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January 2, 2021
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Now That The Dems Control Congress…

We caught up with Connecticut Congressman, John Larson, just moments before he walked to the Capitol for the Electoral College certification that turned into an insurrection. Moments before, Ralph spoke to him about what the Democrats should do about various issues now that they control Congress. Plus, Ralph answers listener questions.

Congressman John Larson is currently serving his twelfth term in the US House of Representatives. He represents Connecticut’s 1st District, and is the chair of the House Ways and Means Social Security Subcommittee. He is the author of the Social Security 2100 Act, which has been cosponsored by more than 200 other members of the House and endorsed by groups including Public Citizen, the NAACP, The National Organization for Women, and AFL-CIO.

“[I’m hearing from people back home] I’m tired of the squabbling. I’m tired of the bipartisan chatter. People are dying. What are you doing about COVID?… I don’t know why we haven’t gone to the Defense Production Act and utilized the Defense Logistics Agency.”

Congressman John Larson, Representative of Connecticut’s First District in the U.S. House of Representatives 

“Joe Biden has got to be a different Joe Biden… He’s got to do more than Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He has got to marshal the new coalition… and be very aware that public investment in people, and in the United States public works or infrastructure, is a winning political strategy, and is a winning economic strategy, and is a winning humanitarian strategy. No holds barred.”

Ralph Nader

“Obviously, speaker Pelosi had [President] Trump nailed on numerous, clear-cut, slam dunk impeachable offenses against our constitution, and she had the energy level for Ukraine only, which wasn’t exactly a kitchen table issue for Americans… [Congressman John Larson] and other members of the Democratic Party thought that Nancy Pelosi went far too narrow in her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to nail Trump and get him convicted in the Senate.”

Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader Radio Hour Ep 357 Transcript (Right click to download)


  1. Ben Leet says:

    I’m glad Ralph interjected a concern over the submarine contract in Connecticut, it’s seen by the Congressman as a jobs program. It’s much more. This congressman is a staunch supporter of the most gruesome killing machine ever created, the Columbia submarine.
    An article from “Trident Submarines Are Killing Machines Unparalleled In Human History.”
    “Each sub can carry 24 missiles, so a single Trident submarine, with 24 D-5 missiles (192 warheads) is equal to 7,296 Hiroshimas or the death of 1,021,440,000 (one billion) people. The United States has 14 Trident submarines which today threaten more than 14,300,160,000 (14 billion) people — 2 1/3 times the earth’s population.”

    Congressman Larson wants the contract to build more in Connecticut, it’s a job creator. First:
    The Defense budget was $1.254 trillion in 2019, states an article in The Nation magazine, May 7, 2019, by Hartung and Smithberger. Usually people quote a figure around $760 billion. $1.25 trillion is also 28% of federal expenditures, or it’s 35% if you take out “off budget” Social Security expenses which is a mandatory retirement savings system. The U.S. expenditure of $1.25 trillion is greater than what all nations combined spend on the military. (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) The Columbia submarine is made by General Dynamics, its Electric Boat division. It seeks a $109 billion contract to build 12 more Columbia submarines.

    An article from a Connecticut newspaper:
    “As the 560-foot Columbia class will be, by far, the largest and most expensive submarine the United States has ever produced, the program has raised concerns about its impact on the Navy’s ability to afford other ships it needs for its fleet. All in, the program will cost roughly $109 billion.” from CT Mirror, June 22, 2020, “Navy, Electric Boat reach $10.3 billion deal to begin building Columbia-class subs” The UK, France, China, India, and North Korea all have missile launching submarines, who knows when Pakistan will make one.

    • stan moore says:

      Thanks for the information we all can/should digest.

      To make it easier for those who want to pursue the topic : The title of the Nation Magazine article is “America’s Defense Budget Is Bigger Than You Think” (May 7, 2019) by Wm Hartung and Mandy Smithburger

    • di says:

      Great comment

  2. Don Harris says:

    Having listened to all the programs for the last few years I can guarantee without searching the archives that anyone picking the topic of One Demand will not find any discussion of One Demand on the Radio Hour despite Ralph saying on Washington Journal (10-24-2018) that he would have me on the Radio hour to discuss One Demand.

    Ralph said that politicians want our votes more than big money. One Demand enables citizens to work together to demand candidates run small donor campaigns to earn our votes forcing the politicians to choose between taking big money and getting our votes.

    It’s one thing to say it. Here is your opportunity to put your theory to the test by doing it.

    Think of it as a consumer boycott of big money politicians.

    When our demand results in viable small donor candidates we will not have to worry about the big money donors controlling them because they will not have any big money donors.

    • Matt Froelich says:

      Don Harris

      You have a bigger problem than whether or not Ralph has you on his show. I cannot find anything about your One Demand activity anywhere on the Internet.. How can I take you seriously if I cannot learn more about what you propose?

      I like the sound of your idea, but you didn’t even provide a link to any resource which presents your proposal in detail. It thus sounds to me like you have some serious work to do in order to demonstrate that you are a serious actor with something valuable to present to the people of this nation.

  3. Demetrio says:

    Just to be disappointed by the democrats. Already, congresswoman and former barmaid AOC has stopped calling for Medicare for all. All the squad members voted for the bloated defense budget.

    • Don Harris says:

      You are right that my problems are bigger than not being on the Radio Hour. I bring that up because Ralph said he would do it. I have been trying to get Ralph to give me his opinion on this idea for years and have been following Ralph’s advice on how to get someone like Ralph to address an issue/idea.

      One of my other problems could be following Ralph’s advice on how to get someone like Ralph to address an issue/idea because it hasn’t even worked on Ralph except to get an unfulfilled promise to have me on the Radio Hour.

      But you did find information on the internet right here in the comments section of the Radio Hour. If you go back through other episodes there are many comments that provide further explanation of One Demand and some that include a link to http://www.onedemand.org .

      Thank you for trying to find more information and I hope the link works so you can consider the idea.

      I hope that you will consider the potential of the idea as I am only one person and did what I could do alone. That is why i have been contacting people like Ralph for help (what Ralph says to do) and submitted hundreds of articles to all forms of media (without any getting published even from the media that claims to provide information that other media doesn’t ).

      And in reality all the idea is is a way for citizens to use the basic tools of democracy. Citizens make a demand and enforce that demand with their votes.

      It is the same basic principle as the recent force the vote effort.

      And you could always encourage Ralph to make good on his statement that he would have me on the Radio Hour and then you could have all the information on One Demand that is in that segment on his program.

    • Bob Sarnoff says:

      “former barmaid”? That slur puts you in my mind as “current slimeball” Demetrio Cancel.

  4. Paulette Meulenberg says:

    Nothing can change any legislation or call any hearings on anything needed for American citizens needs. McConnell and his Koch controllers can’t be touched. McConnell and the rest will keep any illegal gimmicks they want. Democracy in America is too damaged to recover.
    Corruption goes too deep.

    • Bob Sarnoff says:

      Do you mean to say that you don’t trust Merrick Garland to do the right thing? Or the 81,250,000 of us to do the right thing now, and again in November of 2022 and to lobby those we elected to re-present us and not dark money donors? As < 1/81,000,000 of "the democrats" I say let's keep up the fight to nail up "grim ripper" McConnell's coffin for good.

  5. Susan Vaughan says:

    Among all the notorious corporate hooligans, let’s not forget the scofflaws who are running the transportation network companies, Uber and Lyft. Their corporate leaders are running money-losing companies whose only hope of turning a profit is 1) through the destruction of public transportation agencies, the planet be damned; and, 2) through foisting all the expensive liabilities of the industry on drivers and their personal vehicles (through elimination of Workers Comp and social security, among other scams). I hope Ralph does a show on Proposition 22 in California and how Uber and Lyft hope to take their efforts to undo the New Deal and undo local and state regulatory powers nationwide. You could invite on Lorena Gonzalez, the California Assemblywoman who authored AB5 that Proposition 22 undid and Veena Dubal, a UC Hastings law professor who has written extensively about Uber and Lyft and the gig economy.