments abroad, TO ANYONE! I’m for CLOSING the defence contractors, companies & MIC. I’m training these people who produce weapons or armaments to ANOTHER dependable “livable” wage green job.
    I’m NOT going to; coup anyone, regime change, INVADE anyone, poison or bomb anyone! NO sanctions on anyone. Everybody MUST get along! I have NO enemies, except those who will ASSASSINATE me, yesterday OR tomorrow!
    First, I’m having a BALANCED BUDGET! Yeah! There will be NO DEBT ADDED & NO ANNUAL DEFICIT! NEVER, EVER!
    I’M FOR; FREE health care for ALL, FREE college for ALL, FREE Medicaid & Medicare, FREE meals on wheels for the senior citizens & etcetera. Free Health Care, Free Education ARE a Human Right, Eh? I’m ALSO eliminating the PRIVATE INSURANCE INDUSTRY! They, the FOR-PROFIT INSURANCE Companies “CAN” take $4.00 OUT OF EVERY $10.00 RIGHT off the top, TO PAY the “paper-pushers” & administration staff & the CEOs & board of directors. .
    HOW AM I GOING TO PAY FOR IT? See the part below;
    Second, I’m SLASHING the military budget by ONE HALF TO START WITH! I’m also closing ONE HALF of the OVERSEAS military bases, TO BEGIN WITH, PLUS ONE HALF, AT A MINIMUM, of the military bases in America. I’m for ELIMINATING the MIC! There are NO “Communists or Terrorists”, that WANT to INVADE America! That’s a FALLACY! Wake the Blank UP, people!
    I’m for a BALANCE BUDGET & SLASHING the MILITARY BUDGET provides funds for agencies & services that Trump OR the republickans DECIMATED OR ELIMINATED; like food stamps (SNAP) ++++
    Hopefully this MANDATE provides funds to pay down the national debt which is way too BLANKING high!
    I’m ELIMINATING guns for law enforcement. They still have tasers, bully-batons, there are STILL armed with countless items, right, eh???
    I’m NOT going to let the Military & police people investigate THEIR OWN CASES, brutality, murders or sexual harassment. I’m GOING to set up AN INDEPENDENT plan of action.
    I’m ELIMINATING FOR PROFIT schools, prisons, probation services +++.
    I’m providing the USPS (Post offices) with A MANDATE to add more services including postal banking, mobile phones services, including email services, convenience store items & many more. I’M NOT CLOSING THE USPS!!!
    I’m DOUBLING or TRIPLING the National & State Park properties & specifically Ocean/ marine sanctuaries TO START WITH & providing funds to mandate back maintenance AND upgrading the National & State parks. I am also making it a proposal to save state, city & county lands. I am NOT allowing ANY blanking oil extraction, fracking, mining or ANY energy activity on State, Federal, county or City parks. “FOSSIL FUELS” IS A DYING INDUSTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m proposing setting up United States National Marine Sanctuaries. In fact, I’m going to RESTRICT ALL fishing, mining & energy extraction on ONE HALF of America’s own oceans. In fact, I’m restricting ALL boating & fishing. Anyone caught fishing in the area will have their boats confiscated & HEAVILY FINED plus possible jail time. ALL marine sanctuaries will be described & monitored so no-one should even go in there except divers, snorkelers, and whale watchers and the like said; nature lovers. We’ll train the unemployed fisher-people with dependable “livable” wage green job training. Murdering animals, mammals & fishes IS A DYING INDUSTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I propose figuring out a way to stop the next Trump & finally save land, parks, lakes, oceans, seas, rivers, etcetera.
    I’m for re-planting our national, state parks & fire areas with NATIVE conifer trees, trees & plants with suggestions from appropriate leaders.
    I’m for re-planting mangroves in coastal areas. I’m for re-inventing mangrove nurseries to provide mangrove seedlings to plant.
    NOAA says; There are about 80 different species of mangrove trees. All of these trees grow in areas with low-oxygen soil, where slow-moving waters allow fine sediments to accumulate. Mangrove forests only grow at tropical and subtropical latitudes near the equator because they cannot withstand freezing temperatures.
    Many mangrove forests can be recognized by their dense tangle of prop roots that make the trees appear to be standing on stilts above the water. This tangle of roots allows the trees to handle the daily rise and fall of tides, which means that most mangroves get flooded at least twice per day. The roots also slow the movement of tidal waters, causing sediments to settle out of the water and build up the muddy bottom.
    Mangrove forests stabilize the coastline, reducing erosion from storm surges, currents, waves, and tides. The intricate root system of mangroves also makes these forests attractive to fish and other organisms seeking food and shelter from predators.
    Conservation Int. says; Fish flock to mangroves. Mangroves, specifically the underwater habitat their roots provide, offer critical nursing environments for juveniles of thousands of fish species, from 1-inch gobies to 10-foot sharks.
    Oceana says; Like reef-building corals, mangroves are ecosystem engineers – they form their own ecosystem and provide habitat for several other species. Mangroves’ root systems trap huge amounts of soft sediments, and in some areas where dense mangrove forests become established, they can be responsible for creating entire islands. Importantly, networks of these sediment-trapping forests buffer the coastline against wave-induced erosion and provide coastal ecosystems and coastal communities a vital line of defense against strong, tropical storms. Mangrove forests also provide important nursery habitat for many species of fishes and invertebrates, including those that are commercially important fisheries species, which later move to coral reefs and other ecosystems as they mature. Without the protection that mangrove forests provide the juveniles of these species, their adult populations and the fishers who rely on their capture suffer. Furthermore, mangrove forests are a primary habitat for mature individuals of many species of seabirds and waterfowl and some terrestrial animals as well.
    The dual services of coastal protection and habitat for commercially important species make mangrove forests one of the most valuable ecosystems in the world. Unfortunately, like many coastal and marine ecosystems, they are being lost at an extremely rapid rate. Clear cutting for coastal development projects (including construction of shrimp farms, hotels, and other structures), harvesting for wood, and pollution all threaten mangrove forests throughout their range. Scientists estimate that at least one third of all mangrove forests have been lost during the last few decades. Without active policies that aim to reverse the negative trend and preserve this system, mangrove forests (and the valuable services that they provide) may disappear in some areas. Such a disappearance would represent both an ecological and economic loss in coastal areas that people cannot afford. I’m for planting or re-planting ALL areas that CAN be planted in ALL areas that CAN be planted!

    I’M PROPOSING MANDATORY VOTING. The voting period will be for a 5-7 days; a week, with Monday being a Federal holiday. (That gives every person an extra day to VOTE!) That should be everyone time to MANDATORY vote! I do NOT care about the TV networks getting the FIRST results! (Who gives a shit about NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox “Blanking” news or MSNBC?) Everyone NOT voting will NOT be able to register their car or get a drivers license OR??????? I’LL MAKE IT EASY; there will be a write-in line AND a none of the above line. All voting machines will have MANDATORY PAPER TRAIL. In fact, I may ELIMINATE voting machines! Unfortunately, the voter will have to have identification with photo which I will make SUPER EASY! Gerrymandering will NOT be in effect! Based on population counties will get 1, 2 or 3 representatives.
    I’m for ELIMINATING the Electoral College.
    I definitely DEMAND separation of Church & State.
    I DEMAND ELIMINATING the cap on Social Security! Even multi-billionaires pay the same percentage FOR ALL OF THEIR INCOME & DIVIDENDS & ALL their PROFITS!
    I DEMAND mandatory recycling. I PROPOSE ELIMINATING plastic bags & single use plastic items! Make some recyclable “plastic” bags. EVERY plastic bag MUST BE PAID FOR until we get rid of them. Supermarkets charge customers for plastic bags like in Taiwan & elsewhere.
    I raise the minimum wage to $22.00 per hour. IMMEDIATELY! NOT by “now” = 2025.
    I’m taxing churches! They are a business! The business of religion.
    I PROPOSE GREEN ENERGY….100% BY 2030! OR ELSE!!!!!!!!
    I STOP INVADING other people’s countries. I STOP “Regime Change.”
    I’m eliminating Columbus Day & replacing it with Indigenous Peoples Day. Finally!
    I’m proposing a MASSIVE increase in PUBLIC Lands “OUR”; We the People’s Land! Oh, & NO FREE grazing of hamburgers or steaks (Cattle), or sheep.
    I eliminate coal mining. (Coal mining IS a DYING INDUSTRY. SORRY Coal people) Period! I train ALL the coal miners to get jobs rebuilding the infrastructure of America plus rebuilding NEW energy…eg…green energy.
    “ZERO” off-shore drilling for ANYTHING!
    I MANDATE THE ERA! Women & men are EQUAL & get the same pay for the same job.
    Fix the Native American problem(s)….Give then electricity, jobs, water & decent housing IF they don’t have them.
    Eliminate Nuclear energy. PERIOD! Where’s the WASTE going to?????
    Get of nuclear weapons! Make some arrangement to SAVE “We the People”.
    I demand the NIH; R & D effective pain relief to avoid the opioid problem. ( ) I will NOT give this to Big Pharma. Along with the legalization of ALL DRUGS (IF you want to commit suicide OR get high that’s your own problem IF you don’t hurt others, man). The same pharmacies will provide “pain-free” pills. I hope NIH will be successful. Big Pharma could not provide malaria drugs for soldiers so, according to Ralph Nader some hospital (John Hopkins?) did the research, right? It’s too much of a problem & Big Pharma could NOT give a shit about pain-free lives….they just want citizens to take 3-4 pills a day for the rest of their lives….to make more money. Blank Big Pharma!
    I’m ELIMINATING ALL the US military aid to Israel! = $0.00!!
    I’m for LABELING ALL foods with WHERE THEY CAME FROM & caloric content, minerals, sodium etcetera.
    I’m ELIMINATING This; Per Ralph Nader; Did you know that both domestic and foreign mining companies are allowed to explore your federal public lands for minerals? Under an obsolete 1872 mining law, defended by the American Mining Congress, companies have discovered gold, silver, molybdenum, and other “hard-rock minerals” on our public lands and pay no more than $5 an acre to mine and sell these valuable minerals, without paying any royalties back to the U.S. Treasury. (That is OUR “WE the People” Commons!)
    I’m Prosecuting; per R. Nader; unaccountable politicians like war criminals Bush & Cheney PLUS their WHOLE cabal!
    NO PERSON (MAN) EVER should make a decision about abortions except the woman & her doctor even IF it is a man. No blanking MAN should EVER decide about a woman’s choice EVER!
    I’m releasing the whole un-redacted 1963 &1968 files of MLK, JFK, RFK & PLUS!
    Blank George H. W. Bush!
    I’m FOR Universal Basic Income (UBI), Medicare For All, Similar to Yang 2020! “We the People’s” Commons are NOT paid for by multi-national corporations so that will ADD to the UBI!
    Of course, I will NEVER EVER get elected & IF I did I would be ASSASSINATED by some gun-nut, some military psychopath, someone CIA or FBI or HLS asshole, or some Republickan crackpot or some Trump supporter.
    Oh, by the way; I do NOT believe in the invisible man in the sky. I’m NOT religious at all!

    Started in 2017.
    To make it fair for everyone, because you, in the government, are still going to be carrying out your crusades probably in; Iran, Venezuela, Pakistan, Central America, North Korea, excluding the wars you’re already in; Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Drugs, Health Care and who knows what else. Even, if by some miraculous re-positioning of govern-mind you actually try a new approach, then these “volunteers” will be prepared to build and serve more humanitarian interests. Either way, forcing people to choose between eating and serving is not quite evenhanded. Let’s divide the service responsibly. Regardless of these next statements it is not fair to put the burden upon those who have fewer choices. Right?
    Thought, proposal, maybe a threat?
    Re-installing the draft; because it is TOTALLY UNFAIR NOW! War-mongering members of congress have NO REAL stake in ANY conflict. Any time a pre-emptive invasion or war starts ALL members of congress, even those who did NOT vote for pre-emptive invasion or war, MUST AUTOMATICALLY BE FORCED TO ADD THEIR CHILDREN, ages 16-45, to the military’s ranks plus there is NO WAY their kids can escape to some bullshit posting. They MUST BE sent to the front lines, NOT as support personnel but AS FRONT LINE TROOPS.
    Maybe it will affect their viewpoint(s)! But I doubt it! Proof; in many ways America’s next major conflict, the 1991 Gulf War, was a political reaction to the Vietnam experience. Conscription had been replaced by a professional army composed of de facto mercenaries recruited from the underclass.
    Overkill supplanted the war for hearts and minds that defined the late-Vietnam counterinsurgency strategy. And reporters who had enjoyed near total freedom in the 1960s were frozen out. Only a few trusted journos were allowed to travel with American forces in Kuwait and Iraq. They relied on the Pentagon to transmit their stories back home; one wire service reporter got back home to find that the military had blocked every single account he had filed.

    Congress should not be an occupation. I think George Washington would agree, right?
    If it is good enough for the president, to get 4 or 8 years, then it should be, by now, MANDATORY for congress. Congress should be a service to your country. No more life-time jobs serving your country/community! Get elected, endeavor to do some genuine good work then get out and go back to a real job. NO pension, NO retirement and NO extra life-time benefits or NO PREMIUM HEALTH CARE!) A person wants to serve his or her country? Great! Thanks! We appreciate it.
    Unfortunately “We the People” are ONLY going to pay you a pretty nice salary, plus, plus. I’m sure that is more than the “benefits” that just about all Americans get with their own jobs. We are going to limit you to a total of, we’ll go with the same two terms that Mr. Washington imposed upon himself. Okay? Too bad if you don’t agree this is the way it is going to be. (That is the idea anyway) No more “98” year old senators. That is insane! Do your service to your country and then go away. That might eliminate some of the pork, too. For now, with the new rules, you don’t need to buy any future votes, because you can’t run for office after two terms and since the main goal of an elected official, (learned in Civics 101) is to get re-elected we won’t have to concern ourselves with that anymore.
    Congress is officially broken when no-thing can be accomplished and their most important school of thought is PARTISAN POLITICS. Doesn’t anyone have a mind of their own? All this voting strictly/mainly along party lines MUST END! ANOTHER reason for restricting people’s time in congress is to get rid of all the dead beats, unproductive and in-effective sell-outs. We deserve and require clean blood and fresh ideas to keep America successful.
    Next give the president a LINE-ITEM VETO to finally, attempt to, eliminate all the pork, earmarks and general waste! We the people can then decide whether we the people agree with the decisions at the ensuing election. There is way, way too much money being flushed down the “toilet” and decade after decade somebody promises to clean-up Washington. But no-thing gets done, ever. Therefore; the necessity for a line-item veto!

    3. MANDATORY VOTING per Ralph Nader article “Universal Voting Dissolves the Obstacles Facing Voters”. Per Nader; It’s called universal voting. In Australia and a few other nations, voting is a duty, OVERWHELMINGLY accepted by the public. That makes obstruction of the voters a serious crime. GET A NEW AMENDMENT.
    Here’s an idea; MANDATED VOTING! Everyone Should Vote! There is a PENALTY IF you do NOT Vote. My idea is for Mandatory Voting for ALL people. Make it like this for every office; put ALL the names of each political party plus add two lines for a write-in vote AND none of the above. The penalties are; you will not be able to register your vehicle or apply for a drivers license or some significant fine….NOT $25.00…something that hurts people so they want to vote. My point is you should vote AND hold onto your voter confirmation in order to re-new your drivers license AND to re-register your vehicle! The point is to get people to vote, man! It is a duty, especially considering the amount of people who don’t vote like ME who did NOT vote in 2018.
    The voting “period” should be a holiday with MANDATORY EARLY VOTING on the weekends AND by mail. The voting period should be a week. Blank the networks……..the networks are “The Public Airwaves”, right? “We the People” own the Public Blanking Airwaves, right?
    4. Boycott Crooked or Tax Cheating/Hiding Corporations for EVER! Boycott THEM!
    5. 10 years of Taxes should be shown by ANY politician running for ANY office. MANDATORY!
    6. MANDATORY Retirement of members of congress at 70 years old!! Sorry B. Sanders!
    7. The so-called “Election” process WILL be held every two years AND people that want to run for office WILL be “allowed” to use 6-8 weeks ONLY for advertising & TV work. Who gives a blank about a (Per Chris Hedges) “mind-numbing, two-year-long marathons”. Who gives a blank about $$$$$$$$$ for TV. THAT’S IT. PERIOD!!!!!
    8. Why can “We the People” NOT have the same HEALTH CARE as the members of the congress? Members of congress ALREADY HAVE; First-class health care, right? So, “We the People” get the same health care as members of congress, RIGHT?
    9. When so-called ‘felons’ have paid their price for whatever crime they have committed why shouldn’t they get their vote privileges back, right? Like in Florida, right? They have gotten caught, gone to court & the so-called judge gives the ‘felon’ their penalty……….so the ‘felon’ has paid their price for their crimes, right? So, give them their vote rights back! Okay?
    I’m releasing ALL non-violent members in jails or prisons. There are FREE! I propose green jobs for those in prisons so that when they get released they will have a job.
    10. ALL Roof Tops should be painted WHITE to DEFLECT Sunlight! ALL Roof Tops NOT WHITE should be fined a MAXIMUM amount so they’ll paint it WHITE!
    11. I’m blanking NOT invading “other” people’s blanking countries!
    12. I WILL ELIMINATE THE DEATH PENALTY! The 10 commandments say that shalt NOT kill. It doesn’t say IF you’re a police-person, in the military or ?????
    14. NO BLANKING SANCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE; U.S. Sanctions are Meant to Cause Deliberate Human Suffering By Gary D. Barnett

    My Cabinet Members; I’ll pay them whatever the need.
    Department of State:
    Department of the Treasury: Richard Wolff
    Department of Defense: the Anti-War David Swanson
    Department of Justice:
    Department of the Interior:
    Department of Agriculture:
    Department of Commerce:
    Department of Labor:
    Department of Health and Human Services:
    Department of Housing and Urban Development:
    Department of Transportation:
    Department of Energy: Bill McKibben or Ernest Moniz
    Department of Peace: (New) Dennis Kucinich
    Department of Education: Some PRO Non-Profit Educator.
    Department of Veterans Affairs: Some Anti-War Member
    Department of Homeland Security:
    White House Chief of Staff: Ralph Nader

    Add; I was elected on the pledge to concentrate on domestic problems, extricate the country from the ENDLESS WARS and end America’s role as the “WORLD POLICEMEN.”
    Add; From William Blum…stolen or pilfered from America’s Deadliest Export Chapter 17;
    IDEOLOGY AND SOCIETY (Old book. See W. Bush)
    “What a mad raving dinosaur am I!
    Leaders of both the Republican and Democratic Parties believe, or pretend to believe, that the American people have resolutely moved to the center, abandoning the ‘extremes’ of left and right. But is that really so? I maintain that most (Most = 50% + 1) Americans are clearly liberal, and many even further left. I think that this would be revealed IF the public was asked questions along the following lines.
    Would you like to have a government-run healthcare system which covered all residents for ALL ailments at NO charge at all?
    Would you like to have a government-financed education system where all schooling, including medical school and law school, would be FREE?
    Do you think that when corporations are faced with a choice between optimizing their revenue and doing what’s best for the environment, public health, or public safety that they should almost always choose in favor of optimizing their revenue, as they do now?
    Do you think that abortion is a question best left up to a woman and her doctor?
    Do you think that the United States should officially be a totally SECULAR NATION or one officially based on religious beliefs?
    Do you think that large corporations and their political action committees exercise too much political power?
    Do you think that corporate executive salaries are highly excessive?
    Do you think that the tax cuts for the super-rich instituted by the Bush administration should be canceled and their taxes thus increased?
    Do you think that the minimum wage should be increased to what is called a ‘living wage,’ which would be at least $10 per hour? ($22/hour)
    Do you think that the government should take all measures necessary to guarantee that corporations have retirement plans for all workers and that the retirement funds are safeguarded?
    Do you think that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was a MISTAKE?
    Do you think that the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan was a MISTAKE?
    Do you think that United States support of Israel is EXCESSIVE?
    Do you approve of the treatment of people captured by the United States as part of its so-called War on Terror – the virtually complete loss of legal and human rights, and subjection to torture?
    For those readers who think that I’m presuming too much about Americans’ disenchantment with their economic system, I suggest they have a look at my essay ‘The United States invades, bombs, and kills for it, but do Americans really believe in free enterprise?’1
    And for those readers who wonder where all the money would come from to pay for the education, medical care, and so forth, that’s the easy part – The Defense Department would have to do what peace groups often have to do: hold bake sales.
    To those who like to tell themselves and others that they don’t have any particular ideology, I say this: if you have thoughts about why the world is the way it is, why society is the way it is, why people are the way they are, what a better way would look like, and if your thoughts are fairly well organized, then that’s your ideology, even if it’s not wholly conscious as such.”
    Personally, I AGREE with ALL of William Blum’s comments. RIP Mister Blum!
    I propose a solution to REDUCE Mass Transit = Bus drivers ONLY drive IN BUS ONLY lanes. Do NOT want to go by bus? Stuck in traffic, right? GO MASS TRANSIT!
    I PROPOSE ending sanctions on everyone except the “so-called bad guys.” Sanctions ONLY hurt “normal” people!
    Fliers Bill of Rights ADD a NEW Amendment to the Constitution
    It’s funny how flights are ALWAYS LATE, right? Even my latest flight was 33 minutes late. I know, it doesn’t seem a lot of time, BUT when you’re getting to the airport early (2 1/2- 3 hours early in America, right?) BUT not in Asia…I go “like” 90 minutes early….even that is too much, except in “shithole” cities, like Dumaguete City…where the are “renovating” the airport to make it much better for you, the consumer, (Sorry for the inconvenience, right?). My Ass!
    Even when the FIRST flight of the day is LATE, that makes ALL flights after the first flight even later. I have a suggestion, eh; make the flights that seem sooooooooooooooo long EVEN longer. That way when a flight takes an hour make it, on the “ledger”, 90”, or 3 hours make it, “ledger”, 3 1/2 hours. That way, when you’re flight goes it goes on time, eh!
    I also have an idea to make boarding the flight easier; I saw this one time, in 1000’s of flights over the years, first board the window seats first, calling the back rows first…(the flight attendants MUST control the people. Anyone NOT allowed to board IF they don’t have the right number) “stand up; we’re boarding now…everyone gets in line…ridiculous! Then you go for the “middle” seats, then the aisle seats. No-one IS allowed to board anything OUT OF ORDER! Then we don’t have people waiting, eh?
    IS THIS A WAY TO RUN AN AIRLINE? WHAT A BLANKING JOKE! People should notify Ralph Nader & PUT in a LAW or a LEGAL INSTRUMENT that MANDATES compensation to “We the People”, the consumers, the citizens, the customers, man. IF a flight leaves 1-15 minutes late = okay; BUT IF a flight leaves > than 15” late then the airline, whoever owns the company gets FINED & “We the People” get a refund on; a next flight or????? IF they EVER want to fly again on that airline!
    What about fees? Just like above airlines charge just about EVERYTHING that they can charge for, eh? Pretty soon we’ll pay to go to the bathroom, eh? (They’ll be automated & take EXACT CHANGE. It will be coin-operated).
    I DEMAND a NEW Amendment to the US Constitution supplying a “Fliers Bill of Rights”. EVERYTHING the airlines promote, publicize, boast or advertise ON; radio, TV, newspapers or on the internet/online MUST have the FULL price listed AND NO; tiny, diminutive, small, midget AND NO; “I Agree” & click here agreements BS! People are constantly complaining about airlines, eh. “We the People” do NOT get the FULL price on ALL flights; they’re are ALWAYS extra fees; extra check-in AND carry-on luggage, flight changes due to an emergency, seats & who knows what else?

    Add; Prove, I’m going to do; present ALL Indian reservations/Native American so-called Reservations ALL are going to IF they do NOT have; paved roads, fresh water to drink, in room (houses) bathrooms, electricity, heat, air-con, national secured jobs, highly educated schools, massive public transport, public so-called electricity,

    I’m GUARANTEEING the Democrats LOSE in 2020; based on their OBSESSION with Russiagate & countless “other” items; like “nominating” Hillary Clinton; an ABSOLUTE LOSER! I would NEVER EVER vote for her in 100,001 years!

    I’m PROPOSING adding an INFINITE amount of public parks, arboretums, city, state & national parks that WILL BE protected from mining, drilling, fracking or fossil fuel extractions!