Any thoughts on how we can at the very least

Obstruct this frightening action against people?

Only Yemen and South Africa are doing anything measurable. It appears there’s no help for them.

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Biden always talks one way but in terms of action he creates situations in which he appears to be engaging progressive action but is really bound to fail. Biden is a conservative asshole owned by the banks and corporations. He hates progressive policies. He only bends when he’s forced and he’s a proven liar. And now he’s Genocide Joe, killing, without congressional (spineless greedy illegitimate cowards) oversight. My Senator Cantwell got $200,000+ from Israel.

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Can a legal case be brought by individuals against these organizations so they at least receive damages? Precedent election workers who sued Trump?

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Great “platform” Ralph.

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Latest Euro-Med stats: 32,246 killed (12,660 children), 62,634 injured


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Excellent program as usual!

Mexico, Chile refer Israel-Hamas conflict to ICC over potential crimes



Israel is losing more and more in the court of international opinion. More and more countries are breaking through the powerful Israel lobby and doing the right thing.

When a critical mass is reached, you will see Israel's support around the world crumble like a house of cards in a stiff breeze. That will necessarily happen as more and more innocent children die from bombings and starvation.

Israel is too hellbent on revenge to stop now or provide safety and nourishment for those children.

The worst will be when it is found that 335,000 Gazaan children under the age of 5 have permanent stunted growth and mental retardation from lack of food and water, if they somehow even manage to stay alive. Then the entire world gangs up on Israel.

I hope at that point Biden and Blinken are indicted for war crimes as well.

Instigate, inflame, antagonize.

Biden has a perfect record when it comes to foreign policy: total failure.

He has inflamed the world to such a point that there is constant talk about World War III. He has fed our war machine with a budget the likes of which the world has never seen instead of finding shelter for our homeless.

It's a parlor game now to guess where it will start. It could start almost anywhere: in the Middle East, in Europe, or in Taiwan. It might even start in the Arctic.

This old man, he plays war

He plays war on his guitar

With a knick knack pattywack, give a dog a bone

This old man plays war guitar

Once when asked about whether the US could fight 2 wars simultaneously in Ukraine and Gaza, the old buzzard beat his chest and this is what happened:


President Biden in a new interview dismissed the idea that the United States could not simultaneously support Israel in its war against Hamas and Ukraine in its war against Russia.

“We’re the United States of America for God’s sake, the most powerful nation in the history — not in the world, in the history of the world,” Biden said in a “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday. “We can take care of both of these and still maintain our overall international defense.”

So, that's the essence of his foreign policy:

"We’re the United States of America for God’s sake!"

In other words, "Get out of the way of the USA, you peasants, God damn it! Here we come whether you like it or not!"

Have you seen him once negotiate anything close to a peace treaty on the world stage? Negotiate? Diplomacy? Those are not in his vocabulary.

And Trump was worse? Really? How?

Remember when they were saying we had to make sure Trump would not be re-elected because otherwise he'd start lots of wars? They never told us that their man would start lots more.

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Using the control and distribution of weapons of war (and security systems) as a function of the State Department, and a useful tool of foreign policy and diplomacy, and then (edit: lumping instead of equating) equating that with economic assistance? Josh Paul may be against the genocide, but certainly seems just as eager, as he was when he joined the State Department, to continue arming and monetarily supporting the ethnic cleansing Zionists.

It should be renamed the "War Department".

Biden is not pursuing any other options, except to support Israel, is because he is Genocide Joe, the immoral, murdering maniac.

With regard to a wider escalation in the region, I understand Syria has had two successful missile strikes on Haifa! Iron Dome, or Iron Dumb? Kudos to Syria.

James Bamford is always spot on! A perfect example of Israeli spies getting away with being foreign agents is; AIPAC. An unregistered foreign agent of Israel. A foreign agent that controls most of our government and institutions, and most of the same ones in other countries around the world.

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Good for you Ralph Nader: Calling it like it is... the State Department has long been a arm of the Pentagon. The Biden administration is culpable in underwriting these atrocities in the Gaza Strip. There was a time when protest had an effect on Congress and the executive.: That time has long since past. To listen a person or institution must have ears and a conscience. Lots of US munitions for Israel mean lots of money for the weapons’ manufacturers. Israel is no longer at war against only Hamas, but now they’re at war against Hamas and the Palestinian people. In terms of the influence of agencies, inside or outside the US, in gathering information on those who dissent and those who protest this policy of attempted genocide, it seems to be a lost cause. They, the agencies, know everything about “us” and we know almost nothing of the information they gather.

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In this podcast you repeated over and over again statements like Israel's war on "Hamas" and how did "Hamas" get access to all of those arms, etc. This is very problematic. Just as you often admonish readers and listeners to say "Climate Crisis" instead of the watered down Bush era spin phrase "Climate Change" it is equally important to use unambiguous language when we describe Israel's war on Gaza, the Palestinian people and Lebanon (and Syria, Iran, etc.)

Whenever we make statements that Israel's war is on "Hamas" or "Hezbollah" rather than on Gaza or Lebanon we make two key mistakes.

1) We disappear the fact that the people in Gaza and Lebanon have *chosen* their leaders and *want* those leaders to resist Israel. (In the case of Gaza this was clearly in a democratic election certified as legitimate by the Carter Center.) In memory-holing the Gazan and Lebanese people as "Hamas" or "Hezbollah" we take away their agency as states, and as people, to stand up for themselves and to *own* their resistance, and we instead 'other' them and their leaders as "outsiders" and even "terrorists" in much the same way that Black Lives Matter organizers are often falsely accused of being "outsiders" who do not represent the community - so that Mayors and police can justify criminalizing, attacking and jailing them.

2) When we enable Israel and the US to continue framing the narrative as one of their nations fighting "stateless" "terrorists" and "aggressors" (recall the Bush era term "enemy combatants") we provide the Israeli and US executive branches with legal gray-area plausibility to go to war *without* votes of congress because they can pretend that they are only engaging in "police actions" against "terrorists".

This is all precisely mirrored for the very same purposes in the new messaging mantra of the US and EU in the conflict over Red Sea access, by a constant repetition that they are fighting "Iran backed" "Houthis" and "pirates" when what the US and EU are actually doing is attacking the people of *Yemen* who have bravely stood up to take action against Israel's genocide on the Palestinians.

And the constant refrain to "Iran backed" "Hezbollah" has the same purpose as well - to 'other' brave people of Lebanon standing up against Israel, as if they are merely pawns of Iran and its supposed "backing of terrorism".

Just as with the climate narrative, it is crucial that we properly frame the public discussion about Palestine, and of the Israel/US/EU war on the entire region, as being about an Israeli and Western war on Palestinians, Yemen, Lebanon, and Syria, not as a pseudo-heroic mythological tale of the "civilized" West vs "terrorists" and "barbarians".

Here's a substack with more background that I recently published raising this case around the Gazan resistance.

It's Gaza, not Hamas: The Phrase "Israel's War with Hamas" Denies That Israel's War Is On Gaza & Denies The Gazans' Right To Choose Their Own Leaders & Destiny


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Khan Younis besieged as Netanyahu calls for the “eradication of the new Nazis”


How many horrific crimes against little children in Gaza have to be committed before the international community arrests the psychotic mass murderer Netanyahu?

Israel focused its genocidal assault in Gaza on the southern city of Khan Younis Wednesday, as leading Israeli officials promised no let-up in the slaughter.

The Israel Defense Forces encircled the city on Tuesday and demanded the evacuation of a swathe of its crowded downtown area, including the main Nasser and two smaller hospitals and housing 88,000 residents plus 425,000 already displaced people.

This criminal order, requiring more than half a million people to leave in a matter of hours with nowhere to go, was intended to justify the mass killings of civilians.

United Nations (UN) humanitarian relief chief Martin Griffiths commented that the IDF was “Ordering trapped people to evacuate and bombing them before they can even do so”.

Al Jazeera journalist Hani Mahmoud explained the situation on the ground: “No one can get out of that area. Anyone who tries to leave risks losing their life as there is constant shelling and attacks by land and by air.”

Many of those who did try to flee were fired upon by IDF forces, including by tanks and attack drones.

Reporting from Rafah and interviewing those who had managed to escape, Tareq Abu Azzoum said they described “Israeli military tanks surrounding them, opening fire against residents.”

Inside Khan Younis, the IDF continued its filthy war crimes. In one incident, Israeli artillery struck a UN training centre sheltering 800 people, causing a large fire, killing at least nine people and injuring at least 75. There was no prior warning of the attack.

A UN official told Al Jazeera, “People are screaming, crying, asking for help.” He explained that he and his team had not been able to reach the compound for two days previously due to the fighting and because a “safe route” agreed with the IDF had been blocked by an earth bank.

Head of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees Philippe Lazzarini said the death toll was “likely higher” and accused Israel of “a blatant disregard of basic rules of war,” noting that “The compound is a clearly marked UN facility and its coordinates were shared with Israeli Authorities.”

An earlier attack on a school, also serving as a shelter, reportedly killed eight people, with Al Jazeera writing, “The intensity of the bombing prevented the ambulance and paramedics from getting to the school.”

The horrifying scale of the destruction throughout Gaza was described in a joint statement released by 16 human rights, aid and refugee organisations, calling on UN member states to “stop fueling the crisis in Gaza and avert further humanitarian catastrophe and loss of civilian life.”

They explained, “Israel’s bombardment and siege are depriving the civilian population of the basics to survive and rendering Gaza uninhabitable. Today, the civilian population in Gaza faces a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented severity and scale…

“Gaza’s remaining lifeline—an internationally-funded humanitarian aid response—has been paralysed by the intensity of the hostilities, which have included the shooting of aid convoys, recurrent communications blackouts, damaged roads, restrictions on essential supplies, an almost complete ban on commercial supplies, and a bureaucratic process to send aid into Gaza.”

Two-thirds of Gaza’s population, 1.5 million people, have now been corralled, as planned, into a massive tent city centred on Rafah, on the border with Egypt—ready to be pushed into the Sinai desert or ravaged by hunger and disease.

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It is clear to me that the Internet has become a major weapon of war against a majority Americans and against their government’s obligations and ability to protect American citizens from hostile attacks by foreign entities like we are presently experiencing by Israel as revealed by its trolls, tracking, surveilling, doxing, and blacklisting of American students, professors, and university presidents, and literally destroying them by effectively and illegally neutralizing of their Constitutional Rights, resulting in a kind of social marginalization modality of murder, with an accompanying component of the torture of “living death, “ something of which we should all know, in as much as this nation universally perpetrated this kind of torture during our years of slavery,

This will be an easy problem to solve when Joe Biden figures out that the Gangster Mass Murderer Netanyahu is not President of the United States, that Biden is, and that, therefore, he really doesn’t have to coordinate Netanyahu’s genocidal crimes against Palestinians in Gaza or the West Bank, nor allow Netanyahu’s war crimes of the marginalization murder against Americans because they are dead set against Coup d’ Etat, U.S President Netanyahu’s Coordinator Biden, illegally commandeering their taxes and put to energizing Gangster Prez N’s Palestinian meat grinder.

Can’t we all get Kurtz’ “The Horror, The Horror” out of our cannibalism capitalism’s genocidal Heart of Darkness? Are we all going to end up in something like this World’s Largest Children and Parents Cemetery of smoke and rubble because we all can’t simply get along?

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38:10, Josh Paul:

"i have been fortunate, in that respect, you know in a time when there is a lot of censorship around this issue, to have been given a voice by the media. and i think part of the reason for that is what I look like, right?

I think, you know, I am a middle-aged white guy who is therefore able to say things and to speak about truth that many people who do not look like me would be shouted down for."

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Israel kills dozens of academics, destroys every university in the Gaza Strip


Because schooling will "help Hamas" - the all-purpose excuse for every kind of mass murder and war crime.

That along with the ubiquitous "We have a right to protect ourselves."

A right which apparently includes starving one million children to death - gotta make sure they don't grow up to be a threat in the next 10 years.

Geneva - The Israeli army has killed 94 university professors, along with hundreds of teachers and thousands of students, as part of its genocidal war against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, ongoing since 7 October 2023, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said in a statement issued on Saturday.

When the Nazis took over Poland, they went out of their way to make sure to kill all the university professors, all school teachers and anyone with a university degree.

When the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia, they killed anyone with ANY education even if they could only read and write. Many people threw away their glasses for fear their poor eyesight would be considered a sign of book learning.

And now this. Nice club to belong to.

According to Euro-Med Monitor, the Israeli army has targeted academic, scientific, and intellectual figures in the Strip in deliberate and specific air raids on their homes without prior notice. Those targeted have been crushed to death beneath the rubble, along with members of their families and other displaced families.

Those targeted include 17 individuals who held professor degrees, 59 who held doctoral degrees, and 18 who held master’s degrees, the rights group stated.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Education, 4,327 students have been killed and 7,819 others injured, while 231 teachers and administrators have been killed and 756 injured during the ongoing attacks.

The targeted academics studied and taught across a variety of academic disciplines, and many of their ideas served as cornerstones of academic research in the Gaza Strip’s universities.

Meanwhile, 281 state-run schools and 65 UNRWA-run schools in the Gaza Strip have been completely or partially destroyed.

Ninety per cent of state-run schools have been subjected to direct or indirect damage, and about 29% of school buildings remain out of service as a result of their being completely demolished or severely damaged. There are 133 other schools being used as shelter centres in the Strip.

Initial data indicates that there is no justification or clear reason behind the targeting of these people, said the Geneva-based human rights organisation.

The rights group added that given the systematic and widespread destruction by Israeli forces of cultural buildings, including institutions of great historical significance, it is highly likely that Israel is intentionally targeting every aspect of life in Gaza.

Israel systematically destroyed every university in the Gaza Strip in stages over the course of the more than 100-day attack.

The first stage included the bombing of the Islamic and Al-Azhar universities.

The other universities suffered similar assaults; some, like Al-Israa University in southern Gaza, were totally destroyed after initially being used as military barracks.

The Israeli media released a video clip on Wednesday 17 January, capturing Al-Israa’s explosion. The explosion occurred 70 days after the Israeli military transformed the school into barracks and, later, into a temporary detention facility.

According to preliminary estimates, the ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of university students, reported Euro-Med Monitor.

The rights group pointed out that destroying universities and killing academics and students will make it more difficult to resume university and academic life when the genocide ends, saying it may take years for studies to be resumed in an environment that has been completely destroyed.

Israel’s widespread and intentional destruction of Palestinian cultural and historical properties, including universities, schools, libraries, and archives, demonstrates its apparent policy of rendering the Gaza Strip uninhabitable, Euro-Med Monitor warned.

The attacks are creating an environment devoid of basic services and necessities and may eventually force the Strip’s population to emigrate.

Bernie Sanders: Netanyahu tells Biden ‘Screw you’ on Gaza


Netanyahu is pushing Biden around like a little wimp.

Netanyahu controls the US Congress.

Netanyahu controls Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Netanyahu controls all of Europe.

Netanyahu is the most powerful man in the world.

He is your President.

He will ignore the ICJ because the US, Europe and the rest will always back him.

He will ignore the Houthis and let the US bomb them for him.

He will kill one million Gazan children and no one will stop him.

No one can stop that man. And he knows it.

Senate KILLS Bernie's Resolution To Condition Aid To Israel


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Thank you for this interview with James Bamford. His work really helped me as I researched the Tulsa-based Schusterman Foundation, which supports the Israeli campus surveillance that Bamford describes. I discuss the foundation, and the many Zionist organizations it supports, here: https://endlessbook.substack.com/p/the-tulsa-israel-connections

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