Sample letter to send to your Senators and Representatives


Name of legislator and address                                                                      Date


Dear [Senator or Representative]:


I am sending you, by separate mail, the forthcoming (mid-April) book—Tax the Rich: How Lies, Loopholes, and Lobbyists Make the Rich Even Richer by Morris Pearl and Erica Payne—leaders of the growing organization Patriotic Millionaires. Both have been up on Capitol Hill many times.


Their case is compelling, detailed and readily treatable by lawmakers with a sense of non-partisan fairness, efficiency and impact. It is exceedingly well-organized for non-experts and well-documented for more scholarly readers. As you and your staff can see, there are listings of major tax tricks, well-known tax escapes and a useful list of refutations of the major lies bolstering these privileges of the very rich and large corporations, many of which are paying no federal income taxes.


Here is what I (we) wish that you do. Reply to me by print letter your considered responses for the major changes outlined in this readable book. Then tell me what you propose TO DO about any of the changes which you agree with, both within the Congress, within the appropriate Committee structure and toward your citizenry back home. Re: the latter, you may wish to have a virtual town meeting on this all-encompassing subject of taxes—who does and doesn’t pay them, what taxes should be restored and/or increased on the super-wealthy and major corporations, how much more money the depleted IRS needs to start collecting over $400 billion in annual uncollected taxes (their figure) and what the people and you think should be the uses of these greater tax revenues to benefit the American people and their families, their public services (infrastructure) and the environment.


Also, please tell me (us) why, when Congress is in session and not on its long recesses, it doesn’t work five full days a week like we all do with our jobs? Why do so many members of Congress arrive Tuesday before noon and leave to fly back home on Thursday afternoon or evening?


Thank you for your serious response. To make it worth-while for your time, I (we) will spread your response to as many people in the state (district) as we can.


OPTIONAL—If you wish to have more people in your state (district) sign this letter, please let me (us) know and we’ll oblige.


Thank you for reading the book and responding.





Address, email and if you wish telephone #

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