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January 6, 2018
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January 20, 2018
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Medicare For All/UnKoch My Campus

Ralph talks to a new generation of young activists, Timothy Faust, who tours the country promoting single-payer healthcare, and Ralph Wilson, who is putting a spotlight on Charles Koch’s efforts to influence what’s taught at colleges and universities.

Timothy Faust is pursuing a Masters of Public Administration in health policy and finance at NYU’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and has been on a whistle stop tour giving speeches to different community groups on the case for Medicare for All. He is also working on a book about health injustice.


“We have this fixation on the market and the idea that market will solve our problems and the body is a commodity.  And any time you permit the body to be a commodity, even in just a whisper, you open the door to massive systemic violence and cases of abuse.”

Ralph Wilson is a co-founder of UnKoch My Campus. He currently studies academic and donor policy at universities, with a particular interest in corporate influence and academic independence.  Mr. Wilson co-founded the Florida State University Progress Coalition, a student group that has worked to expose and combat the corporatization of education since 2011. Additional interests include criminal justice reform, academic white supremacy, and money in politics.

“At Florida State – for just a couple million dollars over some number of years – they were not only able to create several courses – they created a certificate program; they created a minor program; they also had essentially veto power over several faculty hires.  And one of the most egregious problems involved was that they also selected the chair of the economics department.  They offered him a hundred and five thousand dollar bribe essentially, what he called an ‘inducement’ to stay the chair.  So, they wouldn’t provide the money unless he stayed. So, they are elbowing their way into every part.” 


  1. maragaret walsh says:

    HR 676 = hieroglyph of loving-kindness and non-injury towards others — we want to and we will take care of each others —

  2. Bruce K. says:

    Love the show.

    I always feel sad when I hear Ralph Nader ask guests if they have ever been interviewed or appeared on PBS/NPR … and they invariably say no which points out how biased our media is, even the so-called Leftist PBS/NPR … which is not. We are told what they want us to hear, which begs the question who are THEY? We need to know and be able to minority “THEY” / “THEM”.

    The difference between now and the past is now we have a system that has been pushing citizens down, and taking many hundreds of billions of dollars from them per year, pointed out in the medicare fraud statistic, money which never goes back into taxes or anything publicly productive, and which probably often ends up in Panama or some offshore account and who knows what happens with all that money – who or what controls it and for what purposes.

    We know Thomas Piketty studied how capital outpaces labor and wages, which always makes me wonder if there Is any kind of subject or study on just how virtually frictionless black market and corrupt money fares against the regular economy? My implication is that after a certain amount of time the power and wealth of a virtual mafia far outpaces anything honest businesses and people can do, and it can also get laundered and make its way into the honest economy and thus turn it to being anti-social. Is there any proof or disproof that something like this has happened? We all have heard about regulatory capture, but it seems to me that everything has been captured and has lost their basic nature, being instead turned into a facade for criminal enterprise that disempowers and takes more from citizens every year.

    Thanks for so much information I get from Ralph and his guests and keep up the great work!

  3. dear team with this kind of Radiohour you give a subtantial and vital contribution to many people.
    a lot were bored and starved from the shallowness and the emptyness deliverd as content, as important. go on with this plantation of little tiny and amazing seeds. a great thanks. also to you mister nader, i’m impressed this lifelong engagement, for me it seems a devotion to the cause of the right thing to do. all the best antigone from zurich, switzerland.

  4. Donald Klepack says:

    American corporations have a huge burden funding health care, so why are corporations not fighting for single payer. We live in a global economy where corporations compete with foreign companies like GM competing with Toyota and Volkswagen?

  5. elisabeth solomon says:

    Such a valuable example of virtual know nothings (timotny faust) acting and sounding overly confident while not having adequately prepared or done his homework being interacting with RN

  6. elisabeth solomon says:

    before being on the show

  7. elisabeth solomon says:

    My earlier comments concerning first guest, Tim Faust,
    were premature and unwarranted especially since Tim Faust is in action and I am not in action.

  8. NooN says:

    MagnificenT PrograM Interviews~+~Reports
    with Ralph Wilson. Tim.Faust~+~Jimmy.
    Checking on Your Interviews Re Doctor’s Rx,
    0nePayerAction.org; 21 ways Canada ^ USA Health System,
    they developed it they Covered” NEEDS of the People”

    Province.buy.Province thru Taxe$ Received and Expertly Distributed
    To Effect “Our Hippocratic 0ATH”~~~”Do N0 HARM. “.
    Doctor sign: ____________________Date:_______________

  9. Stehanie says:

    Dear Ralph,
    Please do not post. I saw one glimmering that read “to be moderated” weeks after.. (I really don’t care.)
    Rather – two points.
    I’ve always been asked “if I thought Nader was corrupt?” No. I answered.
    Ted Kaczynski has you and Namoi Klein “as two who perpetuate they current system”. He means it as a fact in his books. True.
    I am concerned about your appeal to 500 people who laugh at us every time they check their bank accounts..!! These people obviously are corrupt beyond anything in history.
    Second point: I was like you [still] but more of a realist. Aerosol-spraying, has always been obvious since the late 90s. But I really must type this because everything you are lobbying for on your show – is rather ridiculous. And me with my escapage every week with 60s documentaries.. and books. When pieces of lab-created plastics began expelling from my body. Now I know you are a “body rights man”. So get a heads up. This “smart dust” euphemistically called such. Well, this is a co-opted bug/ and metal technology. And your household “dust” is this and how it begins. And you can see it and it is EVERYWHERE. But most importantly, it is the LITERAL AIR YOU BREATHE. And it’s source can be tracked to those planes.
    AND it has numerous ways of showing up – red in the face/ you. Me. Skin rashes. Heart attacks. New “parkinsons”. And of course cancer. So Ralph you may want to take a Leninist / sociologists advice from public school teachers lineage rather than some yuppies loyalty.. This “sci-fi” deluge is causing people to die/ lose their hair/ and have wires growing out of them. Because these freaks of nature have been implanting us with nano-dust that causes wires to grow out of our bodies.! These people need to be arrested at best. And I have had it with this “email your congressman”..
    This is as true as the day is long – and unless this is addressed everything you are dong is a fool’s errand. This is as ugly as it can get and people who can help expose it better wake up. (It’s the sickest thing they have ever done.)
    **After-all. You really couldn’t let crazy males get away with blowing someone’s head off – a head of state. And expect sadly that they would not go on to create a freaking dust mite that grows wires in humans and kills them while they sell that “their plans will make us smarter” … I really do go back to that.
    I wasn’t even born I have sense enough to know a people cannot ever recover from such a crime. Anyone who stood for life was sent a message that you are dead from here on.
    You’d better learn about this – you may die before wires grow out of you.. But someone in your family is not going to. They’ve increased the dumps of this dust in the air as they began to be heavily noticed 3 years ago. They form “spider webs”. It is the sickest bio-warfare man MAN has created.
    These men need to be arrested OR HUNG.