1 short additional comment. Compliments to Ralph for his decades of devotion to our USA. Compliments to Ralph for providing us wth stellar, astute speakers. Compliments to Ralph for the dozens of books he's written just for us. Compliments to Ralph for his it's "your turn folks", add to his legacy. I'll start wth 50 yrs ago Ralph slammed the brakes on "Seat Belts save life's" ..... Buckle Up those voices of gratitude. And hey- thanks Ralph.

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This radio hour accompanies viewing the Mass Protest March on Washington Live Coverage, provided by Breakthrough news You Tube (live chat going on) 11/04/23 1:26pm Chicago time.

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Please invite Norman Finkelstein to your show. He has never been on this show

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Please address any history of plans to build a “Ben Gurion canal” through north Gaza to sabotage/circumvent the Suez.

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Great guests deserve great questions. With that in mind, I want to thank David for asking Medea Benjamin about the concept of military spending as a jobs program. Medea’s answer is excellent, it is just a shame the question and answer are in the Wrap Up rather than the main show because it is a very important point which everyone should hear. We need to spend more time thinking about this concept and what we can do to gain politically-necessary full employment while also demilitarizing.

The concept of militarization as a job creator is not new. I believe we can infer this from President Eisenhower’s famed farewell address when he stated about the military-industrial complex: “The total influence—economic, political, even spiritual—is felt in every city, every Statehouse, every office of the Federal government.”

The comedian George Carlin addressed the concept of militarization as a job creator many years ago and it is a fairly accurate representation of reality. The economist John Kenneth Galbraith also addressed this topic decades ago as well. Military bases and the military industry bring jobs to every part of the US. Many of the jobs are in some of the poorest areas of the country and militarization does, as President Biden has pointed out many times, bring economic opportunities to rural citizens, minorities, and other citizens who otherwise would not have many equal economic opportunities. Militarization also boosts the economic fortunes for some of the US’s most educated professionals. This includes professors and American public and private higher education in general.

All this said, there’s much that can be done to demilitarize while maintaining, or improving, employment. If we realize the US federal government’s ability to spend (something with Congress is largely unaware of at least based on their public comments), we can see that the US can nationalize the military industry. Nationalizing the military industry removes the investor pressure to keep the privatized military industry viable through continued growth in militarization. Surely there will still need to be spending on legitimate national security projects, but military engineering and manufacturing can be adjusted in real-time based on national needs such that if there aren’t pressing defense needs, we no longer need to maintain militarization spending. The same labor force can work on improving sustainable infrastructure and health technology. Even with better environmental policy, we’ll still need to deal with global warming fallout from the history of poor policy and so our ‘defense’ needs can shift to dealing with flooding and wildfire mitigation, for example.

Now, obviously, much of this nationalization can be funded by simply redirecting Congressional appropriations from militarization to demilitarization efforts. Most of Congress will say that demilitarization will ruin employment in their districts, but that is why everyone employed in the military industry must be guaranteed new, similar jobs working on demilitarized projects, the ones I mentioned earlier, in their community without onerous re-training. Engineering and manufacturing offices will be maintained so if national priorities change due to legitimate national security threats, disease outbreaks, or whatever, the defense workforce can quickly shift to meet the needs.

Medea is correct in saying that there is still a lot of work which needs to be done even if military industry is dismantled. This is a very important statement. We need to keep a well-paid nationalized workforce across the country which serves legitimate public needs and which realizes that public needs are not static. This is entirely feasible economically, but this policy can only be realized with informed macroeconomic knowledge. The continued promotion of austerity economics by many progressives, much less non-progressives, will not lead to demilitarization. There is much work and reform to be done in this area before we can dream of demilitarizing while achieving politically-necessary full employment goals.

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Excellent program! Thanks for doing two programs this week.

WBAI has been doing a good job on covering the Palestinian genocide. Scott Ritter among others was interviewed yesterday and believes that Israel is woefully unprepared: https://wbai.org/archive/program/episode/?id=44800

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boycott.thewitness.news Provided by Truth About Palestine see companies & brands.

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How did we allow the military industrial congressional complex and corporations in general to gain control of our political process?

We keep voting for big money candidates.

Ralph touched on the solution when he said we need to take on the current legislators in the primaries.

But what will we take them on with?

If we take them on with other big money candidates then those candidates would as legislators just continue to do what the current big money legislators do no matter what they promise while campaigning.

We must demand small donor candidates in both the primaries and general elections and enforce that demand with our votes by voting for small donor candidates or using a write in vote when there are no small donor candidates on the ballot in both the primaries and general elections to register a vote against the big money candidates and to create and demonstrate demand for small donor candidates in future elections.

If we start now we can begin to have an effect in the 2024 congressional elections with as little as 10% of the vote nationally. As more citizens participate in 2026 and 2028 it will become even more effective and yield greater progress in getting the big money out of politics.

Or we can wait another several decades for the big money legislators to get the big money out of politics with legislation that they have no intention of passing in those decades.

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A lot of Politics in this show. WITHOUT MENTIONG IRAN and their involvement and treating Oct. 7th like a normal act of War is wrong. #Peace

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It's that Wish I Was a Rothschild song and dance Jewish First thing. Not one Jew USA politician has called for a cease fire.

Blinken is emblematic of Ivy League Rabbi Assisted education.

Bomb babies? Let's shoot rabid dogs.

Blinken first? Hmmm. Thought experiment.

Arab leaders on Saturday urged an immediate ceasefire in Israel's military offensive in Gaza, pressing U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken to convince Israel, but the top U.S. diplomat said such a halt right now would only allow Palestinian militant group Hamas to regroup and attack Israel again.

In a rare public disagreement at a news conference in Amman, foreign ministers of Jordan and Egypt, standing alongside Blinken, repeatedly pushed for a cessation of hostilities, saying the death of thousands of civilians could not be justified as self-defense.

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As always, thanks for the evidence/law based discussion regarding the Israel/Palestine disaster. I have a question I wish Colonel Wilkerson would have addressed. Specifically:

To make Hamas ineffective now and forever, can't Israel simply takeover Gaza with its overwhelming military capabilities and root Hamas out without carpet bombing and killing untold thousands of innocent people?

If there is no military basis or justification for leveling Gaza then it is clear Israel's leaders' only motive is to make Gaza uninhabitable forever--killing those who can't or won't leave. There is an historical name given to such a strategy.

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Genocide tax? The Jews in Israel, many of them, want a real nuclear bomb dropped. And,

Israel Defense Forces spokesman Daniel Hagari says, "The IDF will attack Hamas in any buildings, even hospitals, and is also ready to strike throughout the Middle East against any threat to the country's security."

So there goes Ralph's fami8ly's homeland: Mount Lebanon and the Beqaa Valley in Southeastern Lebanon.

Are you going to get angry, Ralph?

How about getting EI on: Asa Winstanley; Ali Abunimah, Tamara Nassar ??? John ELmer?



When are you going to get angry, Ralph, because measured lawyerly crap is what has gotten us into this dirty Capitalist Empire of Lies, Chaos, Hell, Destruction, Propaganda and Death!

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Try Mike Jones for your Beltway Show -- He's an ex Brit in DOnbass:

Here you go --


How about Brian and Angelo?

The New Atlas LIVE: US Prepares for Major Middle East Conflict as Global Power Wanes



Carl Zha?



Eva Bartlett?

“They´re trying to silence any voices”



Ben Norton?



Ralph Nader and his Crew need to GET INTO THE 21st Centure and mix it up with young people working hard. All the mainstream pundits and the publised New York or East Coast based authors?


MARWA OSMAN - Yemen's Willing Sacrifice for Palestine? Interview HER.



Nah, I'm not telling you and your producers to do something beyond your control.

Later, Haeder


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I don't particularly notice many "political cartoons" but a recent one by Mike Luckovitch rerun in Long Island Newsday (pg. A17) from the original, "The Atlanta Journal-Constitution", captures an essence of what 's wrong with it ALL...even to my agnostic viewpoint if you will.

I can't copy and paste here but it reads (and hope this is clearly pictured by my word- attempt)

"A Two-Stone Solution"

Moses holding "Thou Shalt Not Kill" stone tablet left and "Love Thy Neighbor" tablet in his right.

Not sure if the Newsday link allows non-subscribers to see this at:


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When I was in college, my pregnant girlfriend was bit by a rabid animal. The treatment she received aborted our child.

The Hamas murders should be killed.

Both the Palestinians and the Jews are pawns in the great power game btwn Russia,, China, and the US.

No one past puberty is innocent. If u are Palestinian, and you are not helping Israel kill the slaughters of innocents, you are guilty.

If you are Israeli and you can’t tell the difference between murderers and innocent civilians, you are guilty.

All the rest is bullshit.

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end Israel

free Palestine

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