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December 15, 2018
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December 29, 2018
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Medicare Advantage? No Advantage

Ralph welcomes clinical professor and independent health consultant, Dr. Fred Hyde, to give us the lowdown on how the Medicare Advantage program mainly benefits the private insurance companies that participate, not the consumers. Plus Ralph answers more listener questions!

Dr. Fred Hyde is a consultant to hospitals, medical schools and physicians, as well as to unions, community groups and others interested in the health of hospitals, health care facilities and organizations. Dr. Hyde is also the publisher of a daily health policy newsletter called DCMedical News.

“The American business model, which has made our economy so large is that we spend money we don’t have for things we don’t need… Healthcare exemplifies that model… What we need is access to doctors, who are capable of caring for us without becoming mini-bureaucrats at the same time and hospitals that are capable of accommodating what those doctors need to do. We have a lot more.  And we don’t need, quite frankly, all that we are paying for.” Dr. Fred Hyde, clinical professor and independent health consultant


  1. William Faber says:

    Extraordinary program..

    Also, I purchased Breaking Through Power
    this week. I hope to apply its teachings
    to our city council.

    Thank you and God bless you.

  2. Eric Bernhoft says:

    Ralph wonders why American victims of health care aren’t as outraged as the gilets jaunes? In France they don’t fluoridate the water. Fluoride is a neurotoxin which ultimately pacifies us.

  3. Mark Hodges says:

    Dr. Hyde’s mentioning that the hiring spree our corrupt, corporatized healthcare industry went on that pulled us out of the Great Recession (I’m not convinced we’re out of it by a long shot), reminds me of the famous March 1968 speech RFK made at the University of Kansas, where he skewered our GNP due to all the negative and destructive things it’s based on (ambulances to clear our roads of carnage, air pollution and cigarette advertising, jails, napalm, destruction of our environment, television programs that glorify violence in order to sell toys to kids, and so forth). Ralph may vividly remember this speech.

    Which leads me to my thought: if our economy is dependent on hiring people for this corrupt system, or hiring for oil drilling, or hiring more cops, hiring more marketing gurus to promote unhealthy processed foods, hiring more temp precariat workers and the ‘recruiters’ who hunt them, hiring workers to build missiles or armed drone pilots, and the like, then this is an economy that deserves to perish.

    And David is exactly right: doctors should be held VERY accountable for the horrendous state of our warped healthcare system. Let’s not kid ourselves, doctors may whine and complain about this or that insurance company, but they’re whining and complaining all the way to the bank. For decades the lot of them have been getting fat-rich off this system, the insurance companies pay more to them than their patients do, so where do you think their allegiances lie? I remember decades ago the belief that doctors cared more for their portfolios and golf games than they did their patients. This is the reason they aren’t bucking the system. I have no sympathy for doctors, at all.

  4. Frank Gegunde says:

    They call it TrumpCaare and the dopes are singing up in droves.

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  7. David Otness says:

    Thanks for mentioning this archive on last week’s (Nov 20, 2020) program. I’m further sharing it with my siblings.

  8. Barbara Clowers says:

    I heard or thought I heard a guest on the Ralph Nader Radio Hour say that if you were a Medicare Advantage subscriber and you got sick and returned to original medicare you could not buy supplemental insurance. I just “spoke” with medicare and was told you certainly could still buy supplemental insurance but Medicare has a rule that if you sign up for a supplemental plan within 6 months of signing up for Medicare, the supplemental insurance CANNOT consider any pre-existing conditions. After six months the insurers are allowed to use pre-existing conditions. This means the Advantage plans can assure you that you can change back to original medicare with unchanged coverage and be telling the truth. Of course they do not mention your supplemental insurance will likely be very expensive.