Ralph Nader Radio Hour
Ralph Nader Radio Hour
Trump and Trade: What’s Going On?

Trump and Trade: What’s Going On?

Public Citizen’s global trade expert, Lori Wallach, tells us what’s really going on in the White House and Congress with these “free trade” deals.  And citizen activist, Barry Klein, gives us a step-by-step formula for how you can make meaningful change in your local community. Hint: It’s easier than you think.

Lori Wallach  is the director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch. A 25-year veteran of congressional trade battles starting with the 1990s fight over NAFTA, she was named to thePolitico’s 50list of thinkers, doers and visionaries transforming American politics in 2016 for her leadership in the Trans-Pacific Partnership debate. Wallach is an internationally recognized expert on trade with experience advocating in Congress and foreign parliaments, trade negotiations, courts, government agencies, the media and in the streets. Dubbed the Trade Debate’s Guerrilla Warrior” in a National Journal profile and “Ralph Nader with a sense of humor” in a Wall Street Journal profile, she excels at translating arcane trade issues into accessible language.

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Investor/State Dispute Settlements Cases (Corporations suing governments)

“There is an elite, bipartisan, mainstream media consensus in favor of this corporate-rigged status quo: of these agreements that aren’t even about trade that “the smart people” realize are good for us. It’s a whole level of trickery and snobbery that has led to a rigged trade agenda, having the support of Democratic and Republican presidents alike.” 

Lori Wallach, Director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch

Barry Klein is one of the most respected property rights activists in the country. He created the Houston Property Rights Association back in 1992 to fight zoning laws in Houston. He specializes in mobilizing voters and guiding activist groups of all stripes on how to use direct democracy, especially in the form of charter amendments, to bring political reform at the city level.

Barry Klein can be reached at +1 (713) 224-4144

“How you can be a change-maker: it happens in three stages. You announce the petition drive, so now you’re changing the rules of the game. You complete a petition drive a few weeks later. Now you are a change-maker, because you’ve taken the power of that question out of council’s hands, put it in your hands. And then you win the election. And so now you are actually a citizen lawmaker. And there’s a lot of satisfaction in doing that.” 

Barry Klein: citizen activist

Ralph Nader Radio Hour
Ralph Nader Radio Hour
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