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June 10, 2017
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The Moral Failure of the Business School Elite

Ralph has a fascinating conversation with author Duff McDonald about how business schools like Harvard are producing graduates who are nothing more than “heat seeking money missiles.”  And muckraking journalist, Roldo Bartimole, tells us how billionaire sports team owners extort money from a city’s taxpayers.



Duff McDonald is an award winning journalist, who has been a contributing editor at New York,” “Fortune,” and “The New York Observer” as well as writing for many other publications. He is also the author of The Firm: The Story of McKinsey & Its Secret Influence on American Business and Last Man Standinga biography of JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon.  Mr. McDonald’s latest book is The Golden Passport: Harvard Business School, the Limits of Capitalism, and the Moral Failure of the MBA Elite.

Roldo Bartimole has been called a lot of things in his career, “gadfly,” “muckraker,” “curmudgeon,” “The Conscience of Cleveland.” Cleveland Magazine called him “the poor man’s Tom Paine.”  He is a journalist, who for over thirty years put out his own bi-weekly newsletter called, “Point of View,” which took a critical look at the power structure in Cleveland, reporting on the wealthy’s control of the city’s agenda to the detriment of its working-class and poor residents.


  1. John Glascock says:

    Ralph, seriously I feel so indebted to you for your weekly show. I often purchase your books to give to young people, not to mention the books mentioned on the show. I’m a member of a health themed toastmasters club and when especially relevant to me, I study the materials from the show and give talks based on what I learned to the members. I encourage everyone I know to listen to the show. NPR should include your program nationwide.
    I’m grateful and even though it’s not likely that I could meet and chat with you in person, I consider you a great personal friend and mentor.

  2. Brian Blight says:

    The professional sports people are all overpaid. If anyone should be multimillionares it should be police officers, firemen,and veterans. They need to change things in the sports world……but they won’t. We need a boatload of Ralph Nader’s. Too bad they don’t exist!

  3. Dear Ralph, Duff & Roldo, sorry that I am a year late for your discussion; I was busy with MBA school. I recently dropped out of an online MBA program at Excelsior College, a state school in NY. I left MBA School with 42 out of the required 48 credits with a 4.0 GPA and a point score of better than 98% (two courses away from graduation). Previous to this I completed 24 credits at the MBA program at Regis University (so called top-tier university) with a 4.0 GPA. I am dropping out of MBA School to protest the extreme criminality of it. The problems I experienced are similar to your discussion, yet with much greater concern. The entire online MBA industry is a consumer fraud scam. There is almost zero education occurring, only grading (these programs exist to maximize the profits for the school and nothing else). There is zero quality control. It costs money to do quality control. The online MBA schools are all cookie cutter molds of each other, each as dysfunctional as the next. There is almost no education beyond the textbook (except for those like me that like to spend a lot of time reading additional sources). The textbooks in business school are all Nazi brainwashing for the see no evil, hear no evil, and say no evil about the great wonders of corporate fascism. Textbooks and class discussions say almost nothing about small business, entrepreneurship or new business startups: few examples are given except for the largest fortune 100 companies. More than half of all student questions asked in class or by email are never answered. About 80% of the students are on military scholarships and they are not in school for education, only a paper to hang on the wall to pretend that they are educated, to increase their salaries. Most students on military scholarships participate as little as possible in class discussions. These military payments for education are creating a generation of fascist moneygrubbers with no moral integrity whatsoever.

    The US military is a mercenary army of the world’s worst terrorist organization (the USA). I know because I was born and lived my early childhood in Santiago de Chile. My father, Colonel Albert G. Wurzberger, the Neo-Nazi bastard, was a top-level attaché for US military intelligence. You don’t have to tell me about what the extremely terrorist US military is really up to. The business ethics class at Excelsior was a joke. An environmentalist or peace activist can go to hell, while our educational system is creating a new generation of fascist military corporate criminals. That is the purpose of MBA business school today. A new generation of brainwashed military corporate criminals.

    The education at Excelsior was so bad I took legal action at small claims court to reimburse two courses with totally dysfunctional teachers (zero quality control on who they hire and how they teach or don’t teach). Excelsior College violated the student handbook and Title IV regulations on student loans stating that it was illegal to provide a reimbursement to a student on student loans. Title IV says exactly the opposite. It clearly and directly states that the school decides on refunds and reimbursements. The attorney for Excelsior settled out of court offering me the two courses as reimbursement. I wanted to also address the violations of the student handbook. Their attorney, Robert S. DiPalma of Paul, Frank and Collins P.C., (Burlington, VT) then violated my first amendment rights stating that I had no right to discuss this case with any other administrators, students, professors or the public. There was no agreement made to require this. In an intimidating way I was told to never discuss this case. This post is a violation of statements made to me by this attorney of Excelsior College. I will accept the US Constitution as a higher source of authority.

    I don’t believe in the cold war conflict and believe that both capitalism and socialism are acceptable forms of economics. I prefer ethical and green small business where everyone is supported to become their own small business owner and also I support democratic cooperatives. I am willing to provide evidence in hard copy for my claims made here to Ralph, Duff or Roldo should this case be of any interest to you.

    Online MBA School is a consumer fraud scam and is rotten to the core.