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March 14, 2020
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March 28, 2020
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Trump’s Lawsuits/Coronavirus Update

Ralph speaks to James Zirin, former prosecutor and author of “Plaintiff in Chief: A Portrait of Donald Trump in 3500 Lawsuits,” which chronicles how Trump throughout his life has weaponized the court system to his advantage. Plus, we welcome back the director of the Health Research Group for Public Citizen, Dr. Michael Carome, to give us an update on the coronavirus pandemic.

James Zirin is a host and producer of the nationally syndicated TV talk show, “Conversations with Jim Zirin,” which discusses politics, foreign relations, national security, the arts and particularly how the Internet has transformed contemporary life and culture. Mr. Zirin is a leading litigator, having served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York in the Criminal Division. He has written multiple books, including “Plaintiff in Chief: A Portrait of Donald Trump in 3500 Lawsuits”.

“There are limitations to our legal system and one of the great problems… is how do we deal with the problem of someone who has limited resources and needs to sue someone who has virtually unlimited resources. In England, they handle this with something called “loser pays” where if you bring a frivolous lawsuit and you lose you have to pay the other side’s legal fees.”

James Zirin, author of “Plaintiff in Chief: A Portrait of Donald Trump in 3500 Lawsuits”

Dr. Michael Carome is the director of the Health Research Group at Public Citizen, which is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization that stands up to corporate power and holds government accountable. Dr. Carome is an expert on issues of drug and medical device safety, pharmacy compounding, Food and Drug Administration oversight, healthcare policy, and the protection of human research subjects.

“When vaccines and drugs to treat the coronavirus or to prevent the coronavirus… finally are ready to be marketed, it’s critically important that those be made available to everyone in the United States and across the world at no cost. So, we must do away with our usual pharmaceutical company monopoly measures, where profit is the sole goal of the companies. There must not be patenting of these products. And they must be made available at reasonable costs to governments, so they can be delivered to all citizens of the world for free.”

Dr. Michael Carome, director of the Health Research Group at Public Citizen

Ralph Nader Radio Hour Ep 315 Transcript  (Right click to download)


  1. Afdal Shahanshah says:

    No amount of wishful thinking is going to make the corrupt Democrats get rid of Trump at this point. The Democrats are doing everything they possibly can to get Trump re-elected, from pushing a senile right winger to face off against Trump through brazen, criminal election fraud during the primary election to resisting and adding ridiculous stipulations to emergency aid measures proposed by Trump during a pandemic. Trump is outflanking the Democrats on emergency measures and he’s going to face off against someone who can’t remember where they are during the general election. Or should I say it’s the Donor Class that funds both the Democrats and the Republicans. The Donor Class that pays Republicans to protect their power and pays Democrats to lose to them. It’s time to wake up, Ralph. Trump is not the problem, he is a symptom. The more time you spend fixating on him, the less time you spend treating the underlying disease.

    Also I really can’t resist commenting on James Zirin getting in that one last asinine quip about Russiagate near the end of the show. As if the insane, hysterical, delusional, evidence-free Russian meddling hoax hasn’t been COMPLETELY DEMOLISHED at this point. The FBI just dropped the case against that Russia marketing firm accused of posting a handful of dangerous memes (most of which were posted after the election) like Buff Bernie that might have mindtricked gullible Americans into voting for Trump. The last thread in the Russiagate hoax, that they thought they could hang onto forever because they never imagined the accused would show up in an American court to defend themselves. Well they did show up, and William Barr AND members of Mueller’s team were forced to drop the case because they knew they had nothing. This trash is finally over for good now, and everyone who bought into it should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Don Klepack says:

      Afdal Shahanshah, I consider myself a Trump defender not a Trump supporter and has an informed voter, I will never vote for Trump. With that said, I agree with everything you said.

  2. David says:

    What was the name of the dentist that Trump failed to pay?

  3. Don Harris says:

    We need you and we need you NOW. (please forgive the length and repetition- it is an emergency)

    While it is unfair to even ask because of all you have already done, the shit has hit the fan and at this point you are the only one that can do it. If you don’t and we make through the current crisis everything will go back to normal as the people that left us unprepared will be the ones that got us through and we will be left unprepared for the next crisis if everything else we have ignored doesn’t kill us first..

    You need to declare that you are considering running for president as a small donor only candidate in 2020.

    This will not be a campaign to win- It will purposely be a spoiler campaign. (you’ve been accused enough of that already so why not just actually do it?)

    The campaign will be conditioned on whether or not Biden commits to running a small donor only campaign in the general election.

    If he makes the commitment, you drop out and work to help him defeat Trump.

    If not you stay in and pull enough votes to risk re-electing Trump.

    This will force Biden to make the small donor only commitment to prove he will do what it takes to beat Trump by making the small donor only commitment. If he does make the commitment and wins with all the voters he would not get without the commitment it would prove a small donor only campaign can work and be built on in 2022 and 2024.

    This would be a major step in removing the influence of big money and increase the chances that we could be better prepared for any future crisis and maybe even get through the current crisis with a better outcome.

    It would be easier to run this campaign due to our current situation.

    There would be no traveling, rally or door knocking expenses. They would HAVE to let you get signatures to get on ballots on line because you couldn’t have people going door to door or out in public. You would almost be able to do it as easily as the radio hour over the phone, though you would probably need to set up a camera.

    You would only have to get on the ballot in enough battle ground and/or Democratic states to be the spoiler threat.

    And maybe just declaring you are considering it and forming an exploratory committee would be enough to make Biden make the commitment without you having to start a formal campaign.

    Biden could easily finance a small donor only campaign. Just 3-5% of presidential election cycle voters contributing an average of 100 dollars in contributions of 200 dollars or less from any one donor would total 500-800 million dollars.That’ also just one in five to eight registered Democrats (25% of voters).

    Biden has said we can do anything if we work together. He can do this (and so can you).

    But Biden won’t do it if he is not forced to and only you can do it.

    If Biden made this commitment this could inspire many of the Bernie voters that would stay home, vote Green or vote for Trump to vote for Biden. The percentage of Bernie voters taking those actions is likely to increase after a second primary loss without more than some greater power setting up the platform or other minor concessions this time.

    You can give these voters something positive to work on and vote for rather than stay home or give up now.

    You can also give some non-voters a reason to vote. Just one in ten non-voters added to the 60% that do vote would be 6% of the vote.

    With 6% of the vote added to the Bernie supporters that won’t vote for Biden and some third party voters that may not have been Bernie supporters you could reach 10% support or even more.

    Biden will have a difficult time explaining why he will not make the small donor only commitment to earn those votes once it is clear we have joined together to make this demand.

    Either way it will show support for small donor only candidates that can be built on in 2022 and 2024.

    You could make the declaration of forming an exploratory committee and set up a petition asking people that want to support you in this run to sign up their intention to support you if you do have to run.

    After a few million citizens have signed up the pressure will be on and will begin to ramp up if Biden does not commit as you begin to collect signatures to get on the ballot and more citizens sign up on the petition to make it clear we have joined together to do this.

    But you have to do it TODAY so there will be enough time for it to play out before we get too close to the general election and so you only have to run in the general if Biden doesn’t step up when given ample time to make the commitment.

  4. deborah coleman says:

    Zirin, has a point. What makes a citizen give up when confronted with a person who uses force and intimidation? Authority figures like a judge or lawyer have the same effect student Climate Activist Tim DeChristopher found out when he stopped the sale of oil and gas leases in Utah. The judge asked jurors if the could vote based on his words and not their conscious. He sat in disbelief as he watched adults give up their constitutional rights bc of an Authority figures words. Ralph your PC groups are the answer. They win bc they are relentless. They don’t become discourage when they lose a case, they keep going, they find more evidence, another opportunity. Nathaniel Braden calls this self-efficacy. It refers to an individuals’s confidence in their ability to complete a task or achieve a goal. Abraham Maslow call this level of development self actualization. The Pyramid hierarchy suggest that when the other needs at the base of the pyramis are met , you can then focus on this pinnacle need of self-actualization. (there are many reasons a person’s base needs are not met. Its not always a lack of money as Trump has proven.) We are, you included, the exception, not the norm. So now how do we as a country raise the self-esteem of the average person. The intermediate public school I teach at, I asked if we could have Qi Gong as a Gym elective. The behavior problems are zapping the school staff of its energy and force and punishment are not working. They agreed to add the class next year. The woman’s movement I have watched so many times, give up their power for a man, or to please the group, I no longer take them seriously when it comes to liberation.
    Congress allows Corporations to get away with murder bc they do not have the efficacy to regulate them. I agree with Mike Gravel who may have gotten his idea from you. A people’s government for every seat in the Fed. State and Local gov for over sight. James Madison said if men were angels we would not need a government.
    Thanks for being you. Time reveals the truth, its proving you were right and we would not be in the mess we are today if the Dems had any efficacy when you won your case agaist GM. Nothing can justify running from success.

  5. Dale West says:

    The – loser pays – system in the UK is terrible for citizen access to the public courts. It intimidates the wronged citizen to seek redress. This coupled with a lack of pro bono and class action law suites in the UK makes it really unjust for the majority of citizens. Free public legal aid can help the very poor to access the UK courts but that is a very small percentage of the public. The frivolous lawsuit prevention argument for the – loser pays – system is an unjust & unproven fallacy – there are plenty of frivolous corporate lawsuits in the UK legal system. Judges are suppose to screen lawsuits for – standing – before they proceed to trial anyway.

  6. Terry Huebert says:

    The Zirin interview was disappointing. Ralph is obsessed with his hatred of Trump and it results in him being more interested in his own words rather than giving the guest more time to speak. Consequently he did not get the best out of this guy, didn’t get good answers to his interview questions and didn’t ask good questions.

  7. Tara L Carreon says:

    Dear Ralph:

    If you have some evidence that Trump is “a savage sexual predator,” you should tell us what it is. Every time you present your case on any subject, you present your evidence, and it’s always really good. But you haven’t done that here. This has been your worst argument ever. Instead, you just expect us to believe you because you said so, or because Monique el-Faizy said so, also without any evidence. As a person long employed in the legal field, I demand the evidence before I come to a conclusion.

    I always listen to your show, and I adore you, but as far as I have been able to research this subject of Trump as a sexual predator, I have seen none of it. In fact, my impression is that he is one of the least sexually offensive men on the planet, and is fairly well behaved “for a man.” I am certainly no lover of Trump. I have voted third party consistently my entire life, and have never voted for anyone who was ever elected President of the United States, although I voted in every election, and voted for you every time you ran. And I consider myself as radical a feminist as they get. But I don’t think it promotes our female cause to blame men unfairly. Groping and kissing women who are flirting with him, or hanging out in sex clubs, or in celebrity environments where sex is on everyone’s mind, and women think it will help them get ahead, or at parties where all the high rollers go, or at fancy department stores where they help Trump pick out lingerie for his girlfriend, does not rise to the level of “savage sexual predator.” Talking shit in the locker room also does not rise to that level. And this is not me accepting a rape culture. That is total bullshit.

    When you had Monique El-Faizy on the show, I researched the accusations she had hidden in her book, and wouldn’t say a word about on your show — nothing but innuendo and psychological evaluation, from a biased viewpoint, in my opinion — and found nothing there at all. Nothing but Barry Levine and the National Enquirer.

    When you send a letter to over 90 congresswomen about Trump being a “savage sexual predator,” and blame them for not responding, my humble opinion is that it’s not because they are too fearful to take action against Donald Trump, as you imply, but rather, that they are not convinced by your argument, just as I am not convinced, and don’t want to look foolish accusing Trump for grabbing and kissing women because he thinks he can due to the particular environment in which he meets them, and would rather spend my time going after ACTUAL sexual predators and rapists like Harvey Weinstein. There is enough to blame Trump for without accusing him of being a “savage sexual predator.”

    I think your standard for the character of a President is very high, and I agree with that standard — Presidents should be dignified and have spotless behavior — but nobody else will. We are older people, with older values. The world we live in now is a world where young people get on line to choose a sex partner for the night, then meet them in a club, and go somewhere to have sex, and never see each other again. This is also not an acceptance of rape culture, but rather an acceptance of sex culture.

    As a fairly beautiful woman growing up, I had many encounters with men trying to have sex with me. What Trump does in approaching women for sex is fairly normal. He is not a rapist, he is not violent, and he seems to eventually take no for an answer. You have to consider the environments where these things happened. They are sexually permissive environments. I’ve never been raped in my life, because I don’t hang out in those places. And girls should not think that they can go to those places, and feel safe. Young girls these days think they can dress however they want, act however they want, say whatever they want, go wherever they want, get drunk as much as they want, and do it all in total safety. That is not the real world we live in. Men are sexual beings, and if they can, they will take advantage.

    And this is exactly the kind of thing that no woman wants to be heard saying. It could seriously harm their reputation with feminist hard-liners. That is why the Congresswomen aren’t responding to your letters.

    In my opinion, men are the most dangerous thing on this planet, and women should stay as far away from them as possible. And they should always consider themselves in a dangerous situation if a man is around. Women should hang out with women, and forget about men altogether. Who cares about them anyway? For the most part, they are nothing but bloated egotists. A good man like you, Ralph, is the hardest thing in the world to find. Luckily, I found someone just like you.

    Let this “Trump is a savage sexual predator” thing go. You think you’re on our female side, being our knight in shining armor, but you actually aren’t. We don’t need you on this one, and we don’t need the feminist hard-liners either. They are doing nothing but hurting our feminist cause in my opinion.

  8. margaret walsh says:

    good from camplunalinda..
    my home near Yakima..
    1st virus case = Lower Valley Square Dancers..
    6 of 14 virus escaping crooks still out..
    there no outrunning the virus…

    if you get to play archived shows..
    may i suggest…

    i am P.O’d i have been PO’d..
    (i am pissed off etc..)
    the 1st year’s 4th of July show..
    (i am a funny guy show)

    thank you for your consideration..
    Margaret Walsh

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