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Rashida Tlaib

A member of “The Squad,” Rashida Tlaib, joins Ralph to talk about her aborted trip to the Occupied Territories, Israel and Palestine, poverty in Southern Michigan, and of course, impeachment. Plus, listener questions!

Rashida Tlaib is currently the Congresswoman for Michigan’s 13th Congressional District, which includes the city of Detroit and many surrounding communities. Representative Tlaib is a well-known progressive warrior who made history in 2008 by becoming the first Muslim woman to ever serve in the Michigan Legislature. She is beloved by residents for the transformative constituent services she provides, and for successfully fighting the billionaires and corporations that tried to pollute her district.

“We already know that corporations have tainted our democratic process on all levels of the government, not just on the federal level. For us, this (impeachment) is about our way of life… This won’t be the last crooked CEO that runs for President of the United States. So, it is really about putting our democracy first, putting our way of life first… If you really want to show your patriotism, this is the time to do it.”

Congresswoman Rashid Tlaib (D-Michigan)


“No transformative change has truly happened because of something happening in the United States Congress or out of the White House. It always happens because of grassroots movement work outside of the halls, outside of the Oval Office.”

Congresswoman Rashid Tlaib (D-Michigan)

RALPH NADER RADIO HOUR EP 293 TRANSCRIPT (Right click to download)


  1. Bruce K. says:

    I’ve been listening to the Ralph Nader Radio Hour now regularly for over 2 years, and this is the worst, most bizarre and illogical episode of the RNRH I’ve ever heard. Ralph’s compulsion to side unconditionally, and uncritically with barbaric Middle Eastern nations and their tyrannical and corrupt religious governments and broken oppressive societies all the while pointing out even the most subtle ways the USA is not perfect makes a mockery of his impressive contributions to American and his life’s achievements. It’s very sad whenever Ralph decides to focus on or touch tangentially on the subject of the Middle East or Israel in his program.

    If Ralph wants to align with anti-Trump sentiment in the USA, coming at it from the direction of anti-Semitism and Arab Nationalism hardly seems helpful, or different than Trump accepting the support of racists, nationalists and sexists.

    • Errol says:

      Running scared, are you?
      Nice try; rest assured, you’re tiresome and repetitive rhetoric no longer works with the growing majority.
      Thank the stars for this brave, correct and wise woman for giving us the truth.

      • Bruce K. says:

        > Running scared, are you?

        Hardly, but I do find that comment insulting and offensive not to mention unwarranted. On the one hand I am surprised such a personal attack was published, but on the other, it tends to prove my point how both sides now have to engages in these emotion flaring comments to cut off any real discussion, and hence democracy. Probably you do not understand how your are contributing to that. The major thing is no logical or factual reply to the substance of my comment.

        On Real Time with Bill Maher last night Bill made the observation that all the Democrats really have to do to win the next election to be better than Trump is not be weird and off-putting.

        I support Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, both in spirit and financially to the extent I am able, but a couple of the examples that Bill gave were how Bernie had to harp on how he supports the right of all inmates in prison to vote. In the case of Elizabeth Warren out of all the wonderful things should could say she had to come out for free gender re-assignment surgery for prisoners. Or Bernie tarring himself with a group of people in Congress that really have a repulsive effect for him in certain key states.

        For example, Bernie proselytizing about Medicare for All appeals to a vast majority of Americans. I think most of us understand that. But, Bernie proselytizing about Medicare for All, while associating himself closely with Ilhan Omar is a significant negative in key areas he needs to win, assuming he wants to win. Now … why would he be doing that? Bernie, like Ralph, is not stupid.

        More and more frequently the world is becoming truly Orwellian. We see these provocations in what used to be the news to get us emotional and angry and arguing with each other. It is possible that using big data and massive surveillance technology that a personal world can be presented to all of us that barely overlaps the real world, which if it be democratic we have have a certain common view of human rights. Angry and confused, that world boils up and blows away, and we are left with pointless snipes like your comment that cannot lead anywhere productive no matter how they are rejoined. Congratulations on the death of political discussion, both to you and to the moderators of the RNRH who decided that was important enough to post.

        One big part of that would be to find the political opponents to the system as they pop up and invent ways to neutralize them using tricks and tactics developed by psychologists over the last 100 years in order to remove facts, data, morality and discussion from every issue and replace it with a hostile and ridiculous shouting match. That seems to have gone a long way.

        I don’t know where this tendency of Ralph’s comes from, but it sure undercuts a lot of the good stuff he has to say, and bleeds out into the Progressive movement, or the Libertarian movement, or whatever it is that he believes himself a part of. Not to mention his affect on the 2000 election.

        I disagree with your on the Middle East and specifically Palestine, but the fact is I am no expert and yet I know orders of magnitude more about this than most Americans. I will say it is impossible to have a genocide when the population you are talking about is one of the fastest growing populations in the world. I might wager that you support immigration into the US and conversely emigration from Mexico, but you might have never wondered why it is that none of the neighboring Arab states want to the Palestinians to emigrate to the lands. You and others can criticize every minute detail of what is going on in Israel because Israel is an open and transparent democracy, but we never hear any news or see any details of what happens in Palestine, and when we do see something it is universally spun into being Israel’s fault in some way.

        If you are right that “you’re[your by the way] tiresome and repetitive rhetoric no longer works with the growing majority. Thank the stars for this brave, correct and wise woman for giving us the truth.” describe reality … it would only be because of the hidden spin machine of the Islamic oil states, mostly Saudi Arabia and how they influence our country’s politics and dishonestly infiltrated both sides of our politics.

        The reality is that there are so many orders of magnitude larger human rights issues around the world that have so much great effect and significance to the whole world than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. China’s totalitarian tyranny and its many colonization efforts, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet … how many more millions of people does that involve. India and Pakistan. Russia and Ukraine … I never hear Ralph getting overheated or obsessed with any of those issues feeling like he has to rant about them at every possibility. Do you?

        Anyway, I suspect, no amount of discussion or information will change your attitude, or Ralph’s, all I can do is to express the way I see things and then wait to be called names or vilified by people like you, who do not really muster any argument. It makes me sad to see Ralph who is so brilliant in arguing every other political issue standing with the likes of you and others on this.

        This schism on the Left is one of the main factors in breaking the political unity up and preventing change, but then I don’t imagine you or Ralph probably care about that since you unreservedly seem to support a terrorist, pistol-packing form of religious tyranny in the state you so disingenuously support. Woe is democracy, woe is civilization when our heroes play such a large part in fracturing it.

  2. David Faubion says:

    Thank you immeasurably for hosting
    Congressmember Rashida’s a great joy to see her beaming smile on your page, and hear her boundless energy, insight and urgency for Palestine Israel and impeachment. Some truth and reconciliation might very well emerge in a Congressional hearing if a sincere effort for lasting justice is the goal..

    • Richard says:

      The foul mouthed racist, from Michigan is nothing but a politician,
      Politicians are persons who can tell you to go to hell in Such a way that you look forward to the trip

  3. Lawrence says:

    All Rashida does is foul mouth everyone, opens her mouth without knowing the facts. In the News daily winning. Producing foul Tee Shirts for Re-election. Has been in office 10 months has accomplished very little.
    She is racist in her remarks . Always saying the public always takes it wrong.
    Stands on state land using profanity.
    Crying about her sick grandmother who she has not seen in 10 years. Why did she wait 10 years to see her? She was waiting for the tax payers pay for the trip.
    Her foul mouth makes a good impression for women coming up. Her school district must love her. Enjoy wearing your profanity Tee Shirt.
    The public people would have been arrested for what she does and says in public.

    • Bruce K. says:

      Well said Lawrence. Something just tells me there is a group of well-funded Republicans laughing their rear-ends off because they go around and find these splinter causes of nutcases and give them a loud enough voice to get elected and to make everyone sick in order to fracture and fragment any real democratic movement in this country.

      The jobs of these Congresswomen are not to obsess over the Middle East and try to run foreign policy to suit their religious backgrounds, it is to represent all their constituents in the federal government legislation. I am find with any of them having any policies they want, but demanding a Boycott, Divestment and Sanction to an ally in support of a terrorist group, or groups, supported by Iran and other enemies of the US is perfectly designed to destroy the chances of the Democrats to win this next election.

      How many fake Democrats and fake Progressives does it take to completely nullify the so-called Party of the People, and let the Republicans mysteriously win every election and route the majority of the people into poverty, oppression and ignorance?

      If there were any honest journalists who could get honest networks or publications to print the story I am sure there is so much to be written on this subject if you just but scratch the surface. It is just hard for me to believe the Democratic Party can be so systematically and chronically self-defeating. Then, when they do get into power every once in a while they behave just like Republicans.

  4. John Robinson says:

    Which would explain why she hasn’t done anything except whine and complain since she got into office

  5. Mark McMillan says:

    I’m in the Michigan 13th. Not beloved. I’ve got three others going to the polls also. We are all retired. Ilive by Harper and Woodward.

  6. Todd Gates says:

    Why can Congress men and women act, speak, and be racist, without penalty?

  7. George says:

    First off I’m not associated with either party. So with that being said I was wondering why I keep hearing politicians constantly telling or broadcasting on what is wrong with various areas of the United States however I read very little as to how to correct the situation or problem. I was alwas told if You see a problem always have a thought out solution. That process seems to have gone by the wayside

    • Mark Hughes says:

      Just my thought George, but the reason(s) politicians have no solution is two-fold: 1) they are part of the problem when you have a capitalist political economy, and because of that 2) they always go to the rich for solutions, but those people just perpetuate everyone else’s problems for their own profit. They never listen to the people outside of election seasons, and that’s just for votes. Not for progress.

      The core problem in our society is capitalism, and no mainstream politician, whether federal, state or local, is going to come out and heavily criticize that. If they do, they jeopardize their careers or their lives. That’s the grip this economic system has on our country and, frankly, the world.

      We could use the excuse that our so-called brand of capitalism is not what Adam Smith had in mind. Which is true. But as Karl Marx correctly points out, the problem isn’t this extreme version of capitalism we’re enduring; what we’re enduring is its very nature. Capitalism is just another form of slavery – wage slavery. That was true during Smith’s time, during Marx’ time, and on and on through today.

      • Bruce K. says:

        Mark Hughes …. nailed it.
        Capitalism was the vehicle used to bring about tyranny, not the result.

        I like to put it …
        Socialism = Capitalism + Democracy
        Fascism = Capitalism – Democracy

        • Mark Hughes says:

          Thanks Bruce. However I must disagree with the idea that capitalism brought about tyranny if the implication is that tyranny didn’t exist before. It certainly did, pre-capitalist world history is littered with examples. The difference is that back then, tyranny was embodied in one person. A king or queen, a lord, a pharaoh, a caesar, an emperor, a führur, a duce, a shah, etc. It was much more overt because it was easily identifiable.

          Today, tyranny is covert, not embodied in one person (although the left seems to think Trump is some kind of supreme leader, just as the right thought of Obama, no irony there) but rather in the faceless entity of corporations, their lobbies and their sergeant-in-arms, the corporate state. It’s never clear who is pulling the strings (who here heard of Jeffrey Epstein before the recent scandal? I sure didn’t), the faces always seem to change, but new faces spring up because instead of having a single tyrannical human, we have a secretive cabal who runs a tyrannical system and whose members change. This is big because people then can’t agree on what the problems are, where they originate, etc. That’s why socialists and Marxists say that our problems are systemic (and IMO, cultural) and can’t be solved with installing this or that president or senator or governor or mayor or whatever.

          When people stop this incessant belief that it’s one president or senator or governor, etc, and realize that its systemic and therefore goes way deeper than these figureheads, then and only then would change be possible. But Americans are so hopelessly divided I’m not sure change is remotely possible.

          • Bruce K. says:

            I am trying to float a model where capitalism/free enterprise is the substrate of how humans exchange things of value or their labor.

            Socialism = Capitalism + Democracy
            Fascism = Capitalism – Democracy

            I mean to say that where there is transparency, justice, rule of law, democracy, etc, there is a more humanist, socialist system, and conversely where those aspects of social justice and regulation are missing we have fascist system that tends to be totalitarian and warlike both foreign and domestically.

  8. Claudia Young says:

    The same Tliab/ squad and supporters who may want the president impeachment. Next president be wanting to impeach too.
    Same Congress Tliab who selling the F u t impeachment shirts for people to wear in the same t shirt for teens and maybe kids.
    The same Tliab whom African Americans and many white people calls racist. Using prejudice analyst data to get her point across on police facial recognition.
    The same Tliab whom hangs with people whom threaten the president with harm. They claims it light a threat. It’s a call for activity hurt they it’s a light call for hurt actions.
    The same Tliab can say and do thing like frist week in Congress said love video We going to impeach the Fu
    The same Tliab and Squad who with Sanders has all these marches, rallied and protesters coming into your neighborhood shoutung awaking you from peace.
    Congress Tliab use to living a fighting household with 14 siblings and uncle and aunt living them. She giving you her life.
    Dem Kir Watson states the figthing musch stop. We need forcus on our child.
    Do believe Tliab going stop doing what she doses.
    If you keep voting for the same your get the same. Same old Tliab with racist analyst data and sellimg Impeach the fu.tshirts.
    Same thing keep voting the same person Tliab , squad, Sander and many sad Dems.

    • Julie says:

      Yes Claudia. That’s exaxtly what I say too.
      Thanks for speaking up.
      This vile Tlaib had T-shirts made up with potty mouth language on them, and we are supposed to support her??????
      She’s a supporter of terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah and the Muslime Brotherhood–she’s not American. She wants the overthrow of American civilization and wants to establish Islamic law in the US.

    • Randy says:

      This sorry excuse for a politician or a human being is one of the individuals that needs to be impeached. She talks about patriotism but she is not loyal to America’s allies across the world. She is just like the other squad members, AOC, Omar, Presley, Pelosi and Schumer, they are in politics to gain power and advance their agendas and get rich while doing it. There is not one dam Democrat that knows how to tell the truth about anything and that goes all the way back to the sorry lying ass Clinton’s.

  9. Wanda Reed says:

    Tlaib, is in my opinion nothing short of being a Traitor to this country as are the other 3 and Pelosi. The ones needing to be impeached is them.
    Hopefully in 2020 the people will wake up. Put them out.

    • John says:

      PRESSLEY ,OMAR , AOC , & TLAIB are nothing short of wanna bs … they are in desperate need of attention & have forgatten WHO !! they work 4. 2 me they themself r nothing but terrorist.

    • Katie huss says:

      I totally agree!! I just have a hard time understanding how these traitorous people are in our government. Do people not realize what they are trying to do? They are destroying our way of life, they are jealous of our country and want it to be the same as their shit hole countries.

      • Mark Hughes says:

        And what way of life are you thinking about exactly?

        The ever-widening wealth gap that’s left throngs of people behind to the point they’ll never catch up? The infinite warmongering our government engages in just to keep their war-profiteering friends rich? That you can ‘own’ a home but get kicked out with or without reason, by whimsical landlords or by bank tricks (reverse mortgages, subprime lending, etc)? That our warped food system, enabled by the FDA, USDA, etc, is so out of control that there’s no way to exercise your way to actual good health? That wages are so horrifically low that ‘hard work’ is no solution (if it did, those with 2 or 3 jobs would be sitting very pretty right now)? That young people’s futures are as dim as any in American history due to a) a crumbling public school system and b) obscenely expensive college educations which no longer provide even the lowest level of guarantees? That suicide rates and infant mortality rates are rising and life expectancies are dropping?

        Please, tell me what about our so-called ‘way of life’ gives you hope? And if you have to compare the US to war-torn or impoverished countries to make yourself feel better, then you lose your argument before typing the first word. Or is it that you get caught up in the flag-sucking jingoism that’s infected just about every sport in this country?

        And precisely how has Tlaib committed treason? What, just because Trump says so? Because if you do, you’re as gullible for Trump as liberals were for Obama in ’08. What actual facts do you have to support your claim? Look I’m no fan of any politician, I didn’t vote for 20 years prior to 2016 (when I voted 3rd Party, unlike too many Americans who get suckered in by political scare tactics). But your accusation holds zero actual water.

  10. Ted Heiman says:

    Rashida Talib should of never been in Congress because she is a trader

  11. Jay Campbell says:

    Is this creeping Islamization? Take a look at Europe, predicted to be Islamized perhaps around 2040, if not sooner. Not only this, but it seems we have growing number of people seemingly on a course to take down America. Given the level of immigration, legal and illegal, we now need an Amendment to the Constitution to have rigid laws to guarantee that these immigrants are truly coming here to become part of America and have no allegiance to any foreign country. And this allegiance has to be verified and demonstrated in order, for example, for one of them to run, and perhaps, be elected to the Congress where they would be in position to do great damage.

  12. Tammie Auras says:

    Rashida is anti america, full of hate and disdain for American espe6white American’s. Has the worst foul mouth I have ever heard on a woman or most men. She has done nothing but stir the pot at a full roaring boil. Thinks that she is educated on the vape issue which she isn’t. Most Americans want her and the disgusting squad gone. Elections are coming.

  13. Sherry says:

    I hope they wake up.

  14. g.g. says:

    Can’t wait to hear this. Thanks for the Reason Ralph, et al. Opinions and hysteria are becoming a little stale, so I appreciate the fresh on-air.

  15. Mike Donovan says:

    Impeach on what basis? Because you don’t like them? Can you explain what makes these people traitors in your minds eye? Is it something more that you just not liking them.
    If you’re are really trying to make a point that people might find persuasive, then you should cite specifics. It would also help to explain the aspects that are illegal. Absent these elements, this sounds like a rant. If that’s the case, I hope you feel better now.

    For the record, beyond elections there are only two ways to remove a member from congress. You could have a recall election. The other ways is to charge them with ethics violations and then have them investigated. If they done something illegal or violated the code of conduct outlined in the House Ethics Manual ( then you may have a case.

    I assume you are a patriot and want to provide due process for these people you are accusing. I would be interested to hear the charges you would level and hear the evidence you would cite.

    • Mark Hughes says:

      I”m with you, Mike. Apparently this comment section has attracted a lot of spittle-slinging right-wing loonies. Many of these people’s attacks on Tlaib’s rests on her cussing. Nevermind that we have a sitting president who’s said and done far worse because he’s a total pig who’s actually sexually-harassed women and admitted criminality during his campaign. His supporters are as gullible as those liberals who went all-in for Obama in ’08 and still think he’s the greatest president.

      I’m no Hillary Clinton fan at all. Didn’t vote for her in ’16, never will vote for her or any Clinton again. But when she said that half of Trump supporters are deplorable (half, not the whole group, it’s in the video:, she wasn’t exactly wrong. I was born and raised in the south, and indeed I came across way too many people there who are ignorant and hatred-filled. Intellectually-void, awful people. Indeed they are irredeemable. And their ignorant, hate-filled opinions should not count for any problem-solving discourse this country needs.

      • Bruce K. says:

        It is tragic that if given a do-over for 2016 and you would not vote for Clinton I don’t think you understand that American political system and have not learned anything in 3 years about it.

    • Ethen says:

      Hey, so I’m not going to go into specifics for you, since it is very clearly spelled out in not only this show, but also everyone on the internet (both by the democratic party and others) but the president has had an impeachment inquiry leveled at him because he has broken the law, not because he is disliked. You are correct in assuming she doesn’t like him, though. She and the other 60% of America that, again and again, vote no confidence and strong disapproval in his policies and leadership.

  16. Brett Gleason says:

    Trump is the Antichrist, fits the profile… scares the ahit out of me that he’s Commander in Chief.

  17. Brett Gleason says:

    With all due respect the reason Trump got elected is because people are sick n tired of the same crap put out forever by the corp. owned duopoly. But they don’t get it. we’re doomed.

  18. Josh K. says:

    In the interview, Ralph came across as rude by cutting Rep. Tlaib off several times. I had to stop listening.

  19. Wow. The truth really bugs some people eh? You’ll see reality soon, and it won’t be very comforting. Then you can all complain about how that.

  20. Afdal Shahanshah says:

    Always find it interesting to come across a bunch of people shouting loud, low-evidence criticisms in the comments section to a video or audio show that you would never expect them to have found their way to and listened to in the first place.

    • Mark Hughes says:

      Personally I don’t think many of these low-info, Tlaib-hating commenters here actually listened to the podcast. At least I’m not seeing any evidence of it in their comments. They just came here to launch tirades against her.

      • Bruce K. says:

        I’d describe “low-info” as the kind of people who call other people low-info only because they disagree with them. I don’t hear many arguments or facts that are pro-Tlaib, there is just an understanding that you agree with her and it’s emotional and behavioral from that point on. You even glue them together with “low-info, Tlaib-hating commenters” without bothering to address what people are saying.

        Not to mention the name Shahanshah – is a title given to the Persian emperors, meaning King of Kings. Of course you agree with Tlaib, as you probably agree with beheading gay people or teenagers who dance to music, or at least run away from the realities of the Middle Eastern societies and legal systems while you criticize the West?

        Or, Afdal … Al-Afdal was one of the Ayyubid commanders at the Battle of Arsuf, when Saladin was defeated by Richard I of England and the forces of the Third Crusade. When Saladin died in 1193, al-Afdal inherited Damascus, but not the rest of his father’s territories; Egypt was claimed by his brother al-Aziz, where he was already installed as governor, and Aleppo by another brother az-Zahir. As his father was dying, al Afdal summoned all the emirs then at Damascus to swear allegiance to him. Al-Afdal was in theory the head of the Ayyubid dynasty, but he was not able to exert any level of authority over his siblings, and soon proved that he had little ability as a ruler.[1]

        Not exactly pro-American.

        There is no discussion here, it’s just a mini wink-wink conspiracy against the US, happy that one of your own was able to get political representation in the country you want to tear down. Let’s have some reports about what political life is like in Palestine, about all the diversity there, the thriving democracy, and the transparency and unity in their political processes. But that would violate the cardinal rule of supporters of the Palestinians, always blame it on Israel and never let the discussion drift to bring their own unworkable, unfair and violence filled system.

        When exactly did Ralph get so radicalized?

        • Afdal Shahanshah says:

          Haha, well you’ve definitely done your research. Keep in mind it is just a name though. 😉

          I don’t consider liberal Democrats like Rashida Tlaib “one of my own” in any remote sense. I’m a Marxist socialist with a deep understanding of the importance of mass-based political parties that are independent of the two political parties of capitalism. There isn’t a single elected Democrat in national office that I actually trust, and that includes the faux-socialists Occasio-Cortez and Sanders. I have no idea why you brought up Palestine, but since you went there, the state of Israel is a bellicose, barbaric, Nazi-like regime that Hitler would have envied in their ability to get away with ethnic cleansing while the whole world is watching. Gaza is expected to not have any drinkable water left in 2020. What do you think would happen if a state in the US was entrapped on all sides and blockaded by sea, effectively turning into an open-air prison while prevented access to potable water supplies? Do you think after a prolonged state of hopelessness and desperation they would turn inward? Maybe they might even reject democratic values and look to fundamentalist religion or strongmen to find hope in their miserable lives. Have you ever thought about the role of material conditions in shaping the politics of a region?

          Defending terrorized civilians imprisoned in an apartheid state does not mean endorsing the politics of those civilians. This is a lazy guilt-by-association fallacy. In that same manner, pointing out the suspiciousness of people brigading the comments section to a piece of media you wouldn’t expect those sorts of people to have found and listened to in the first place does not mean that I agree with and endorse everything Rashida Tlaib says.

          • Bruce K. says:

            > the state of Israel is a bellicose, barbaric, Nazi-like regime that Hitler would have envied in their ability to get away with ethnic cleansing while the whole world is watching.

            The words of those who talk like this, have no mass and no weight, they blow away in the wind, even when the air is still …. to try to push weighty words like Nazi and Hitler out in service of the most vapid of lies and a partisanship that is more like genocide by accusing the victims of genocide … well, there is no more talking to people who think that than there is trying to dissuade Trump voters to drop support for him.

            To even begin such a discussion one would first have to agree that any connection between the Israeli-Palestinians conflict factually and historically is only through the person and efforts of Hitler’s ally, Haj Amin Al-Hussyani, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who fought on the side of the Nazis in WWII and commanded his own SS division. The memes and social brainwashing from that time is still repeated and in play today. To accuse Israel of genocidal policies is just a hateful utterance of words that uses Hitler’s own “Big Lie” theory to promote anti-Semitism. Yet you so rarely if ever hear anything accusing the Palestinians of such horrid things, probably because there is no international news coverage of that area and the violence between the different factions.

            I’m no fan in the least of Jared Kushner, but in the beginning of last June when he said the Palestinians have shown no ability to govern themselves such that they should be given a state to rule. To grasp at comparing the different reactions against what amount of a psychopathic state that cannot govern itself of set sane priorities for their people outside of war and hate on their neighbor is worth eminently ignoring … except for how hateful it is.

            The basic reason Palestine is not a state is that the leaders of the many diverse violent groups who lead them care less about their own people and creating their own country than they do about dreams of destroying Israel and killing non-Muslims.

            Contemporary civilization is getting hip to just how backwards these countries are and how much damage they have done to their own people and the rest of the world … and all what ???? … based on the most ugly and hyperbolic of lies.

  21. Bruce K. says:

    Of course the “Press” can only handle one big story at a time. How old is Ralph and how much experience has he had with these people to not be clear about that. If it was not the “Press” that can only handle one big story at a time … the people cannot either.

    That is why when Democrats throw a hundred issues out from convicts being able to vote from Bernie Sanders, to inmates getting free gender re-assignment surgery, these are issues that take up the same space in the consciousnesses of the audience as the more important issues of Universal Health Care, or Campaign Reform, or Education Inequality, or Election Security … already there are too many issues for an average person that does not follow politics 7×24 hours a day … so the neuroscience of trying to assist people to figure out their political interests turns into one of just voting for the party that annoys them less or that throws out less BS.

    And how is it that that party is the Republican Party. The Republican Party has few solid issues that resonate with people like tax cuts, and immigration. Tax cuts because it gives people back money they do not want spent on free health care for illegal immigrants, and immigration because with the number of well-paying jobs decreasing and the ability to have enough education and connections to get a good job dwindling it simply outrages people and pushed them into the arms of Republicans.

    Democrats know this, and yet they consistently do it anyway … the annoy the heck out of people. If it is not one issue it will be another because they are all pretending to pander for small unattractive groups of Americans that average Americans do not understand or want to understand – often because they are too stressed or unfamiliar with the people or issues.

    That answer is to make people’s lives better in the simple things, health care, education, social justice, living wage, and drop the fake pandering to these tiny groups that only unset people. It doesn’t mean you have to agree or follow the Republican philosophy, it only means that you have to set a manageable number of high-priority issues and then follow through with them WITHOUT alienating them hell out of them with wedge issues that little by little peel off slivers of voters in certain areas until you can defeat Democrats in the Electoral College.

    Democrats must know this. Ralph must know this. So … why is it this keeps happening? It must be a conscious planned choice because no one is really that stupid as to keep doing the same losing thing in public that they know makes them lose. So … follow the money.

  22. John Earl says:

    A very informative interview. My college daughter and I are going to a Q & A session with Rashida Tlaib this coming weekend so this interview will provide us with some great background and ideas for questions. Thank you Ralph Nader for the interview and for the countless great things that have happened in this country that were inspired by your work since the 1960s. I was a young boy when you came out with Unsafe at Any Speed and I’ve been inspired by your work ever since. Bernie Sanders might not admit it (because he doesn’t want to piss off the reactionary Dems he has to work with), but he has gotten to where he is largely on the road you paved.