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December 24, 2016
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January 7, 2017
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Trump’s Conflicts of Interest: Divest or Impeach

With former colleague, Mark Green, Ralph elaborates on the public letter they published demanding that president-elect Donald Trump divest himself of his business interests or risk impeachment for violating the Constitution.  Ralph also appraises the cabinet picks of the incoming Trump Administration.



Mark Green was an early Nader’s Raider, who ran Public Citizen’s Congress Watch for ten years in the seventies.  After that, he went on to found the public interest organization, The New Democracy Project.  He was elected New York City’s first public advocate and narrowly lost New York’s mayoral election to Michael Bloomberg back in 2001.  He is also an author and a radio and TV commentator, whose latest book is entitled Bright, Infinite Future: A Generational Memoir on the Progressive Rise.  Most recently, Mark and Ralph have collaborated on a public letter and petition.


  1. tom noble says:

    enjoyed your shows on KPFK. Please post a transcript of your opinions on Trump’s cabinet selections. thank you

  2. Ed says:

    Mark Green is the brother of billionaire SL Green the family company is the self proclaimed largest owner of commercial real estate ( What credibility could he have to discuss Trump divesting. Trump divesting would clearly lead to financial gain for the Green family. Ralph really? Do you and Mark Grenn deny this would likely enrich the Green family?

  3. James Wilson says:

    I don’t understand why he was elected > ?

  4. robert dresdner says:

    Mark and Ralph are right to be concerned about Trump, but they overstate to power of the People and Rule of Law and Justice to restrain: Trump is not going to be made to follow Constitutional strictures. Few Presidents since WW2 have been required to by Congress and the public. Truman didnt bother, Kennedy and LBJ didnt bother, Nixon and Reagan didnt bother, Clinton and Bush 43 and Obama didnt bother, they all blatantly exceeded their authority, and they got away with it on far larger matters than conflicts of interest and the Emoluments Clause, so why would anyone, especially a constitutional lawyer, possibly hope Trump will be required to do so?

  5. Dear Mr. Nader and Mr. Green, Is there any legal way and any hope left that Donald Trump and his cabinet appointees can be taken out of power? Please reply if at all possible to me. Thank you.

  6. Correction: I mean before the four-year term is up. The amount of damage that they are going to inflict upon our environment and country and other countries will be staggering. They promise to be the most ruthless, power-mad people whom we have ever experienced in the government of The United States Of America. By the time they can be voted out of power, we won’t recognize our country and our shared environment will be at the brink – if not beyond – repair for many generations to come if they are not removed as soon as possible.

  7. Is there any way that the people of the USA can bring a lawsuit (??) against The Trump Fascist Regime before they can implement the commencement of the building of the Inhumane, Non-neighborly, Dangerous-to Animals’ Lives, Non-Eco friendly, Insane wall, for which we will never receive a dime back of our tax dollars to be used to build it, for we should all be fully conscious by now that they are pathological liars who are causing daily, increasing stress over their Democracy – and Environmental- Threatening, Menacing Agenda and plans for The United States Of America (and all Democracies and Environments, ultimately, around the world). I hope and I pray that The Trump Train To Hell will be permanently de-railed before they can destroy the lives of Human Beings and those of the Animal Kingdom and all of Nature’s Kingdoms. (I want to also wish the Awesome Mr. Ralph Nader a belated “Happy Birthday” with many, many HAPPY returns of the Day! ).

  8. e/ my last comment: I wanted to also mention that I, for one, do Not want my ‘name or conscience’ on Trump’s Wall. I also wonder if a Class-Action Lawsuit is possible – – or has the oligarchy already destroyed that avenue of our Civil, Human or Animal Rights? (I don’t know much about Law; sorry, but I’d like to ask, you see!).