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The End of Ice

Ralph spends the whole hour with independent journalist, Dahr Jamail, author of “The End of Ice,” his first person report on the front lines of the climate crisis.

In late 2003, award-winning journalist, Dahr Jamail, went to the Middle East to report on the Iraq War, where he spent more than a year as one of only a few independent US journalists in the country. Mr. Jamail has also written extensively on veterans’ resistance against US foreign policy. He is now focusing on climate disruption and the environment. His book on that topic is entitled, The End of Ice.

“So much of what we talk about is so dire and so extreme and so scary and also disheartening that I quote Vaclav Havel, the Czech dissident writer and statesman. And he reminds us that as he said, ‘Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainty that something is worth doing no matter how it turns out.” And that’s where I get into this moral obligation that no matter how dire things look, that we are absolutely morally obliged to do everything we can in our power to try to make this better.”  Dahr Jamail, author of “The End of Ice”



  1. NooN says:

    📖 CAN this lovely bright young man
    🎶 🗣READ HIS BOOK on RADIO 💻🎶

    I love how you explain the Inceduous deviation
    of the Corporate Federal Reserve Bank Board when asked IF USA could Nationalize it.

    Is the Fed Reserve Bank the Unionizing of the
    50 States ? Do they take 1/3 of each citizens yearly salary ? ?

  2. bruce k. says:

    First, I would say there are only 3 times in American history government has actually
    done something other than sustain the status quo.
    1. Revolution & the Constitution – Founders
    2. War against Slavery – Lincoln ( put it out of sight, but bascially lost it due to collision with money )
    3. WWII, FDR’s New Deal and a parallel Federal Socialist State with citizens entitlements
    based on a small amount of redistribution.
    Every one of these achievements has been de-engineered into another unregonized form and trivialized by the power elite who move about anonymously, do pay not taxes and respect no laws.

    If you are expecting the state or any part of it to magically be taken over by the people,
    who by the way do not agree on any of this because they are living back in another era and
    totally out of it. i believe the saying is “if voting changed anything it would be illegal.”

    I see no way any of these problems are going to be solved. As Ralph mentioned we have
    pieces of our government at every level who are doing whatever they can to prevent these
    and a lot of other issues from even being talked about. They all are like little Secret Police
    groups keeping watch on each other so they are very stable, which is how they are

    Our media is taken over. Are social networking and probably most of our political groups
    are surveilled, infiltrated or otherwise being prioritized for emergency “management”. Go
    to any chat board ( except so far for this one ) and all you hear are right wing voices, which
    pushes Left wingers to extremes as well and makes discussion impossible.

    We have an “unknown political entity”, essentially an economic parasite system in every
    country, at every level, even at the family level in a lot of cases that holds the social and
    economic system in place. Maybe the closest description, though certainly not total
    would the “partriarchy”, or the old boys network. As long as any of our historic and
    institutional memory can recall we have had an era of stability, we are insulated, nothing
    touches us, as was stated, we are outside of nature in our everyday lives. We have some
    very smart and famous people writing books saying everything is fine or at least not so

    Anything change considered is going to be disruptive to a large part of the world
    economy, and thus the world political balance. Anything international plan that is
    disruptive that the whole world might agree on, will be winnable by China because it
    has minimal civil problems regimenting its people, and the largest economy of scale.
    So the US is by nature going to be unhappy, it means our end, unless some kind of
    out-of-band new order can be created. That seems to usually mean war. Right now it
    looks to me like the USA is scrapping for war because there is no other alternative that
    maintains our hegemony. So … what next hegemony is going to be better and in what

    So, the issues are not even understood except by the chess-playing plutocrats who use
    us all as pawns, and they see the problem as the whole reason the US government has
    never lived up to its vision, which is this redistribution problem. The deficit/debt is the
    answer to that, and it will be used to beat the life out of poor and losing middle class
    Americans by leverage whatever upset can be created and managed.

    The enemy are all the people who can be searched and queried whose major concern
    is their money and power, – the people do not want to be known, do not want to
    talk about the issues, they want to rule and manipulate in the background, and they have
    set the world economy up so they can do that, and they believe they are right to do

    Any change to them looks like communism. Their greatest fear. Maybe they have better
    more refined terms for it than they use on FOX News and such, but basically the solution
    is called communism, socialism, progressivism, because it requires them to provide money,
    resources, and mostly to stand down from running everything – that is, to hand the world’s
    control … over to WHAT? One can kind of even understand their point of view. Big
    changes driven by frustration and emotional breakdown rarely fix anything … the Trump
    Presidency tells us that.

    Before we ask, or require the plutocrats to change, we have to at least have an idea what
    we want to them to do —– specifically, that is, and know who and how to ask, and what
    we have to bargain with, and what leverage we have.

    Most of the leverage of workers is gone, that has been broken up by anti-Union efforts and
    distributing jobs around the world. The smartest people all to keep existing must work
    for the corporations that are owned by these faceless money-crats. If they speak out
    they can be identified and disempowered at the flick of a button almost. Who is going
    to invent and drive this change – certainly not Left-Wing Think Tanks, there aren’t any.

    The answer is not in taking back the government because the government is basically
    a parallel decoy set up to divert people’s attention from what is being done but people
    who do not know and have complete power over us. That fact there, if people looked
    at it, would be all the standing any American would need to demand a vote of no
    confidence in our government and a Constitutional Convention … but no Constitutional
    mechanism … surprise,, surprise.

    But no one seems to know what to ask for or what to propose to fix or replace what
    we have, and it will not get done because the marginal state votes are controlled by
    the red states where over time they have been bought up and consolidated … like
    Michigan and Wisconsin, and many others. The government is hamstrung, except as
    a focus of entertaining attention. Maybe if something was able to get out and discussed
    that would unite and rally enough people the media might work, but that is owned and
    paralyzed as well – as Ralph’s show with Phil Donahue proved. To this effect Hollywood
    is quite effective at bringing about social change, but more and more under control
    of the same underminers of political change or information.

    What has to happen is going to have to be out of the ordinary, and if we wait for a
    real disaster or collapse there will be no order in that, no way to control it, it will
    effectively play into the Disaster Capitalism milieu Naomi Klein talks about.

    What might work is to create some kind of a zone of order somewhere that works
    that gives people hope and can act as a model for changes elsewhere. Michael
    Moore had a lot of these kinds of ideas in his last movie, if it would have been
    presented with a little more seriousness. Mass migration of Democrats to red
    states? Who will finance that?

    Anyway, I think there are a lot of people who are cash and power poor who wake up
    every day with all these thoughts in the front of their minds and they try to do whatever
    they can do to live lightly on the planet, which only serves to extend the order in the
    system, make it more rigid and fragile, and allow resources to be cheaper and\
    available for those who do not, all the wrong people.

    The perfect storm of idiocy, brought to us by the greedy and powerful. Morally these
    people are criminals … or incompetents … talked about in “Winners Take All: The Elite
    Charade of Changing the World” by Anand Giridharadas.

    Something loud and clear has to raise a voice, and it has to be protected and be
    right, and not corruptible, not Trump-insultable, not Republican Party dismissible …
    and frankly, I don’t see that because the same people who are writing the books
    and giving the lectures are stuck in the system and devoting all their bandwidth to
    try to make it work.

    Every person who makes their living from their own little socio-political-economic
    niche woulv have to come together like Philosopher Kings and craft a plan, and
    that means every one of them has to give up their pet love, or hate, and submit to
    some master priorities, or deny their egotism. How likely is that? I am sure at some
    point they will finally try, but at that point they will in the middle of WWIII perhaps,
    or global collapse and their field of vision will collapse into hanging with the
    people that keep them alive.

    It doesn’t look good, and I don’t think we will have a rangefinder to tell us how
    far away it is until it is almost upon us. So … where are the places likely to survive
    this mess. Seems like the Southern Hemisphere is already being bought up.

    Sorry to get on such a rant, this is damn sad, like watching an accident unfold
    that there is nothing one can do about..

  3. Don Harris says:

    You keep talking about the 1% that can mobilize other citizens that agree with them as if it is the 1% solution when it is actually the 1% problem.

    Occasionally, this can be successful, but the Big Money interests can mobilize 1% or more of citizens more often than the other way around.

    While it will ultimately take government to implement a real plan of action to address climate change/disruption or whatever you want to call it, this will not happen until ordinary citizens control government instead of the Big Money interests.

    The fastest way to achieve this is described in my comments on Noam Chomsky and Doctors Opposing Circumcision, But that can only start being effective in 2020 (if started NOW) and will take 4-10 years for citizens to gain enough control to get government started on the problem of climate disruption.

    In the meantime citizens themselves can get started on climate disruption now by financing themselves the beginning of a solution to part of the problem that can buy us some more time to implement some of the other solutions and lay the groundwork so that this can be ramped up when we finally get government involved.

    10% of United States voters donating 100 dollars would total over 1 billion dollars. This could be enough to get this project off the ground alone on a small scale. But it could also catch on globally and really raise a lot of non-government money.

    But it would take someone like Ralph to get this started.

    The plan is to retrofit a ship or two for deployment purposes and a factory to build football field size plastic (or some other material) floats with white reflective tops to deploy in the oceans around the polar regions or wherever they can help keep the ocean colder near glaciers.

    If made from plastic, it would require a two tier float. The bottom would be black as black plastic does not break down in sunlight which would end up in the ocean in microscopic form. The top would preferably be made of some biodegradable material that would not be a problem if it broke down, other than having to replace it.

    In two years or so we could begin deploying the first floats. If we can increase the amount of ships and factories as more people, environmental groups,etc. join in as they see what we have started, we could get up to deploying several hundred floats a year in five to six years and be over a thousand a year 10 years down the road when the governments finally join in.

    It is even a possibility that some of the floats could have solar powered and motion of the ocean powered energy sources that run refrigeration units to help cool the ocean underneath (though that may not be as cost effective, quick to deploy or make any impact).

  4. Curt Hubatch says:

    I am looking forward to listening to this on the mail-route tomorrow. Thank you all for your work in producing these interesting and informative programs.

  5. Ben Truscott says:

    Thank you once again giving the climate crisis the attention it deserves. Media Matters recently put out the results of their analysis of mainstream nightly news climate coverage for 2018, and it underscores how little attention climate news and science is reaching the wider audience.

    Similar to indigenous cultures, you would think that farmers would be another group that is sensitive to disruption, and would be the most willing voting block to preserve an amenable climate for farming. They haven’t given up on Trump yet, but they are getting stressed, and now may be the best time put these ideas forward as part of your famous Left/Right coalition issue. Maybe they can push the republican agenda away from climate catastrophe!

  6. Daniel says:

    Back in 2005 they were telling us Manhattan and Miami would be underwater by 2015, what happened?

    In the UK they used to say “the kids of Britain will not know what snow is by 2015”, what happened?

    A PBS investigative report back in 2008 went to the barrier islands in the NC coast and an “expert” predicted all those houses on stilts would be gone by 2020 because the ocean level would increase by 38 feet. What happened?
    That same show also predicted that by 2015 gas would be $12 a gallon and milk $10 a gallon. What happened?

  7. Peter says:

    I took a look at the shine sun movement site and was shocked and sickened by the rampant ageism.

  8. Val Escher says:

    A large part of the problem is that most people are not going to respond to predictions of catastrophe that are decades away. They can’t process that kind of information in concrete terms. So until 95% of the discussions on climate disruption center it in the right-now and in the very near-term future, people won’t be motivated to do anything meaningful about it.

    As for why people in places like Miami–where I live–or New York–where I used to live–don’t seem to be facing the music, I think everyone just thinks that if things get that bad, they will be able to move somewhere more agreeable. They don’t understand that the effects of the climate crisis will be so much further reaching that just sea level rise.

    ****One other thought on your discussion on “The End of Ice”: Ralph & Dahr, you don’t seem to appreciate that a very large percentage of Americans are convinced by their religious beliefs that everything will work out in the end. Many believe the Second Coming of Jesus will occur within their lifetimes. (You may be aware that Sen Marco Rubio starts off each day tweeting a biblical verse.)

    If you are convinced that we are living in the End Time right now, what difference does a prediction about sea levels and temperatures 100 years from now make?

    (Many others believe that God won’t ever allow humanity to be wiped out by climate disruption. Still others believe that if God would allow such a thing, it would be part of God’s divine plan.)

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