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November 3, 2018
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Midterm Postmortem

Ralph welcomes longtime colleague Mark Green and law professor from Wisconsin, Joel Rogers, to break down what the results of the midterm elections will mean for both the Trump agenda and the direction of the Democratic Party.

Mark Green is a former Nader’s Raider, who ran Public Citizen’s Congress Watch program for ten years.  After that, he went on to found his own public interest organization, The New Democracy Project.  In addition, he was elected New York City’s first Public Advocate.  An author and a radio and TV commentator, Mark has written “Losing Our Democracy” latest book, is entitled Bright Infinite Future: A Generational Memoir on the Progressive Rise.”

“There is a natural progressive majority in this country, but it’s not reflected in who’s elected — or selected if you’re talking about Donald Trump. So, there’s obviously some misconnect in a democracy where our rulers are supposed to reflect the opinions of voters.” Mark Green, author of “Losing Our Democracy.”

Joel Rogers is a Professor of Law, Political Science, Public Affairs, and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mr. Rogers has written widely on American politics and democratic theory and has worked with and advised many politicians and social movement leaders. He is a contributing editor of The Nation and Boston Review, a MacArthur Foundation “genius” Fellow, and was identified by Newsweek as one of the 100 living Americans most likely to shape U.S. politics and culture in the 21st century.

“I thought what O’Rourke did in Texas was truly remarkable, to make a Senate race in Texas genuinely competitive as O’Rourke did.  The Florida stuff is of course very disappointing – I don’t know the final disposition in Georgia – but I would not read this as ‘Oh, I’m sorry. It just shows that the Democrats have a populist, democratic values-based clearly communicated message that cannot win in America, because America has forsaken anything except a worship of almighty mammon.’ I just think that’s wrong.” Joel Rogers, law professor and activist from University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. NooN says:

    Retired President Jimmy Carter Said,
    “This ELECTION is not being run Legally.”

    Does that mean, “Do oveR or Continue.”

    • Marc Hudgens says:

      I’m with Carter in spirit but he needs to address the historical subversion that his own party perpetrates on its own grassroots candidates spanning decades – not just Sanders, but also George McGovern and Henry Wallace. Especially McGovern, because Carter was very much around during that time. The Republicans cheat, absolutely and bar-none. But where was Carter when Hillary and the DNC screwed Bernie out of the primary?

  2. Afdal Shahanshah says:

    Cheating elections is always about the one-two punch, though for some reason we can’t seem to get certain progressives to talk about the second punch. The first punch is voter suppression. The second punch is election fraud. George is one of a number of southern states that uses old, highly vulnerable electronic voting machines running proprietary which do not even provide the courtesy of a voter-verified paper trail. There is literally no way to audit the vote in Georgia. Voters’ input goes into a black box and out come some tallies at the end of “counting”. States like Georgia are an election fraudster’s dreamland. Pay attention to the unadjusted exit polls and see if we have yet another case of differences so large past the margin of polling error that they fail US state department’s own standard of certifying foreign elections as “free and fare”.

    Ralph needs to get an election integrity activist like Bob Fitrakis on his show one of these days, I’m sure he has a lot to say about this election again.

    • Marc Hudgens says:

      I’m not sold on paper ballots, considering our history of ballot-stuffing and other shenanigans that have been perpetrated since forever. LBJ and his cronies pulled that garbage in Texas (a historically and thoroughly corrupt political state) as he was coming up.

      If paper is to be used, a paper RECEIPT needs to be printed out after each voter has their ballot scanned or entered, detailing who they voted for and for what office, and GIVEN to them immediately like a supermarket receipt (to wit: NOT mailed to them later). Maybe a barcode on it too, I dunno. The voter keeps this in lieu of those goofy “I Voted!” stickers that end up littering the ground or stuck to walls, which is very telling of how proud we are that we voted. And if there are any “counting problems”, voters then can be called back to their polling precinct and have their receipt scanned back in or otherwise re-entered back into the system. Not exactly rocket surgery.

  3. Kenneth Paderewski says:

    While Steve Mnuchin spends most of his time working hard at tweaking sanctions on Iran – reportedly 35 bouts since President Carter – we all saw the Democrats take back the lower house on election night.

    Agreeable to the outcome, one can say we dodged a bullet or else say that ‘it was a great day for US democracy’.

    What do I know?

    I’m just a songwriter; an expat from Hartford, Connecticut now residing in Munich, Bavaria where the Green Party enjoyed its own victory after a highly transparent routine vote count.

    Probably either response to the US midterms isn’t accurate.

    Who thinks the Dems’ success was a significant victory for the “illusion” of US democracy? Kind of like saying the below 4 percent unemployment rate in America is “illusion” on steroids?

    Oh, by the way Mnuchin watchers, our friendship with Iran might still exist today had Churchill not urged the US to take out Iran’s democratically elected leader Mossadegh in 1953.

    So the CIA/MI6 effort modulated to 35 bouts of sanctions on Iran since President Carter. House Dems will spend the foreseeable future on gridlock, while Mnuchin’s still preoccupied with the sanctions on Iran?

    Do the democrats – or for that matter – the Iranian leaders even CARE?

    How I wish we were back in the sixties; if politics were no good then, at least the music was excellent.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Why am I unable to post a comment on the website of my favorite radio show?

    • Skro35 says:

      Hi Rebecca, as you can see, it’s posted. I have to filter through the comments, because like most websites, we get a lot of spam, so it doesn’t come up immediately when you type it. It has to be approved. .And now you’re approved! Thanks for listening! You have great taste in podcasts.

  5. Thanks for all your work!

    In my profession we say that the most effective way of motivating people is by teaching them to follow graphed data on the progress we are making toward our joint goals. Somebody should do this on a web page. I know you have a great interest in polls on attitudes, etc. With your org you would be the perfect person to do this. Here is my poor effort to do this on FB. The problem is that I cant find enough graphs and they are sort of hidden under photos album graphs. Here it is: