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Rx For Surviving Trump/Avoiding Amazon

Ralph welcomes back psychiatrist, Dr. Bandy Lee, for an update on Donald Trump’s pathology and a prescription for surviving it. And Tarek Milleron joins Steve and David to talk about alternatives to shopping at Amazon. Plus, listener questions!

Bandy Lee is a forensic psychiatrist at Yale School of Medicine and an internationally recognized expert on violence. Dr. Lee is the President of the World Mental Health Coalition and has worked with various governments to implement violence prevention programs in prisons and the community. She edited the book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President. Dr. Lee launched her own, which features an interview with Dr. Mary Trump.


“The President’s mental disturbances are just too great for him to ever manage the pandemic properly.”

Dr. Bandy Lee, editor of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President

“We don’t think of mental symptoms as being contagious, but in fact they could be more contagious, in certain instances, than infectious diseases, like the coronavirus. It is because you don’t require physical contact. You only need emotional bonds and continued exposure.”

Dr. Bandy Lee, editor of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President

World Mental Health Coalition – Prescription For Survival

Tarek Milleron learned at the feet of the master how to be an intelligent consumer. And like his uncle, Ralph, he has some very strong feelings about Amazon. He avoids using Amazon. We’ve invited him on to give all of us some tips on how to do this.

“This is such a weird year. In our own household we use Walmart online, and we think we’re being progressive. We’re pushing back against The Man. We’re using Walmart.”

Tarek Milleron, Ralph’s nephew and thoughtful consumer on how avoids using Amazon

Ralph Nader Radio Hour Ep 344 Transcript (Right click to download)


  1. Mark Hughes says:

    The timing of this podcast with Dr. Lee is oh-so impeccable considering the pervasive news that Trump, his wife, and at least one staff member all have in fact contracted Covid-19. Not to mention a handful of Republican senators. Talk about poetic justice. Would love to hear Ralph’s input during next week’s show against the backdrop of this particular interview. Make no mistake, Trump & Co. will easily survive this; after all they have the best healthcare in this country that money can buy. Because for top politicians, it’s all socialized.

    Didn’t know that George Will had said those harsh, criticizing words for Trump’s administration. If Will was actually perceptive, he would’ve seen someone like Trump taking over the Republican Party and perhaps the entire conservative movement 20 years ago, possibly 50 if Nixon is considered any indication.

  2. Dale West says:

    Would the mental health status of Senator Mitch McConnell parallel Donald Trump? He appears to be dangerous to democracy and in denial of reality as well. How many of our elected officials in Washington DC are suffering mental health issues? Corporate lobbying has to create a toxic mental health culture in Congress.

  3. Don klepack says:

    Dr Bandy Lee should lose her medical license. Of course she should be shut down. This is obscene similar to USSR during the 1960s, with the exception it’s not promoted by the government.

    • Arlee Starr says:

      Dr. Lee should be awarded the Presidential Medal Of Freedom, when Biden is sworn in in January! Then she should receive the Nobel Prize in Psychiatry in 2021, for her exemplary diagnosis of tRump, the insane, traitor, criminal, racist, lying, fascist, rapist, and bigot.

  4. Larry Judd says:

    One word: eBay!!!! beat EVERYONE’s prices and mostly always free shipping, even for small items. Guaranteed by eBay Buyer Protection at not extra cost.

  5. James Thompson says:

    Avoiding Amazon: independent book sellers

    Powell’s in Portland, Oregon, which ships worldwide, or other independent bookstores like
    The Tattered Cover in Denver or
    Magers & Quinn in Minneapolis.
    Also Alibris.

  6. Barb Sliger says:

    I sort of agree with Don Klepack. Sociopathy is very probably genetic; sociopaths lack the capacity to empathize with others, they lack everything that comes with having a conscience. Donald Trump perpetrates crimes and should be arrested and brought to trial and convicted of specific criminal acts, not hospitalized for a mental illness. I think that psychiatrizing him depoliticizes the situation. And anyway, it’s his BASE that’s the problem. Without his sycophants and credulous believers, the people trying to escape from freedom, Donald Trump would be nothing but a Twitter troll. I’m quoting Altemeyer and Dean, Authoritarian Nightmare.

  7. Janet Walsek says:

    Amazon is large enough that they can undersell in order to cut out smaller businesses. Amazon’s super cheap book prices lasted only as long as it took to drive Barnes and Noble out of business. And when you factor in the monies that are needed from local communities to rid of the packaging, you end up paying more to your municipality to deal with the waste. Furthermore, when you buy locally, more of each dollar that you spend stays in your community instead of flying off to the corporate headquarters of the big corporations like Amazon.

    Ralph, I was lucky enough to be in DC and hear about Breaking Through Power. It was the most empowering 4 days I spent. Changed my life. Thanks so much for all you do.

  8. Wortmanberg says:

    Dr. Lee’s description of Trump’s oafish, insufferable personality is certainly correct, but it does not follow that classifying him as having a mental disorder is unproblematic. It isn’t, in the same way that it has never been unproblematic for psychiatrists to presume to categorize people with medical labels without necessarily satisfactory evidence of a bona fide medical problem. Dr. Lee noted her disagreement with the position of the American Psychiatric Association in this respect, but the issue goes deeper.

    The criticism of psychiatry leveled by Thomas Szasz, the progenitor of the idea that mental illness is a metaphor, not a real illness, still stands today, approximately 60 years after his seminal work, the Myth of Mental Illness, was published in 1961, notwithstanding that heroic efforts have been made to marginalize his arguments, lately with unsubstantiated speculation about the origin of mental illness in brain “disorders” (which of course would make mental illnesses brain illnesses, not mental illnesses).

    Withal, any medical characterization that does not contain within it an uncontroversial explanation of how one is to distinguish between, on the one hand (and among other things not relevant here), an offensive or immoral personality and, on the other hand, illness, other than by the questionable criterion that a psychiatrist says that a person has a mental disorder and therefore does have it, has a lot to answer for. Not answering for it is, at worst, irresponsible and, at best, unpersuasive.

    The reason it is unpersuasive is that generally intelligent people, who are more or less informed, and surely less informed people from time to time, know or suspect that the mental health professions in general and psychiatry in particular have been used unwarrantedly throughout history to discredit political opponents and oppress other social or moral “deviants”. It is not clear that exactly this is NOT sought to be done here, notwithstanding any benign intent. Accordingly, if Dr. Lee hopes to persuade a critical mass, especially one that includes Trump supporters, about the need to medically intervene in Trump’s personality to save the republic, then she has a lot more work to do to convince people that Trump is sick (even if one may agree that he has “issues”), and that opposition to him should not be advanced on the strictly political grounds that Barb (above) noted are falsely negated by gratuitous medical diagnoses.

    The indicator that opposition should indeed be advanced on such grounds, not psychiatric ones, is that Trump’s political success is not attributable solely to him. He has not single-handedly commandeered the nation’s collective mind or transformed the U.S. into an oligarchic police state descending into fascism. He has received significant political support, which he never dreamed of having before 2016 – directly from Republicans and the rich, for whom he cuts their taxes, and indirectly from feckless, do-nothing centrist Democrats expending all their political energy spewing Russiagate conspiracy theories year after year and marginalizing the left (to say nothing of how the anti-Trump media has destroyed its credibility) instead of attacking him on the numerous impeachable grounds that Ralph and Bruce Fein have oft enumerated on this podcast. This complicity and dereliction adds up; it creates its own momentum. The chickens really do come home to roost.

  9. Bruce K. says:

    If these people are as clueless about what Facebook and Google are doing as you are in criticizing Amazon this is one of the reasons Democrats, Progressives or whatever label the Left is giving itself these days cannot come to any consensus. A high percentage of the agenda of the Left is driven by fake and very stupid issues. There is barely an intelligent coherent thought in any of the Left’s agenda, and for those that do have importance and urgency to them the Left must bury and drown them in stupid ideas so they can be sure never to really draw support or pass into law.

    Facebook and Google are in a completely different class than Amazon and Apple, and the two tech sectors should be kept apart for purposes of discussion. All these companies are capable of being criticized in many multiples of ways, but the issue is our rights and privacy – and that is about Facebook and Google.

    Sure, Amazon doesn’t pay its people enough, but Amazon provides millions and millions of people a place to buy stuff in a trusted way where I always get good customer support, and I am never reluctant to expect that Amazon will do the right thing when I am in a pinch – and they have for almost two decades. The other thing is that Amazon takes criticism seriously. Their business processes improve almost daily. Thinking of the customer is not just a hollow phrase with Amazon. Apple is in a middle space and the arguments against it are too complex, but both Amazon and Apple’s issues are completely different from Google and Facebook – the social manipulator and domestic private spy companies.

    This is how we get a Left that is not really Left but well-paid actors milking the system for everything they can get..

    For example the issue of Donald Trump’s taxes. OK, so he paid a trifling almost insulting and perhaps illegal amount of taxes – BUT, why don’t any of the news services explain the reality behind the real issue … i.e. that he could have used fraud to value his losses in his several major years of massive business losses. Why not talk about the tax system and why and whether it is is a good idea to allow people to write off their investment losses, instead of just attacking Trump for not paying many taxes.

    If there is a problem, pick it out, study it and report on it … but we just get endless talk that excites people who don’t even know what they are getting excited about.

  10. brad says:

    heard some talk on your show about knocking Amazon down a notch… how about we all order some under $10 items and have that free delivery address down a 30 mile dirt road to a unmarked house…. 20,000 order like this would tie up the fleet and run the gas tank empty. corporatecou

    try Dogtown road in California.

  11. Sam Di Bella says:

    Hi, thanks for the great programing. I stopped using amazon when I learned they supported gW bush. The workaround is to find what you are looking for on Amazon and then use a search engine like “Duck Duck Go “( to search for the part number. Sometimes I use Ebay but I only buy from merchants with a rating of 90 or better and I try to use someone that is close by. There have been times when the price is higher on Amazon than else where, I also order books from my bookstore who offer 20% discount on book that I order.
    Thanks again, Sam

  12. Nicholas Donofrio says:

    If you’re looking for an alternative to Amazon when ordering books is a great choice. They’re a national network of independent bookstores who are banding together on a website.

  13. Katherine S says:

    Thanks for the advice on removing Amazon from search results: “[search term] -Amazon.” I tried it and it works! I hadn’t fully appreciated the psychological effect of Amazon dominating the first page of search results.

  14. Margaret Walsh says:

    good morning from camplunalinda ..

    i was listening for it ..
    i did not hear it ..


    ebay found me the 24 gauge wires i needed ..
    consolidated my order to reduce my shipping costs ..
    arrived early ..
    great price ..

    EBAY works against AMAZON ..

    EBAY collects taxes now ..what’s her name rich from EBAY .. never paying interstate trade taxes .. Whitman?

    thank you for your consideration.. Margaret