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December 14, 2019
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Reclaiming Democracy!

Ralph welcomes Paul Deslauriers, who with a small dedicated group of fellow activists was able to take over the governing council in his home county of Maui, Hawaii. He’ll take us through that experience and explain how those same techniques can be scaled up to the national level. Plus, Constitutional scholar Bruce Fein and Ralph discuss why Donald Trump’s stonewalling of Congress is an impeachable offense.

Paul Deslauriers is a grassroots organizer, who has consulted over two hundred organizations involving mergers, restructuring, work process flows, teamwork, management coaching, and asset management. The work involved diverse groups such as the Alaskan Inuit, Icelandic communities. In 2002 Mr. Deslauriers became a full-time activist, coordinating nearly three hundred grassroots groups focused on government system change. His has written a number of guidebooks on organizing including Seven Steps to Reclaim Democracy: An Empowering Guide For Systemic Change.


“When you go against big money interests… if there’s enough momentum with the grassroots, grassroots will always win.”
Paul Deslauriers, author of Seven Steps to Reclaim Democracy: An Empowering Guide For Systemic Change


  1. When will Ralph
    Join the movement to
    Be Grounded like Greta?

    1 Billion well fed people fly on jets.
    1 Billion hungry kids have no shoes.

  2. Ben Leet says:

    I listened to the 14 sections of the 13 Articles of Impeachment. Here’s the summary of the 13:
    Count One: Solicitation of Bribery
    The Ukraine debacle involving withholding aid to Ukraine
    Count Two: Obstruction of Justice
    Deflecting the Mueller report, refusing to be interviwed and answer questions to Mueller, etc., dangling pardons, trying to corrupt the truth finding process
    Count Three: Contempt of Congress
    Defying Congressional subpoenas amounting to a cover-up
    Count Four: Violation of the Emoluments Clause
    Accepting foreign moneys risking corruption, not creating a blind trust
    Count Five: Violation of the Appropriations Clause
    Building the U.S.-Mexican “Wall” without appropriations.
    Count Six: Dividing the Nation
    Repeatedly making inflamatory statements that divide the people, inciting violence at rallies
    Count Seven: Violation of the Appointments Clause
    Appointing bureaucrats to high positions without confirmation by Congress
    Count Eight: Violation of the Presentment Clause
    Not enforcing certain laws: clean water and air laws, civil rights laws, labor law enforcement, consumer finance laws, rolling back pollution controls, chastizing NOAA for predicting the hurricane would hit Alabama
    Count Nine: Freedom of the Press
    Punishing the White House press corps, labeling the press as the enemy, prosecuting Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning for publishing information, punishing speech
    Count Ten: Violation of the Treaty Clause
    Revoking unilaterally missile treaty,
    Count Eleven: Violation of the Declare War Clause
    A dead clause of the Constitution, it has been dead since 1941
    Count Twelve: Violation of the Due Process Clause
    Drone warfare deaths without any oversight from Congress or courts
    Prosecutor, jury and executioner — tyranny
    Killing without a trial, Guantanamo Bay prisoners without judicial oversight
    Count Thirteen: Violation of the 4th Amendment
    The right of privacy, unreasonable search and seizure, dragnet surveillance of everyone
    How Ed Snowden incited the improvement of the surveillance act
    Government immunity, “unless the government consents to be sued” it can’t be, Raw economic power over the rule of law, Congress the primary branch of government, Unlimited and unaccountable power of the executive branch

  3. John E Benoit says:

    https://youtu.be/MaTcUsPmhks in response to the listeners comment about Warren’s more detailed single payer plan.

  4. Randy Kraege says:

    I litened to the show and was very interested! We all need to do something don’t we?

  5. Mike Bradley says:

    How and where can I buy the $10, 35page paperback ?

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