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September 30, 2017
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The Truth About Trump’s Tax Plan

Ralph and Alan Essig, Executive Director of Citizens for Tax Justice break down President Trump’s Tax Reform proposal and insurance expert, Robert Hunter, returns to explain what’s going on with hurricane and flood insurance in the wake Harvey, Irma and Maria.

Alan Essig is the Executive Director of Citizens for Tax Justice, an advocacy organization that works to ensure working people have a voice in the development of our nation’s tax policies.



Robert Hunter is the Director of Insurance at the Consumer Federation of America.  He has held many positions in the field, both public and private, including being the Commissioner of Insurance for the State of Texas being the President and Founder of the National Insurance Consumer Organization and as an underwriter for Atlantic Mutual and Centennial Insurance Companies.


  1. Bruce K. says:

    In the book “Dream Hoarders” author Richard Reeves gets more specific about the plutocracy and inequality. I have just started the book, but one of the biggest points he is makes is that the power base that we casually speak of as the 1% is really about 20% of the upper middle class.

    They benefit unfairly from the tax laws and it is hidden from view and never accurately reported on in the media.

    Reeves, a naturalized American citizen from the UK makes a lot of good points and might make a very interesting guest on the show. Also, TR Reid’s book “A Fine Mess” goes deep into tax policy and makes a great point.

    One thing that ought to be easy to use a fulcrum to lever understanding into people is how the debt works, who owns these government bonds and who benefits from lending money to the government rather than paying taxes?

    When I see how corrupt and distorted our government and its policies are, it makes me want to vomit – because I think this will never be fixed or even talked about before I die, and over the next century who knows what will happen to this country that had such high hopes but was corrupted and complicated to the point that the average citizen does not have the education of tools necessary to understand it.

    Keep up the good work, love the show, never miss it.

  2. Jane Peters says:

    This past election was probably the worst in American history.

  3. Mark East says:

    Ralph I proudly voted for you in 2000 and openly support your progressive values

  4. P. Yarkin says:

    This broadcast was interesting and informative, as are all RNRH shows. However, I have a question about Federal deficits. Economist Stephanie Kelton recently opined in the New York Times that deficits are much more complicated than the Pete Petersens of the world would have us believe (“How We Think About the Deficit is Mostly Wrong,” October 5, 2017). As she explains it, “the words ‘debt’ and ‘deficit’ have been weaponized for political ends.” I would enjoy hearing her perspective on your show. As I understand it, Randall Wray is also an articulate explainer of this view of Federal policy.

    As always, thanks for all that you and your team do.

  5. robert dresdner says:

    I’d like to see the Congress publish a cost benefits analysis of options for balancing the budget while cutting federal income taxes to 0 [zero] for incomes below 200k, presumably with compensating increases on incomes for the 1%, and n doubt, both questions have probably been heavily debated, kicked around and published somewhere.

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