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Rest In Power, Sid.

Ralph talked about prevention. Sounds like Sid was a big proponent of prevention.

Nothing does more for prevention than a whole food plant based lifestyle.

It'll be a great day in our country when processed food, meat, and dairy is heavily taxed and fresh fruit, plants, vegetables, and whole foods are heavily subsidized.

It'll be a great day in our country when entrepreneurs are given tax credits for bringing whole food plant based living to people. In particular, areas of the country such as the south where people are in the poorest health.

Speaking of the south. North Carolina and Mississippi and other red states are full of poultry and pork industrial farms. These operations use heavy amounts of chemicals that they dump into the atmosphere and waterways. They get away with it because red states don't believe in regulations. When it rains in these states, it literally rains down chemicals on citizens. It's criminal.

Just like Gaza, Americans have been lied to about food and health for years. Generations. Americans have been told meat is good for them. Or the famous dairy commercial, "Got Milk"? Someone should put out a commercial called "Got Evidence"?

Ever notice when you go into a gas station (where are really just junk food dispensaries) much junk food is stacked near the cash register? This should be heavily taxed.

There's a reason why it's against the law to publish critical information of meat operations. It's because the meat industry has bought off the politicians, same as the Israel Lobby has done.

Or go into a hospital cafeteria to see how much junk food is sold and cooked. The hospitals are getting paid to fix your health problem, and to create new health problems. Hospitals are where you go to die. Live your life to avoid them.

It'll be a great day when I can upload my BMI, height, weight, and vitals to get a discount on my health insurance.

I believe the annual cost of lifestyle disease is over $1 trillion now. Experts have estimated that this annual cost could be cut by 60% with whole food plant based living.

I believe more than half of the American population is now obese, defined as their BMI is 30+. Big food is literally killing Americans.

Here's to hoping Ralph does more podcasts on this. In the name of Sid.

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Thank you for the program referencing antimicrobial resistance. This should be something that should be stressed since the country has gone through an economic debilitating pandemic, now down graded to endemic status.

To aid in this endeavor the CDC has required many hospitals to have an antimicrobial stewardship. It is required by the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America, Infectious Disease Society of America. And it seems rural based hospitals may not have enough funding for this on site and fall between the cracks, and if it can be done onsite they should do it remotely via telemedicine, still falls between the cracks

The antibiotic stewardship consensus paper goals/ guidelines are:

1. Reduce Clostridium Difficile infections

2. Reduce rates of antibiotic suscetibility to specific antibiotic therapy

3. Patient outcomes which should also include monitoring/ maintenance

4. Reduce health disparities/ inequity

The antibiotic stewardship states:

1. We can’t rely on didactic training only

2. Doctors require pre authorization for antibiotics/ audits

3. Faculty specific guidelines for clinical practice

4. Stewardship should target specific infections

5. AIDS in dosing, duration, routes of administration

These antimicrobial stewardship are important due to rates of gram negative infections such pseudomonas aeruginosa in the inpatient units, not to mention MRSA horrors



Infectious disease society of America

It is encouraging to hear about folks that see the actual picture and not the ignorance many choose to respond to.

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This was a very good tribute and good program. I would wish that many medical schools would enlighten their curricula with. public interest physicians as a career pathway and recognize achievements/possibilities of Dr. Sidney Wolfe. He definitely has encouraged me in this field via this program.

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More on Dr. Wolf


Note there are 3 other episodes available on this site (right side bar)

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As a disillusioned RN it was wonderful hearing about this exceptional heroic doctor who took the do no harm mandate to heart.

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Excellent program as usual. Unfortunately the pharmaceutical companies have hijacked the healthcare system which looks a lot more like sickcare to me. Statins have proven to be largely ineffective with many nasty side effects, just one example of poor health protocols that many doctors are made to recommend. https://johnmandrola.substack.com/p/why-i-changed-my-mind-about-preventing


Let's not forget that Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said that our foods should be our medicines, not highly profitable, powerful drugs where natural health and healing are hijacked to treat the symptoms for quick results. Americans are largely overweight and prone to lifestyle diseases.

Still I have not seen this substack site address the alarming signals that the covid vaccines have been showing in many studies and much statistical data that has been coming out. Here is a summary by the inventor of the optical mouse: https://kirschsubstack.com/p/a-summary-of-the-evidence-against

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