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May 5, 2018
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Nuking the Iran Nuke Deal

Ralph talks to Colonel (ret) and West Point military strategist, Isaiah Wilson, about the consequences of the United States pulling out of the Iranian nuclear deal and the dark side of American exceptionalism. Plus, Ralph answers more of your questions!

Col. (ret.) Isaiah “Ike” Wilson III is a soldier/scholar and leading advocate for change in America’s approaches to security policy, war and peace. A combat veteran, who served in the 101st Airborne Division in Iraq, former Army aviator, strategist, and professor of political science, he most recently served as Chief of the Commander’s Initiatives Group at US Central Command. He formerly served as a full professor and academic program director at West Point, where he also founded the West Point Grand Strategy Program. Dr. Wilson has numerous publications to his credit, including, “Thinking Beyond War: Civil-Military Relations and Why America Fails to Win the Peace”.

“One of the things that’s so shocking to me, and the thing that frustrates my sleep every night, frankly – coming back and retiring last summer after thirty-three years of being on expedition, seeking out tyrannical tendencies while I was in uniform – the sad and tragic thing is – the angering thing, frankly – is that I find as many, or in some cases more of those same or similar tyrannical tendencies right here at home.”Colonel (ret) Isaiah Wilson, former combat veteran and West Point military strategist


  1. Bruce K. says:

    I can”t support anything the Trump administration has done or stands for, and I do support almost everything Ralph Nader has done and stands for, but in opposing the abrogation of the Iran Treaty I don’t understand ( not saying I disagree with, but I just do not understand ) why Ralph had to take such a pro-Iran stance.

    He mentioned Israel and nuclear weapons, but failed to point out that there have been many statement from Iranian leadership to the effect that Zionism is a cancer and the cure is radiation, and threats to use nuclear weapons against Israel. How is it that this fails to register or be mentioned by Ralph and other “so-called Progressives”? We never hear any criticism of Iran, or the Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc, or even a counter-assessment of the threat they pose to the world ( global terrorism ) and to Israel? It is not like Iran is Libera or Progressive, yet they are preferred and even propagandized for by these certain elements of the Left.

    I’ve never heard Israel threaten anything other than they need to defend themselves. Throughout the years/decades we have seen Iran supporting and arming terror groups like Hezbollah and others circling Israel, that make chaotic messes of these countries, Syria and Lebanon. Maybe catch up on the history of the Palestinians in Jordan too and the trouble they caused there.

    I find this baffling as a Liberal, Leftist, Progressive. Surely Ralph, as the son of Lebanese parents must realize the mess that radical extremist Muslims have made of Lebanon. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall ever hearing one word of criticism except for Israel who has to defend itself against those terrorists who threaten them every day.

    We can look up how many Arab representatives are in the Israeli government … but we know without looking anything up the number of Jewish representatives in the Palestinian government. We know Arabs/Palestinians live and work in Israel … how many Jews live and work in Palestine.

    BBC World Service called Witness from 3-26 called “An Oasis of Peace” where In 1978 a small community called Wahat al-Salam, Neve Shalom, was founded by four families, Jews and Arabs, on a hill-top between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It was a pioneering experiment in peaceful co-existence in the long Middle East conflict. Where is a program like in Palestine … is there even one, even the suggestion of one? If a Palestinian did even suggest making peace with Israel it puts their lives in danger.

    I don’t say this to support Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran Treaty at all, and I think that is not only bad, but just stupid. But it is also very troubling to hear someone I admire so much as Ralph Nader being so one-sided in his opinions and statements on this one issue. I can agree with Ralph about the 1953 coup in Iran, and Guatemala, and other CIA ops, and even perhaps whatever is going on in the USA right now as regards our society being torn apart. It not only needs to stop but a cure must be found for these undemocratic activities. I don’t see how cozying up to Iran’s government helps that.

  2. Good program today. How about doing an ‘in depth’ program soon about the Federal Reserve Bank. This fraudulent cartel, started in the early 20th century, I believe, is the underlying source of the ‘debt peonage’ which consumes our country’s wealth to this very day. Setting aside the ‘conspiracies’ associated with the issue in general, if we could nationalize our money supply, many problems could be resolved in one fell swoop! All the best to you, Bob

  3. Karen Bednarek says:

    President Ike warned, “Beware of the military industrial complex” period.
    Follow the $

  4. Thank you very much, Ralph Nader, for your consistently quality analyses without sensationalism.

    I am especially interested in the subject at the 44-45min section of this broadcast: military-industrial development ending up being subsidized by state (and local?) governments.

    As a member of Alsaka Peace Center (license-holder for KWRK-LP in Fairbanks, Alaska, which airs your show), I have been trying to keep tract of military encroachment on our community and state. Because the politicians at all levels view anything military as a source of federal revenue being brought into the state, they promote everything military, from spending over $500,000 of borough tax-payers’ money in lobby for F-35s to be situated at our nearby Eielson Air Force Base, and co-sponsoring a military “STOMP” parade (Doesn’t this just make you think of 1930’s Germany?) through town a few years ago, to passing legislation to allow designation of special Military Facility Zones that circumvent the public Comprehensive Land Use Plan process, and putting restricions on uses of private lands near existing military bases through a process called Joint Land Use Study (JLUS), based on a Department of Defense view that, despite having over a million acres in each of the nearby bases, they want lands around the bases also to be viewed as jointly theirs, and that any civilian uses or claims that highlight negative military impacts are “encroachment on the military mission”.

    Military Facility Zones slipped through the Alaska Legislature during the waning days of its session last year when our representatives were avoiding their constitutional duty of dealing with our budget.

    JLUS is implemented on a borough level, and our peace & justice community have engaged to alert the public and speak out about the many restrictions proposed, as do others who object to having restrictions placed on their private property. I think we have slowed the process considerably and possibly gotten the JLUS contingent to abandon some of their plans. However, they prevailed in getting the Borough Assembly to adopt the Military Noise Overlay, which essentially establishes that the excessive and health-affecting noise of explosions and aircraft emanating off-base shall not be objected to, though passed under the guise of simply requiring that land-owners and prospective buyers be informed that military noise affects the parcels.

    The next JLUS proposal in Fairbanks North Star Borough is to limit population density in military Accident Potential Zones (APZs), limiting new schools, hospitals, assisted-living homes, etc, on the basis that there is potential for military jets to fall out of the sky in these zones and cause too much collateral damage (my term there). (Bad P.R. for the militarists). See If you look at some of the maps, you can see that, due to the orientation of the runway on adjacent army base Ft. Wainwright, the 2nd-most central part of Fairbanks is included in the military Accident Potential Zone: There are several schools, the Public Health Center, public library,swimming pools, stores, and other businesses along “Airport Way”; the APZ was carefully drawn to have our hospital just over its line. But instead of re-orienting the Ft’s airstrip to head south, the militarists want to restrict new clinics, etc, on civilian land.

    What do you know of JLUS and Military Facility Zones and other ways in which military iterests are being put ahead of peaceful interests?
    Do you have recommendations?

    Thank you much.
    Heather Koponen,
    Fairbanks Alaska

  5. robert dresdner says:

    Col. Wilkerson, ret., formerly assistant to Gen. Colin Powell and now teaching at William & Mary, on the Iran Accord:

  6. Mark says:

    In answer to Bruce K. Zionist: Let me give you an analogy from the U.S. Do you think white people want to live on an Indian Reservation After we stole their lands and committed genocide? Places of high unemployment, terrible schools, and where you can rape and kill a woman without any repercussions.
    I guess refugees in Jordan are automatically trouble makers because they have been displaced from their lands and can’t return home? Hezbollah is a “mild” terrorist organization compared to the 8 of 9 that Saudi Arabia supports. I guess that doesn’t get consideration since they are our allies.
    Palestinians are not a threat to World Peace, they just want to be treated as Human Beings, something denied them since the founding of Israel. In 1948, Menehim Begin massacred 250 unarmed Men, Women and Children because Israel needed their land. and the atrocities keep going on.

  7. Jay says:

    We don’t know what the world would look like without US intervention. But there are indications. Compare North and South Korea, East and West Germany, Taiwan and China, Thailand and Viet Nam. Also, no one is struggling to get into Cuba (OK, Lee Harvey Oswald) but many risk their lives to get out.