I am not surprised that the big money gambling and tech industries use their influence to make sure the big money legislators do not pass legislation to kill the golden goose. This is the same with almost every issue you discuss.

But summoning big money legislators to be grilled at town halls that they will not show up to, letter writing campaigns or protests are very much like the gamblers that are betting on plays that have already happened- you've already lost before you make the bet because the big money legislators have already taken big money to get elected and want more big money to get elected again.

In order to take the fight to the next level we need to demand that candidates do not take big money and enforce that demand with our vote.

If we start in 2024 we can begin to replace the big money legislators with small donor legislators in a few election cycles and be able to pass the legislation that the big money interests currently prevent from getting passed and/or enforced.

Or we can keep repeating the same mistakes getting nowhere making bets that have already lost.

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On 100th day of Gaza genocide: 100,000 Palestinians killed, missing or wounded


And Joe Biden is as responsible for this slaughter as are Netanyahu and his gang of thugs. They should be all arrested and thrown into a prison for the rest of their lives for crimes against humanity.

How proud they all must be for killing 92% civilians, starving 2.3 million (half of whom are children) to the brink of death, depriving little children of homes to live in and beds to sleep in, forcing 2 million people out of their homes to live in the streets, seeing people amputated or women undergoing cesareans without anesthesia, killing entire generations of families, and best of all shooting people dead waving white flags on the spot or blowing them up in camps and shelters without warning.

Any Christian who does not condemn this atrocity is in my eyes is a disciple of Satan, not of Jesus, whether that people professes allegiance or not. How can anyone who claims to believe in Christ and his teachings of peace and love condone a genocide? This is exactly the opposite of what he stood for and the opposite of Jesus is Satan.

Netanyahu and his band of gangsters are the personification of pure evil. No one should help or follow them for fear of losing his or her soul.

Geneva - About 100,000 Palestinians have been killed, reported missing, or wounded since 7 October 2023 due to Israel’s ongoing genocide in the Gaza Strip, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said in a statement on Saturday, noting that the number includes those who now have long-term disabilities.

A total of 31,497 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have been killed as of today, 13 January 2024, Euro-Med Monitor estimated.

Of those killed in the Israeli air and artillery attacks on the Strip, 28,951 (92%) were civilians, including 12,345 children, 6,471 women, 295 health personnel, 41 civil defense personnel, and 113 journalists. Meanwhile, 61,079 individuals have been injured, hundreds of them critically.

The Euro-Med Monitor team further reported that about 1.955 million Palestinians, approximately 85% of the total population of the Strip, have been displaced from their homes and residential areas amid a lack of safe shelters, as 69,700 housing units have been completely destroyed and 187,300 housing units have been partially damaged.

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Which countries back South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at ICJ?


But not a single European country except for Albania, nor any North and Central American country, nor any Anglo-Saxon country like Australia and New Zealand.

That's because the United States controls all those countries economically, politically, culturally and especially militarily through our military bases around the world and NATO. They don't dare challenge us on anything. When was the last time you saw that?

Yeah, the "free world" of superior "values." Right...

Oh, and funny how there is practically no news about the case which has started today. I wonder why...

See below for a chart detailing the differences between the International Court of Justice and the International

Criminal Court.

Plus there's a map of the countries of the world that have signed and ratified the Genocide Convention (153 in total of which Israel is a signatory). The Genocide Convention was the first human rights treaty adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 9th,1948.

Here’s what we know about the countries backing South Africa in its case against Israel, and the countries that oppose the case at the world court.

Which countries have welcomed South Africa’s ICJ case against Israel?

The Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC): The 57-member bloc, which includes Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and Morocco, voiced their support for the case on December 30.

Malaysia: In a statement released on January 2, the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the South African application. It reiterated a call for an independent Palestinian state “based on the pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital”.

Turkey: Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Oncu Keceli posted on X on January 3 welcoming South Africa’s move.

Jordan: Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said on January 4 that Amman would back South Africa.

Bolivia: On Sunday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia dubbed South Africa’s move as historic, becoming the first Latin American country to back the ICJ case against Israel.

The Maldives, Namibia and Pakistan: The three countries expressed support for the genocide case filed by South Africa during a UN General Assembly session on Tuesday.

The Arab League: The 22-member alliance also affirmed its support for the South African case on Wednesday in an X post made by Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul-Gheit.

Colombia and Brazil: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia and Brazil expressed the country’s support in individual press releases on Wednesday.

Besides countries, many advocacy groups and civil society groups worldwide have also joined South Africa’s call. These include Terreiro Pindorama in Brazil, Asociacion Nacional de Amistad Italia-Cuba in Italy, and Collectif Judeo Arabe et Citoyen pour la Palestine in France, reported independent outlet Common Dreams.

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I remember when gambling was being debated in the 1970s in Connecticut and there were many concerns back then of the social consequences.

On the continuing Gaza genocide, you just have to watch the South African presentation at the International Court of Justice to be aware of how sleazy the Israeli are with their unfounded assertions. The South African case is far more convincing and evidence based.

Is this any different from what the Nazis did to them?

If you put these IDF soldiers in Nazi uniforms, it would seem quite familiar. People would accept these videos then as fact in a second.

But because Palestinians have been characterized by Israelis and by many Americans as sub-human monsters, these Nazi-style summary executions are acceptable.

History will judge this country extremely harshly and condemn us for fueling this never ending gruesome mass murder and genocide.

And by the way, where the heck is the Catholic Church in all this? The pope just issues a few lukewarm statements asking Israel to stop (except when Catholics in Israel are killed) and that's it? This silence from the Church, along with all the other scandals of the recent past, should invalidate it as a legitimate religious organization.


This is the culture of Israeli internet geeks who are given the sadistic power, uniforms, guns to act with impunity against the defenseless.


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I want to thank the RNRH for discussing the topic of ‘Big Gambling’. Many progressive outlets refuse to discuss this topic so it is good that Mr. Nader is keeping this issue on the radar. That said, I have a major criticism of the way Mr. Nader attacks this problem, but I’ll return to that point later.

Here in Texas, the Texas Lottery was implemented and supported with great rigor by the last Democratic Party governor we had, Ann Richards. The idea used to support the Texas Lottery was that the Lottery would support Texas public education. The Texas House voted against continued authorization of the Lottery about a decade ago before the House reversed their decision. At the time, some Republican members of the Texas House correctly deemed the Lottery to be a predatory tax against the most vulnerable, but Texas Democrats and some Republicans kept pushing the narrative that there’s no alternative to funding state programs without tax increases or the Lottery. Of course, the Lottery is a tax on the most vulnerable and the social harm of gambling is a social tax on society.

One legitimate way to counter that argument is to show the ineffectiveness in using gambling as from of government financing and then promote a more progressive state-level tax. The most legitimate counterargument to that, however, is to push the federal government to increase federal grants given to states for the sake of funding education, infrastructure, healthcare, and other important sectors of state governments. As a currency issuer, the federal government can easily help states meet their policy objectives without imposing destructive policies promoting gambling, environmental destruction, alcohol/tobacco, speculation, or any other harmful activities just for the sake of generating local taxable income.

This is where Mr. Nader often fails in his arguments. Mr. Nader is correct in discussing the social harms of gambling, and I’m grateful for that, but he then offers nothing to counter the biggest reason why the public allows ‘Big Gambling’ to grow. Mr. Nader does not give the public an accurate argument against the inaccurate, but widely accepted public belief that these ‘sin taxes’ are necessary to fund the government programs which the public demands such as public education. Politicians support ‘Big Gambling’ with claims about how it’ll fund so much when that would be entirely unnecessary with increased federal spending through informed macroeconomic policy.

Anyway, progressives need to understand that just because certain religious groups oppose gambling (though religious resistance to gambling is fading as mentioned by Mr. Nader), that is not a reason to promote the deregulation of gambling. The same is also true with the deregulation of narcotics. We need to understand the social harms caused by these activities and craft regulation, if not an outright ban, accordingly. As opposed to what we hear so often from politicians and corporate lobbyists, there is absolutely no economic justification for keeping these activities around for the sake of funding government.

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This started with the electronic slot machines where the casinos used programming to adjust wins dynamically to hook players. This same approach was easy to duplicate with online gaming. This is addiction by design and should be illegal. But need to address the electronic slot machines as well.

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The Boeing 737 Max is proof of FAA safety deferred is public safety denied. Why does the 737 Max still have a cockpit crew alerting system that is based on safety standards of the late 1970's? The 737 Max is the only new passenger airline without a basic engine indicator & crew alerting system (EICAS). REF: https://simpleflying.com/boeing-737-max-10-alerting-system-changes/

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I never regarded the RIOT at the Capital to be anything more than a riot. Insurrection suggests the attempted overthrow of the government. That was never actually threatened. It never came close. Trump breaks the law with regularity. The problem with Congress is that they also break the law with regularity. The investment practices by both parties are just one example of the lack of respect in the law shown by Congress and the President. They are all sleazy and deceptive. The fact is the overthrowing of the government has already shaken place, via corporate donations, gifts, and job offers. Congress and the presidency are complete sleaze-fests. We are not a democracy, we are an oligarchic state run by the wealthy. Sometime various oligarchs compete over their dominance of the US Empire. The US corporate media pretends this is a dispute over democracy (pause for sardonic laughter). Ralph Nader believes the key is to kick Congress in the butt thru various means. Meanwhile Congress is building bulwarks against their own constituents. Cementing their bondage to the corporate media and the very very wealthy. The level of corruption in our country is mind boggling. Overwhelming perhaps…. The People of our country are far more decent human beings than our so called “leaders”.

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Is it Genocide to defend your county against an enemy which is Not the Palestinian people but Hamas who's aim is to destroy your Country and still has hostages from all countries.

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