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War With China, Russia, Iran?

Military expert Professor Michael Klare talks military budget, the dangers inherent in our contentious relationship with Iran, and the shift in U.S. military planning away from stateless actors to China, Russia, and Iran.

Michael Klare is the author of fourteen books, including: “Resource Wars; Blood and Oil;” “Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet;” and “The Race for What’s Left.” (He is the Five College Professor of Peace and World Security, and director of the Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies at Hampshire College. Mr. Klare is also the defense correspondent for The Nation.

“We could be at a point where Trump will be coerced by Bolton and Pompeo and Netanyahu into taking military action against Iran. When that happens, we don’t know what will happen next. But, it’s likely to create a metastasizing series of crises throughout the Middle East.” Michael Klare, director of the Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies

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  1. Ralph, your obsession with credentialed-academics makes your podcast practically useless propaganda of half-truths and outright lies.
    Example: Mr. Klare’s ignorance of military veteran, Hawaii’s Representative in D.C. and Democratic candidate for President, Tulsi Gabbard’s primary focus on the MIC which Mr. Klare is ignorant of or lying AND YOU OFFER NO PUSHBACK…
    Also, Mr. Klare’s attempt to distribute somewhat equal credit for the new “arms race” to Putin and Xi is a laughable corporate-talking-point.
    The United States is OUT OF CONTROL and the rest of the world’s nations are attempting to squelch our violent atrocities that know no bounds…
    Want to know more about World War One?

    • David Hutchinson says:

      And that’s why his articles appear at The Nation and at Consortium News?

      In cases like this (and with Ralph) I sometimes think a knowledgeable speaker HAS to intone the Crimea dogma simply because too many people believe it (and they can leave it to Maté and Cohen to take care later of that informing job). Because whether Putin shouldn’t have moved in or not, you’ve still got these obscene amounts of money buying DANGEROUS stuff.

      “‘Eliminating any leg of the triad would greatly ease adversary attack planning and allow an adversary to concentrate resources and attention on defeating the remaining two legs,’ the NPR asserts. This is nonsense; no current or potential adversary possesses the ability to locate and destroy America’s missile-carrying subs while they’re at sea, and so the prospect of ‘defeating the remaining legs’ of the US deterrent—and thereby escaping obliteration—is a total fantasy. Nevertheless, the triad remains an article of faith among US defense planners, and the Pentagon’s plans for nuclear modernization encompass all three of its component systems.” Klare 4/8/19

      In fact, I don’t like to attempt to go beyond Klare [don’t mind re Crimea though] because he does know a lot. I can scare myself if I do. For instance, what if they keep the astronomically expensive land & sea legs, because they know that systems that know where the subs are are vulnerable to hacks? If this is the case, it would underscore the point I made below. That’s A LOT of exotic hardware to order up simply because you don’t wanna pay for enough penetration tests.…21712.31286..35142…0.0..0.167.3643.0j25……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i71j0i8i7i30.0q2rrK3zCek&ved=0ahUKEwitgfPJkurjAhV2FjQIHZGjBosQ4dUDCAo&uact=5

    • Ann Krueger says:

      Hallo Greg,
      Why the aggressivity if you have something to contribute and are able to have a civilised discussion? You make what you might have to say all the less valid as you come across as a hothead.
      Ralph Nader has proven his worth in bringing important issues to the table and done that relentlessly over decades. He’s never presumed to know everything as that is humanly impossible.
      I’m a regular foreign listener to Ralph’s show and will continue to be so. Whether I would follow you over years? I don’t know – certainly not with that attitude.

    • David Hutchinson says:

      Sorry, Greg. In my first reply that sentence should have been…

      For instance, what if they keep the astronomically expensive LAND & AIR legs [in regard to the Klare quote from The Nation], because they know that systems that know where the subs are are vulnerable to hacks?

      Also, should have typed…astronomically expensive and REDUNDANT

      Guess I’ll stick with my thesis here. David Feldman has pointed out folks don’t even know they need to wipe their hard drives once a year. All evidence seems to point to the fact…I mean between what Shoshana Zuboff says and what William Binney says…that cyber-wise this WHOLE NATION is, like, driving no-seatbelt-Corvairs while trying to text in the fast lane. And that includes our public servants in DC.

      I mentioned Binney, and I have to say I can’t endorse as “certain” the leak/thumbdrive theory. Aaron Maté IIRC is the same way; and I can’t remember if his reason is the same as my reason. But my reason is that Binney’s claim is based (at least for guys like me) on HIGHLY TECHNICAL stuff. I am trying to comprehend this stuff. Last night I heard him on the most recent CN News podcast [Consortium News], and his summary or broad observations my instincts tell me are right. But in the middle there, regarding the evidence for a “leak,” I was and remain fairly lost. You almost need a transcript with the kind of exhaustive embedded references (explanations) Wikipedia provides.

      • David Otness says:

        Aaron Maté has since conceded to Bill Binney’s expertise.

        “I mean between what Shoshana Zuboff says and what William Binney says…that cyber-wise this WHOLE NATION is, like, driving no-seatbelt-Corvairs while trying to text in the fast lane. And that includes our public servants in DC.”
        You said it right there. They have us more than surrounded, they have us completely confounded.

  2. Afdal Shahanshah says:

    Seconding that Michael Hudson recommendation! He’s got a new book about historic debt struggles out recently that’s the culmination of 30 years of research which will completely change your understanding of debt and credit.

    • Will Trippet says:

      Third this notion. Nevermind billionaires, only savants can save it now. Give “fixer” Hudson a shot of B-12 & a plate of orange slices & lock him in a room with a chaulkboard. That’ll learn it.

      • Will T says:

        seriously though, no disrespect. He needs full time b/c subject is intricate & multi-ep would be even better RNRH check your connects like Dr. Hedges, Dr. Wolff, et al they know ’em b/c he is one of ours. He makes the ’rounds.

  3. David Hutchinson says:

    “multi-trillion dollar armageddon toys”

    Yes, that’s the phenomenon. At the same time there is no accountability in terms of how, when, and where we can be hacked. All the trillion dollar toys can be rendered to none effect by a hack, or a series of hacks. There’s no accountability, and, what’s more, IMO there’s no knowledge from the bottom up or from the top down. TO THIS DAY no one can say anything that will be believed about how far WHOMEVER got meddling with VRS election software in 2016. I tend to believe Bruce Schneier…no evidence ANY votes were flipped. But the sad part is if you want something definitive, neither the Russiaphobes WHO MIGHT REALLY KNOW or the deniers WHO MIGHT REALLY KNOW are bereft of reasons to conceal their knowledge. There’s nothing more absurd; these corporations getting big hunks of a TRILLION [a thousand billion]…or the 116th Congress itself…WILL NOT DEIGN TO PAY EVEN A SMALL ARMY OF IT FOLKS TO SWITCH AROUND ENCRYPTION CODES EVERY DAY OR WEEK. It’s like shipping dope through El Salvador during the meddling days…as long as there’s chaos you can keep sending it on through (as long as there’s ignorance they can keep appropriating money for the toys, while not hiring the IT folks).

  4. Karen Aram says:

    Every American should hear this podcast interview. Ralph and Michael Klare covered the most dangerous issue so well, with all its chilling consequences.

  5. Don Harris says:

    There were many worthy subjects in the suggestions for guests/topics you mentioned and many you did not mention. Hopefully you are considering all worthy topics.

    While you did not mention One Demand, an idea you said on Washington Journal in the fall of 2018 was an idea that deserved to be heard and that you would have me on your show to discuss, discussing the idea on your show is not the primary reason for contacting you about this idea.

    Whether you find the idea worthy of discussion on the Radio Hour or not (you may have meant to say you would consider discussing the idea on your show), I am asking for your opinion on the idea.

    Unless you believe there is some flaw in the idea, discussing the idea on your show would be the natural result of analyzing the idea. And if there is some flaw it would be helpful to know what it is so it can be addressed.

    With Labor Day about a month away, that should give you enough lead time to work a segment on this idea into the schedule for a Labor Day themed show.

    You could title the segment “A Union for Politics”.

    Just as workers can go on strike by withholding their labor for better pay, benefits, working conditions, etc., citizens can go on strike in the voting booth by withholding their votes from candidates that take big money and registering a vote against the big money candidates to create and demonstrate demand for small donor candidates.

    It is merely citizens working together to utilize the basic tools of democracy to achieve a goal that at least 80% of citizens want- getting the big money out of politics.

    If you can find the flaw in democracy please let me know what it is. If not, then let’s start using the tools provided the way they were intended to be used to get the big money out of our political process which is the first step in achieving solutions to all the other problems listed in the suggestions you mentioned and those you did not mention.

    And because it does not require legislation, it is the only approach that can begin being effective right now for the 2020 election.

    Any approach that requires legislation will not be passed and in effect until 2022 at the earliest. And if ti is legislated by big money legislators it will not be likely to be effective even after it is in effect.


  6. Karen Aram says:

    Ralph described the situation with great accuracy, and Michael Klare did a superb job of explaining Pentagon/military goals. Klare unfortunately became petti when he referred to the maniacal personalities of the leaders of foreign nations, which lacks credibility and is trivial. He refers to Putin’s grabbing of Crimea, as if in the same category as that which the US utilizes, ignoring the US involvement in the Ukraine uprising and abhorrent takeover by the far right.

    • David Otness says:

      Thank you Karen. I’ve caught Klare in such ill-form before on KPFA’s Sunday Show ( and I do not recommend that show until a new host is found, say somebody of Mitch Jeserich’s caliber) and I did confront Klare on that show and he obfuscated and just took his hard line to be accepted as the “Law of the Land.”
      His prejudices are awful, and awfully revealing. Ralph needs to get Professor Stephen F. Cohen on to remind people that we are playing with fire: nuclear tiddlywinks, that is.
      “The Nation” has gone schizophrenic anyway, with all of David Korn’s Rachel Maddowing on Russia! Russia! Russia!
      Same with Amy Goodman’s selective narrative on touchy subjects like Syria and Venezuela, let alone Ukraine. I can’t watch it anymore, and I dropped my subscription to the mag AND Mother Jones. How far we have fallen. Or perhaps, how big the paychecks have become via Obama and Sen Rob Portman’s “Countering Foreign Disinformation and Propaganda Act” since passed with a $150 million in seed money at the very end of the Obama administration.
      They were advertising for journalist/bloggers who would toe the “Company” line.

  7. M. K. Brussel says:

    The comment by M. Klare that the leaders of China and Russia are akin to Trump seems way off, and disappointing. Putin has been, in view of provocations by the U.S., quite circumspect. The same is true of the Chinese leader. Crimea has voted massively that they wish to be part of Russia, and clearly the annexation was a response to the coup in Ukraine and the moving of NATO ever closer to Russian borders. There is also the placement of so-called antiballistic missile installations in Roumania and Poland(?). Russia and China know that they are considered military adversaries by the U.S., if not economic competitors, as China promises to be. And this is not all. So, Klare is wrong on these pronouncements about Putin and the China leader. They are not in any case the equivalent of Trump, psychologically or intellectually.
    Otherwise, Klare did a good interview.

  8. David Otness says:

    Klare blows it (as usual) when he attempts to play geo-strategic psychoanalyst. His descriptions of Putin and Xi Ping are ludicrous. Putin consistently wins re-election with 80% of the vote, the Chinese Politboro elected Xi Ping for life, neither instance indicating men with an inferiority complex and a “need” to prove themselves in the eyes of the world. Attributing Putin’s annexation of Crimea to the same was something right out of junior high school, ffs.

    NATO craved the Russian hyper-strategic base at Sevastopl, duh. The Russian-held since 1787 base with its only outlet to the Mediterranean and the world’s oceans. 95% of Crimeans ASKED to be annexed into Russia rather than be dominated by the racist Ukies from the west. All of eastern Ukraine is ethnically Russian, including Crimea. Putin exercised statesmanship in not sending troops and heavy armaments to the Donbass and Lugansk areas, even AFTER they too requested annexation into Russia in the face of ethnic cleansing, the outlawing of the Russian language, the politically-engineered split of the Russian Orthodox Church into a new Ukrainian sub-branch not approved by the Church hierarchy.

    It goes on and on and it (The Maidan Rebellion and Massacre) was fomented and financed by NATO (the USA.) “We spent $5 billion to overthrow Yanukovych” stated the Obama administration’s neocon cookie-dispensing Maidan Mama neocon queen “Fuck the EU!” Victoria Nuland.
    So Klare writes for the “Nation” Big fucking deal. He also lies or is willfully ignorant, seeing only what he wants to see. Does he miss Cold War 1.0 that much? Or is he ‘on the payroll?’
    Such hogwash. And /or naiveté.

  9. Dale West says:

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  10. Jan C Steven says:

    Greetings! I just found your podcast today. I am delighted with the reporting! Thank you!

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