Nov 17, 2018 • 59M

Can Music Change The World?

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Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader talks about what’s happening in America, what’s happening around the world, and most importantly what’s happening underneath it all.
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Ralph welcomes former Nader’s Raider, Jim Musselman, who since working with Ralph founded Appleseed Recordings and is promoting “Roots and Branches,” his latest compilation of new and classic folk/roots music. Also, GM engineer and whistleblower, Nicholas Kachman returns to give us an update on General Motors’ Culture of Failure.”

Jim Musselman is a longtime activist and attorney, who after working with Ralph went on to found Appleseed Recordings. Appleseed is an independent and internationally distributed record label devoted to releasing socially conscious contemporary, folk and roots music. The company has a catalogue of more than 100 well-respected CDs, two Grammy Awards, and ten Grammy nominations. His latest album is “Appleseed’s 21st Anniversary: Roots and Branches.” 

“The song (Where Have All The Flowers Gone) actually became the anthem of peace in Northern Ireland. John Hume, who won the Nobel Peace Prize, said it was a really important song. After the Omagh bombings, it was the first song ever played by Catholic and Protestant radio stations at the exact same time. And when the peace negotiations were going on outside Storemont Castle, we had the kids out there singing. So when John Hume and Gerry Adams would take a break, the kids were out there singing. It was really showing the power of bringing people together through music and a common bond.” 

Jim Musselman: founder of Appleseed Recordings

Nicholas Kachman was an executive at General Motors from 1957 to 1993, mainly working as a corporate environmental engineer. He blew the whistle on the real reason General Motors had to be bailed out after the financial collapse of 2008, which he chronicled his book entitled GM – Paint It Red: Inside General Motors’ Culture of Failure. He is here today to give us an update on the state of GM.

“I tried to think of all the sermons I heard in the Catholic and Lutheran church. Was it ever about, ‘This is Christian values. This the line. Above the line, that’s our values. Below this line, this is wrong. This is unethical. It doesn’t meet the Christian values standards.’? And not one sermon did I hear. And yet in these communities, there’s a company found to do something terrible, an executive did something terrible, and they don’t preach it. They don’t say, ‘Look, this wasn’t to our values.’ I think religion has failed.”  

Nicholas Kachman, former environemental engineer and whistleblower at General Motors

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