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Here, what elections should mean to Americanos. Hero.

“It’s beyond doubt that the world has raised its voice. The world has condemned what the Zionist entity is doing, and not a single politician in a position of authority has lifted a finger to stop it,” educator, writer and essayist Steven Salaita says.

Salaita, who now lives in Cairo, Egypt, spoke with me about moral clarity and the emboldening of political principles as Israel’s genocide of Palestinians in Gaza nears its five-month mark.


“And in fact, rather than stopping it, they have aided it and abetted it and funded it and justified it. So we have to be serious now. Where does that leave us? What options do we have?” Salaita continued.



“I don’t have the answers at the moment. A lot of answers are emerging and will continue to emerge from Gaza itself, but I do know where we cannot look anymore.”

Salaita is the author of eight books, including Uncivil Rites and Inter/Nationalism: Decolonizing Native America and Palestine.

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