Passengers on yet to be certified Boeing Max 7 & 10's can be assured that no 737 Max-8 lessons on improved safety are being upheld as Boeing seeks a Congressional waiver on upgraded cockpit alerting systems to take effect after December 2022. Profits over safety & regulatory capture of the FAA still continue at Boeing. Passenger rights regarding product safety are trashed again.

RE: https://www.seattletimes.com/business/boeing-aerospace/american-airlines-pilots-oppose-faa-extension-for-boeing-demand-upgrade/

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Another problem with the switch to Substack is that all the comments from the previous five years did not get transferred with the episodes from those five years.

While Michael Hudson may be happy that the attack comment he complained about is now gone, it seems the problem has been made worse as the Substack comments are posted immediately without moderation.

It remains to be seen if Substack does any "moderation" on the comments that are not favorable to Substack. This seems counter to what is usually said on the Radio Hour to abrogate moderation to Substack.

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Yes, Glenn, it wasn't a problem until the Nader people switched from their own website to the substack one. The other podcasts that I enjoy all have a download link. I know nothing of cellphone culture and plan to never get one. It seems this is a way to limit the propagation of this program.


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(This comment taken from the Oct. 15 program comments section and then hidden in the Oct. 8 comments section.)

"I only download the program and listen on an mp3 player. I don't use a cell phone. Where is the download link?"

I do not plan to sit at my computer to listen in the entirety hut move around and listen when exercising or when in the car. You should restore download audio links or lose listeners.

Your old direct website link was much better!

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You said the problem is not passing laws- it's passing laws that are strong and enforceable. Your guest said we have the power to spur politicians and businesses to clean up their act.

But when citizens buy into the propaganda by voting for big money candidates that are pretending to try to pass laws that are strong and enforceable and/or only pass laws that are not strong and enforceable the citizens are essentially signing a fine print contract that guarantees they will only get laws that are not strong and enforceable.

The power citizens have to protect ourselves from the predatory businesses and the predatory big money politicians is our votes.

Citizens are consumers of politicians and need to work together to opt out of voting for big money candidates because if you keep voting for big money candidates you will keep getting big money legislators that will only pass laws that are not strong and enforceable if they pass anything at all.

Citizens need to use our votes to vote against the big money candidates by demanding politicians run small donor campaigns to earn our votes. Politicians will not stop taking big money if they take big money and people keep voting for them because the politicians are getting the votes anyway and therefore have no incentive to change their behavior.

10% of citizens voting in 2022 and participating in One Demand by using a write in vote to register a vote against the big money politicians on the ballot to create and demonstrate demand for small donor candidates in 2024 and future elections will begin the process to create the incentive for politicians to stop taking big money to get those votes.

You have often said politicians want our votes more than big money. If you believe that then you should encourage citizens to put your theory into practice by participating in One Demand in 2022.

You could spend the next twenty years as you have spent the last twenty years and the twenty years before that trying to get the big money legislators whose job it is to only pass laws that are not strong and enforceable to pass strong and enforceable laws and end up falling farther behind as has happened over the last twenty years and the twenty years before that or you can begin the process now to replace the big money legislators with small donor legislators that will pass strong and enforceable laws because the small donor legislators will be working for ordinary citizens instead of the big money interests and get strong and enforceable able laws passed in less than ten years.

If you had me on the Radio Hour in 2019 as you said you would on Washington Journal (10-24-2018) we could have had 10% participation in 2020 which could have inspired more citizens to participate in 2022 bringing the participation rate up to 20% in 2022 which could inspire more citizens to participate in 2024 and we could have had 30% or more participation in 2024 making it possible to elect enough small donor candidates in 2024 to pass strong and enforceable laws in 2025 and 2026.

Do you want to be able to have strong enforceable laws passed in 2027, 2028, 2029 and 2030 by applying your theory by encouraging citizens to participate in One Demand in 2022 or do you want to be even farther behind by then by letting this opportunity pass as you did in 2018 and 2020?

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As a long time listener to this show I want to give praise to this new format. It's very simplistic and when you have an older computer and pause the show for a few minuets, my computer would freeze and then I have to restart the the show from the beginning. This does not happen now. I also want to praise Michael Hudson criticism of our federal reserve quantitative easing policy that helped the big banks over small banks, savers and homebuyers.

I I did not know Marta Tellado was CEO of Consumer Reports but as a subscriber for 20 years the magazine is better than ever. Ralph alluded to the difficulty of testing the safety of Airlines. Just want to add Consumer Reports also has the difficulty with Heath Issues. They did a good job on supplements and the quality of condoms' but fell short when it came to Covid-19 policy, especially the CDC policy on Covid-19 for Children. The doctors who signed the Great Barrington Declaration would disagree with the CDC.

In the rap-up section of the show Ralph was spot on with Immigration and with negotiated talks between Russia and Ukraine to prevent WW3.

Steve, I'm would of those voters that voted for Ralph and my vote was not wasted because I would never vote for George W Bush or Al Gore.

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