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September 23, 2017
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Patriotic Millionaires/Congress Working?/Trump vs. NFL

Ralph talks to millionaire Morris Pearl, chairman of Patriotic Millionaires, a group of wealthy individuals fighting for economic and political equality, which includes raising their own taxes.  And former FTC Chair, Michael Pertschuk reminisces with Ralph about how they got good things done in Congress.  Plus, in the this week’s Wrap Up Ralph weighs in on Donald Trump vs. the NFL.

Morris Pearl serves as Chair of the Patriotic Millionaires, a group of hundreds of high-net-worth Americans that focuses on promoting public policy solutions that encourage political equality, guarantee a sustaining wage for working Americans, and ensure that millionaires, billionaires, and corporations pay their fair share of taxes.

“When we go on something like Fox News, I’m either introduced as a deranged person with some crazy ideas or as if this is headline news that no one’s thought of before – the idea that gross inequality is bad for society.” Morris Pearl, Chairman of Patriotic Millionaires

Michael Pertschuk is a former chair of the Federal Trade Commission under President Jimmy Carter.  As a Senate staffer in the sixties and seventies, Mr. Pertschuk was instrumental in drafting the landmark legislation requiring cigarette warning labels and banning cigarette advertising on TV.  He is the co-founder of the Advocacy Institute, which offers a range of legislative counseling and services to citizens to help them advocate for their issues. His new book is “When The Senate Worked For Us: The Invisible Role of Staff When Countering Corporate Lobbies.”

“In those years (‘60s –‘70s), the Democrats had strong majorities after the Lyndon Johnson election.  But half of the Republicans were perfectly comfortable being known as liberal Republicans.  And many of them worked very closely with their Democratic colleagues to pursue progressive legislation.  There was none of the nastiness that takes place now, none of the ridiculous failure to face up to serious needs for regulation.”  Michael Pertschuk, author of When The Senate Worked For Us: The Invisible Role of Staff When Countering Corporate Lobbies


  1. John Glascock says:

    I’m a devoted listener to your program. FYI the online programs do not play through to the end, sometimes only halfway or a bit more.
    Today I was catching up with the last three programs and none would play to the end

  2. Bruce K. says:

    We need a lot more traitors to their class like Franklin Roosevelt was. Thanks for the show.

    It would be great if there was some analytics about what is the difference that makes these millionaires/billionaires patriotic. What is the key difference? Is it geography, religion, culture, industry??? I am just so curious what makes these elites like the Kochs and others so hateful towards this country, and how do they ignore the facts of MMT or that the Patriotic Millionaires are reporting?

    The new book by T.R. Reid on taxes called “A Fine Mess” is really good with lots of information and ideas. Almost everything Trump says is a lie.

  3. Johnny Santiago says:

    I was enheartened to hear this episode. It’s important to hear about these citizens, in a privileged position, being responsible. Thanks, guys.

  4. Bruce K. says:

    Is there something wrong with my comment that it does not get approved, or is that job just not getting done. It is not like there is a hearty discussion going on here???

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