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December 11, 2021
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December 25, 2021
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In a special webinar version of the program, Ralph discusses with our guest, Richard Panchyk, author of “Power to the People!: A Young People’s Guide to Fighting for Our Rights as Citizens and Consumers” how one person can make a difference and how only percent of any given group can make important change. And they answer questions from our virtual audience!

Richard Panchyk is the author of more than forty books, including Engineering the City: How Infrastructure WorksArchaeology for Kids, and Our Supreme Court. His latest book is Power to the People! A Young People’s Guide to Fighting for Our Rights as Citizens and Consumers.

That’s what we want kids to do as they grow up– to look at things from all angles and understand things from all perspectives. Not just be tunnel-visioned, single-minded, in ways that perhaps their schools or their parents or their friends might have influenced them.
Richard Panchyk, author of Power to the People!

Injury– what tort law is all about– being injured or harmed in some way is encompassed by these things that social media can do. The injury that they can do to our kids is actionable. And we must not stand by and watch these things happen… Our rights include being able to stand up against companies that are putting information out there, putting platforms out there, that really [tort law’s] not just about physical things.
Richard Panchyk, author of Power to the People!

I want [the readers] to see that it can start– it does start– with their interests as young people. With being a citizen of the world. With understanding things as young people. And questioning things. And that’s what Ralph did. And that’s one reason that he went down the path he did. It’s because of the curiosity, of the interest, of the participation.
Richard Panchyk, author of Power to the People!

If you’re not tuned into politics, politics is tuned into you. If you don’t control it, it’s going to control you.
Ralph Nader

It’s important to know that anyone can do [what I’ve done in my career]. I didn’t have any money. I didn’t have any contacts. I just had a driving rage about all these people being killed, when they could have been saved.
Ralph Nader

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  1. Don Harris says:

    Santa was asked to provide one word each on how the Deathocrats, Republikillers and the media whore themselves out to the big money interests and he provided the perfect response:
    Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Richard Panchyk was right on target when he said that citizens can use their votes to make sure that politicians are not controlled by the big money interests.

    But your two questions to ask politicians are not going to get the desired answers. How are you giving us more power? and What is your detailed position on the corporate crime wave? will only generate the same empty promises of future action through legislation they have no intention of passing and dodges from the politicians.

    First, the politicians are not going to GIVE us more power. We must DEMAND it.

    The politicians answer your questions when they take big money to run their campaigns. And that answer is they will do nothing to give us power and they will aid the corporations in executing the crime wave.

    We need to use the power we have (our votes) to demand that politicians take action now to prove they will represent us instead of the corporations by running small donor only campaigns (no more than 200 dollars from any one donor per election- 200 primary, 200 general) in order to earn our votes in 2022.

    If it is all about Congress, then 2022 is the right election to get this started as there is no presidential election to distract and pull resources from this effort in 2022.

    If 1% of citizens dedicated to mobilizing fellow citizens on an issue of common interest can get results on any issue then 1% of citizens can get results mobilizing the 80% of citizens that want the big money out of politics by demanding small donor candidates and enforcing that demand with our votes.

    One Demand is designed to enable citizens to work together on this common goal of demanding politicians run small donor only campaigns.

    The question you need to answer is what are you going to do about the corporate crime wave and to give citizens the opportunity to exercise the power of our votes to elect politicians that are not controlled by the big money interests?

    When will you join and help lead citizens in making this demand of politicians to put your theory that politicians want our votes more than big money to the test?

    Please explain why what Richard Panchyk and you say about the power of our votes is not correct or help organize citizens to utilize the basic tools of democracy to help us gain control of Congress.

  2. Donald Klepack says:

    This show was one of the best and I can’t wait to read Richard Panchyk, book, Power to the People! Also want to praise this format where you hear the questions from the audience. The one question from the Nader Radier described the hardship of going through the legal system with a physical disability was emotional and inspiring. Also Ralph’s answer to the question about Capitalism and Socialism is spot on.

  3. The Apathetic pledge is brilliant! I can’t take the pledge because I’m not apathetic, but so many people are and using humor like this could reach them and activate them, as can Richard’s book Power to the People! I’d like to join with others to work to activate people to organize in their Congressional districts. I’m sorry I don’t know how to get involved.

  4. This is why rural Broadband is being blocked by GOP / International Corporations b/c this is the single biggest voting block that GOP / ALEC eg control rural voters by blocking their access to major news media. Rural voters virtually do not have any way of knowing what is really happening! Fox news and worse dominate the air waves. In coordination with the rural electric coops, farm bureau, chirches, all are in the pocket of the pwers behind the scenes. A cartel thats been taking over and tightening the noose for decades. Here is one of today’s mid-Missouri headline where international corporate gas oil coal banking profit motives are controlling behind the scenes to block wind energy from even getting any traction throughout the entire state – – ” . . .. When the Grain Belt Express got its approval from the Missouri Public Service Commission in 2019, the decision was criticized by some because it granted the private company the right to obtain easements through eminent domain.

    Yet the company has always insisted it would only use that procedure as a last resort to acquire 1,700 parcels of land in Kansas and Missouri.

    According to Patrick Whitty, vice president of the project’s parent company, Invenergy Transmission, Grain Belt Express has “now completed right-of-way acquisition through voluntary easement agreements for approximately 65% of the route in Missouri and Kansas, compared to only one third completed at the start of the year.”

    At the beginning of this year, the company had made payments of $4.9 million to landowners in Missouri combined. As it stands today, that figure is $8.5 million.

    Grain Belt Express offers landowners compensation of 110% of the market value of land, plus $18,000 per tower structure. That offer was recently increased, Whitty said, to reflect “rising farmland values.” For example, one farmer from Madison in northeast Missouri was offered $98,000 to allow two tower structures on nine acres of cropland. . . .” – This is a saga spanning the last decade that wind energy has been diligently working to build wind farms in the windy great plains states, and transport it to all the states further east in need of low cost renewable wind as well as solar energy. They have done everyhting right, but have been shut down ate every turn, This is just the latest setblack / Roadblock , by Corparate funded Astroturf phone local opposition groups. . . My experience has been trying to help launch the solar industry, another saga.

  5. Tina Jayroe says:

    As a librarian and an avid library user it’s always been absolutely painful to see what the majority of people check out for books (don’t get me started on DVDs). Nader is right to be perturbed by the amount of “books on frivolous topics, books on mysteries, books on cats” when there are so many more interesting, crucial, and rewarding topics. I’m always in agreement when he says people should buy books and donate them to their library, as that is one way libraries acquire books. But it is just as important to insist their local library buy serious books because it’s working people’s tax dollars which are funding public and community libraries. I am asking my local library to get Richard Panchyk’s books after the holidays. My local branch (which isn’t my employer) has purchased two important books at my request lately which I am sure they wouldn’t have otherwise purchased. Also, I am glad one other person who attended this recording on Zoom said that they were buying and putting 10 of Panchyk’s books in Little Free Libraries because due to the pandemic, the constant defunding of library systems which results in fewer open hours, plus the racism in many border towns, means that often times Little Free Libraries are just more efficient.

  6. Margaret longwinded Walsh says:

    TYTYTY —

    May You and Yours BE BLESSED ..

    With GOOD HEALTH ..




    i heard about the $2.00 club from Ralph and Claire ..
    at one of the Rowe Center Conferences ..

    this is how i introduce the club to strangers ..

    “I am on the Naderteam. Ralph and his sister Claire have founded the $2.00 club. On the back of the $2.00 bill is the signing of the Constitution. Even though they were the richest and most influential of their day .. they thought they were signing their death sentences. What do I have to lose by talking to a stranger about (my primary advocacy) the actual legislation by number .. H.R. 1976 .. it includes dental and vision for everyone, inpatient outpatient prescriptions for everyone, deductibles co-pays for no one. In 2 years everyone under 19 over 55 enrolled, 2 years later, everyone else, first $30,000.income, no cost. You have to earn up to $300,000 before your Federal Tax increase starts creeping up toward 10% of your income .. but it is capped. There is tremendous opposition, it is the greatest liberator of workers our nation has ever known. Imagine the relief to every state, county, city government, no longer asked to provide a lifetime of healthcare to every librarian, firefighter and their family”

    If they are still listening, most do listen, I have a lot more. Facts I have learned from RNRH, Taming the Giant Corporation Conference hosted by RN in 2007 in DC. BTW .. just yesterday I was again struck by this a guest .. .. The Conversion of Community and Nonprofit Enterprises into For-Profit Corporations – Walter Smith Video
    Video of Q&A session .. stunning history of community hospitals stolen by for-profits .. anyway ..

    It was right after the Rowe Camp when I introduced the $2.00 club to group of young men hanging around a street side hot dog stand (+ barbershop) and I introduced the club to old guys on the sitting all day on the stoop of a beautiful building (Fed money had restored building, then the city condemned it) a building that was their home ..all in the city Newburg NY .. a city blatantly being privatized .. just getting them comfortable talking about their government .. at least listening to me talk about their government .. they know the history .. learned a lot

    How might a $2.00 club work in after school programs? In libraries, Boys and Girls Clubs? humm ..
    I will ask Richard Panchyk via “seven stories” .

    again ..

    May You and Yours BE BLESSED with ..

  7. Larry Inn says:

    Writing Books is Political Masturbation. Ralph, more books more Masturbation. No organic Violence, no organic Gain! When everyone & every system is Corrupt the only option is ABORT Now. If you support aborting fetuses or embryos, why not support ABORTING the CREEPS of USA.

  8. Larry Inn says:

    When White Folks delete the history of the killing of Native Americans and the Privatization of THEIR LANDS, intelligent SOULS, might take you seriously.

    The Soul would not see a Rainbow, if the Eyes had no Tears. ( Native American Proverb). The truth will set us free, and the FREE will seek the Truth.

  9. Larry says:

    “A wealth of information creates & produces a Poverty of Attention.” ( Herbert Simon, computers, communications, and the Public Interest).

    Reading Books makes you ignorant is the dogma of intellectuals. ” As above, so below.