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August 8, 2020
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What Happened to the Climate Crisis?

Ralph welcomes the editor and publisher of the Columbia Journalism Review, Kyle Pope, to talk about how the press is covering – and not covering – the climate crisis. Plus, Ralph weighs in on Joe Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his Vice President, tells you how you should get rebates from your auto insurance company, how the Democrats should be responding to Trump’s latest executive orders, how flyers should boycott the Boeing Max 8, and how to deal with “the lesser of two evils.”

Kyle Pope is a seasoned newspaper and magazine editor and reporter. He worked for a decade at The Wall Street Journal, has been editor-in-chief of The New York Observer and deputy editor of Conde Nast Portfolio magazine. Mr. Pope is the editor-in-chief and publisher of the Columbia Journalism Review, whose Spring 2020 issue discusses how reporters cover climate change.

“Science tells us we are at a tipping point on so many of these problems. This has been building for decades and decades and decades, but it’s here. It’s here now and unless we do something right now, unless we focus people’s attention on it right now, it’s going to be very very hard and maybe impossible for us to recover.”

Kyle Pope publisher of the Columbia Journalism Review


“The media has been far too soft on Trump. What they don’t really appreciate, the media, is that inaction or refusal to act is just as newsworthy as bad affirmative action.”

Ralph Nader


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  1. Afdal Shahanshah says:

    Instant Runoff Voting does NOT eliminate the so-called spoiler effect. IRV still contains many forms of tactical voting and even invents some new forms that plurality voting doesn’t have. The net effect is that while IRV is genuinely better than plurality voting, it is not better enough to actually make third parties competitive in elections. In fact IRV has been used in countries and local elections around the world for over a century now and it has utterly failed to overcome two-party domination in all those places. And this is IN SPITE of its use in some countries that actually have proportional representation and multiple parties elected through other multi-winner offices such as Australia. IRV for single-winner elections is so incapable of overcoming two-party domination that it can’t even break through with the odds stacked in its favor in this manner. IRV is not the solution we’re looking for and never has been. Vastly superior alternative voting methods exist, however, that CAN make single-winner elections competitive. Please get yourselves educated on rating-based methods like Approval, Score, and STAR voting. Heck, maybe think about inviting an expert from the Center for Election Science sometime to help get yourselves and your listeners more informed on this subject of electoral politics reform. It’s one of the most underrated and CRITICAL areas electoral politics reform and third party advocates have been shooting themselves in the feet pushing a sub-par Trojan Horse-like method for ages that will never deliver what they really want.

    • Bruce K. says:

      Yes, these voting schemes are too complicated for most people to understand or strategically take advantage of. You can be there are somehow Republican tricksters behind it. When we can get just regular voting working, then lets think about improvements, but until then this country is at war with itself and the people are about to lose big time.

  2. Bruce K. says:

    That was a great opening speech by Ralph. From another point of view though Bernie Sanders is the next hero with clay feet to fall if we look too carefully at him. Bernie, in 2016, was the first Presidential candidate I’ve ever found acceptable … in my whole life, and I am nearing retirement age. First of all, that reality in itself is disgusting. But mostly, I found the Bernie in 2020 to be not the man I thought he was.

    First, Bernie’s message had not developed one inch from 2016 – that is laziness and disrespect to his constituency. He used the Democratic Party without becoming a Democrat, something I can understand, but there was a point where it become a negative destructive ego thing – at least that is my best guess. Bernie should have recognized political reality and become a Democrat, and after the Democratic Socialist label wore thin, he should have taken on the branding of an FDR Democrat – something so close in policies, and so much less problematic politically. He had his chance and he fumbled it. Just that shows that Bernie is a not a good leader ( he may be a good visionary and inspiration ) but he also has very poor judgement. We cannot blame a guy for that he just isn’t, and Bernie is a great behind the scenes motivator or icon of change. BUT, when he had his heart attack and stent – why did he not pass the football to Elizabeth Warren. That was Bernie’s villainy and failure to his people, and me.

    Whether Bernie himself made these mistakes or he was somehow a puppet for someone behind him pulling the strings, he, himself, dealt a crippling blow to the Progressive wing. And – to be honest, though Progressive is the only label I can put on myself, but there is a lot of Progressive garbage, as bad or worse than the Donald Trump “deplorables “. Either they are manipulated, infiltrated or just very, very stupid the Progressive we see … as opposed to the actual intelligent Progressives that might be out there but scared to look intelligent for fear of rejection, Progressives reliably check every box of every mistake it is possible to make in every effort to undertake. That is no exaggeration. Meanwhile the fascist owners do not even have to make or follow laws and are seeking to burn even the pretense of that down.

    What it means is that most likely what we see coming from Democrats is highly refined scripted drama, and what we experience following Progressives is the “Charlie Brown always misses the Football” scenario, where people who think they are well meaning people, just like the Trump people think they are well-meaning people, blindly and lazily follow the actions and organizations they believe are what they are on the face of them – when they are most likely SOMETHING ELSE. The reprogramming of the need for faith and optimism routed to religious fairy tales or media crime fantasies.

    So, we are stuck with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and a system that is no more real than the TV shows and Movies with really no avenue to instantiate the natural human desire to fix our political system so that it would allow people to live as free people in a free country. I guess we have to make the best of this – and if Biden is elected that is merely the beginning of our job as Progressives.

  3. Dale West says:

    FAA starting the cloaked self certifying air worthiness re-certification process of 737 max. No mention of systemic aerodynamic design flaws only compensating MCAS software. Nice to see they might have to fix electrical wiring harnesses that were required since 2007. The flying public are still being used as paying test subjects again thanks to ever expanding deregulation. REF: https://www.faa.gov/news/media/attachments/19_035n-R3-8-3-20.pdf

  4. Don Harris says:

    Just as the War on Habitat ( what you call the climate crisis) exacerbates the covid crisis, big money infecting politics exacerbates the War on Habitat, the covid crisis and everything else you talk about.

    But it is not just about how you cover the problem of big money infecting our political process- but what you don’t cover.

    You asked “How do we hold the villains accountable?”

    When it comes to big money politicians we hold them accountable by not voting for them and registering votes against them to create and demonstrate demand for small donor only candidates. Basic democracy.

    We can’t defeat lesser of two evils by voting for them or by only voting against them in places where it doesn’t matter. If it doesn’t cost them anything they will not care.

    Citizens do not have to choose between voting their conscience and tactical voting. They can do both at the same time.

    It is time for you to follow through with statement on the 10-24-2018 Washington Journal that you would have on the Radio Hour to discuss One Demand that provides citizens the opportunity to hold the big money politicians accountable and demand better.

    It does not require any legislation as the other possible solutions you have offered do so it can be implemented right now instead of waiting years for politicians to pass legislation which will never solve the problem as explained again in my comment from last week.

    It is time to rectify your problem with follow through on this and be more expansive with your horizons on possible solutions to the problem of big money in our political process.

    Labor day is coming up which usually inspires coverage of unions.

    Think of this as a Union for Politics.

    Just as workers can withhold their labor to demand better pay, working conditions, etc. citizens can withhold their votes to demand candidates that finance their campaigns with contributions from small donors only.

    It brings the protests from the street into the voting booth.

    As for the Kamala Harris selection (no relation to me), the corporate Deathocrats do not feel they need the support of Bernie supporters and others and are willing to press the lesser of two evil/ you have no other choice narrative. She is a clear middle finger from the corporate Deathocrats.

    To me she is not Black-American or Asian-American- she is a Middle Finger-American.

    And the corporate Deathocrats will get away with it again if we don’t take action now.

    Please make good on your statement to put me on your program and give citizens an opportunity to be able to make another choice than lesser of two evils in 2020.

    It is the first step toward having more than the same lesser of two evil choices in 2022 and 2024.

    The other option is to wait until after 2024 to get started.

  5. Val Eschere says:

    OT–Did AOC get back to Ralph yet? Or is she still ignoring him?

  6. Ben Leet says:

    A quote from a Howie Hawkins’ recent letter: “The votes against putting us on the [Wisconsin] ballot came exclusively from the Democrats on the commission, ” Hawkins is the Green Party candidate for president, the commission is the election commission in Wisconsin. The Dems on the commission “made broad insinuations that we were lying about Angela’s address and didn’t even allow us to introduce correcting information during the hearing.” “So now we’re going to court.” Biden is a nice guy, and I guess Barry Goldwater was too, and both are sincere. I was listening to the RN Radio Hour while reading my e-mails.

  7. Paul Levy says:

    Thank you for your wonderful programs.

    Are you aware of the documentary on alternative energy called Planet of the Humans. Endorsed by Michael Moore.
    They started out wanting to give glowing endorsements for alternative energy and they discovered that it is highly polluting and has been
    co-opted by big business.
    It was taken off Youtube, but can be seen on Vimeo.

    If you check out the music website, listen to my new piece Dream Waltz in the mystical section.

  8. Paul Levy says:

    to add to my comment.
    I neglected to add that wind and solar don’t cancel out the usual energy production because
    when the wind doesn’t blow or when the sun isn’t shining, there always has to be backup
    by the established ways of producing electricity.