I love Francesco DeSantis' wrap up on these posts. This one were all bulls-eyes. I have comments to some of these.

Item 3. Israeli arrogance on display, yet again. Hey, they don't even have a written constitution.

Item 4. The do-nothing GOP majority Congress thinks there's foreign funding to protesters. This tactic is as old as the hills in America. How do they get this funding? By Zelle, Venmo,, or Cashapp? Seriously, it is inconceivable to them that they oppose US foreign policy decisions or is it that they themselves are funded by foreign governments and agents? (Dark money Super PACs). It's classic GOP projection--we would take foreign funds, why wouldn't the protesters.

Item 8. Another reason to regulate corporations and industries. When they have carte blanche they break laws and end up killing people without consequence.

Keep up the good work.

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Ralph frequently points out that it only takes 1% of citizens to make a difference and facilitate change. I believe he made the same comment during the conversation with Mr. Fein during during the discussion about the conditions in Gaza. But, perhaps Ralph was a bit remiss by not acknowledging what's taking place on college campuses across the country. According to a report in the May 29th episode of "Project Censored," the majority of 18 - 29 year olds believe genocide is taking place in Gaza and are actively protesting against thise actions. They do so even under heavy repression, with some 2800 plus arrests for peaceful protests on their own campuses. They deserve our support and recognition for their efforts.

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I have a long term friend who has been in the health food and organic farming field for all his life who is living on a farm with a pre-1800 house in Old Lyme with peeling paint inside. He has the rusting carcasses of Corvairs in the back yard. I've told Sam he needs to get tested for lead contamination. We were doing a flooring removal job in Niantic which clearly had the old toxic flooring from the 50s or so. We used the usual toxic chemicals and torches to get the flooring up with a heavily ventilated room. Not good, would not have helped with a job like that again.

Clearly all the toxins in our environment need to be taken quite seriously. It is hard to get the body rid of lead and other toxic things, though chelation therapy has been tried. Organic free range eggs and cilantro helps with the sulphur advantageous to bind up with toxins for excretion.

On the Israel/Palestinian situation we are reaching critical levels of denial from many politicians, even European leaders still are supporting the Netanyahu regime. We need to be contacting our politicians weekly especially as micro-minded House Speaker Mike Johnson is looking to get Netanyahu to speak in a joint session of the Congress.

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To Mr. Fein. Why can't We The People bring charges of GENOCIDE and War Crimes against the 535 Zionist Nazi politicians and Biden so they can be brought to the Hague for trial!?

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May 25·edited May 25

I hope he gives an answer to a great question. Add Blinken, Austin and Linda Thomas-Greenfield to the list.

Former ICC prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo, has stated that the US, and those listed, could be prosecuted for genocide by the ICC "if" the crimes against humanity are "proven". The same way the izzies and Hamas are.

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Likely answer is the Court rule that citizens dont have "standing" to sue - see the enabling statute or applicable laws re who can sue or bring actions to enforce.

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Why is it that your guests have to work so hard for fifty years to make incremental progress on such important issues and Biden and the Congress give Israel unconditional support without making any demands? It is because when the politicians do these things we keep voting for them anyway.

As Ralph and many guests over the years have pointed out the big money politicians do these things because they are controlled by the big money interests that finance their campaigns.

As 80% of citizens want the big money out of politics it seems that Ralph could help organize his 1% of citizens in a congressional district to demand that politicians do not take big money and enforce that demand with our votes rather than continue to give our votes to big money politicians without making any demands.

Just 10% of voters casting a write-in vote in their congressional election in 2024 to register a vote against the big money candidates on the ballot and to create and demonstrate demand for small donor candidates in 2026 could change the dynamic for 2026 and could be a major step in beginning the process of getting big money out of our political process.

In a gerrymandered district that has for decades been about 60-40 for one party is again 60-40 for that party in 2024, it will again be 60-40 in 2026. But with 10% nationally casting a write in vote in 2024 demanding small donor candidates in 2026 there will be some districts below that 10% and some districts above the 10% at 12-15%.

If a district that has been 60-40% were to instead be 55-30% with 12-15% casting a write in vote in 2024 then it could inspire some candidates to run in the primaries in that district in 2026 as a small donor candidate. In a district gerrymandered for one party the other party can often get only 8-10% of general election voters to vote for them in the primaries. A small donor candidate that could get the 12-15% of 2024 general election voters to vote for them in the primary in 2026 could defeat the token big money candidate and make the general election in 2026 a 50-50 race instead of the foregone gerrymandered conclusion.

Just a few of these elections in 2026 making gerrymandered districts competitive with some of them being won by small donor candidates could get more citizens and candidates to participate in 2028.

Ralph has also said that politicians want our votes more than big money.

When, Ralph, are you going to lead citizens in demanding that politicians do not take big money and put your statement to the test by enforcing that demand with our votes?

Think of how much easier it would make it for the Captains of Conscience to achieve their/our goals if they were not having to spend the next fifty years banging their heads against the brick wall of politicians controlled by big money whose job it is to thwart the Captains efforts.

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Wish KB spoke about Net-metering.

No such plans is offered in Texas except to those who installed their panels through one specific panel providers.

Most if not all people here don’t even know what global warming/boiling/catastrophe is.

Without financial motivation, there is no motivation for the largely apathetic people to invest in solar panels.

Not sure what KB meant talking about 7-year break-even point. It costed me 35K (after tax incentive). ON TOP of this, my panels make more than what I use. The excess goes to the Grid. I don't get anything for it. I am conservative (80o room temp). No neighbor wants to listen to me.


with 100 tariff it appears there would be no chance of getting Chinese made EVs.

About 80% of solar panels in US come from China. Hope the scum govt. don't interfere here..

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Ralph RALPH any info on the BDS movement urgent call for action #blocktheboat ?

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Ralph have you heard Richard Medhurst reveal "What's His Real Name??" How Israel Prime Minister's changed their names. It's on YT

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“In case you haven’t heard” about the death of President Raisi….really??? Who could have missed that - Someone who just returned from their vacation on Mars?? That story, like every other incident in the region (no matter how insignificant) was plastered all over every media outlet on THIS planet! A segment like that on the RNRH should not waste its limited time on such a mainstream story. Would it be included in this years edition of “Project Censored”, for example? THOSE are the kind of stories that should be covered.

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Speaking of Ralph’s favorite company Boeing, I can’t believe he hasn’t commented on the recent approval of Calhoun’s massive pay package, to say nothing of his retention on the Board of Directors. I’m sure he didn’t miss it. He’s all over Tim Cook about his hourly pay, but not a peep about this? What’s more, just today yet another potential safety issue was reported.

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Thanks, Ralph, for total honesty and compassion. Dave Pi 3.14

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