Your guests spoke the truth that the mass media refuses to acknowledge. This was one of your best programs. Ralph Nader asks the questions and makes the observations that few others dare to ask and state.

Israel is now in a corner that the laws of war, common sense, and ethics have backed them into. How many more inncocent civilians will die before this carnage ends? The US and its belicose president have had the curtain pulled away from them. There’s no place to hide.

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Quoting from Francesco's segment:

"Responding to Summers, Professor Steven Levitsky, who is Jewish, said “Larry Summers…is not representative of a majority of Jews at Harvard,” adding “That guy is batshit crazy — and you can quote me on that.”"

Professor Levitsky's statement there might be the greatest scholarship to ever come out of Harvard University. Here's to hoping that Larry Summers' Zionist views will become as ignored in Washington as his strict monetarist economic views have become in Washington over the last decade or so.

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Looking 4ward to "growing some thick grass" listening to this. (After work Ralph!)


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Ralph - "Cooperation is working together" That's what I got from this radio hour. May I suggest we also cooperatively

boycott.thewitness.news A-Z companies, financial institution's, advertising corporation's who support the Israel Defense Forces ?

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Two days after ICJ ruling, Euro-Med Monitor says Israel has maintained its rate of killing in Gaza


Geneva – Forty-eight hours after the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Israel to take action to stop the crime of genocide against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor stressed that the Israeli army has maintained its rate of killing civilians.

The rights group added that Israel has also ramped up its efforts to starve them as well as forcibly displace them from their homes in the Strip.

Euro-Med Monitor reported that the Israeli army has killed over 373 Palestinians—including 345 civilians—and injured over 643 more since the Court’s ruling.

In defiance of the ruling of the world’s highest court and in violation of its own international obligations, including to international law and principles, Israel persists in committing egregious violations that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, including genocide against the Palestinian people.

Euro-Med Monitor said that the number of aid trucks has dropped from an average of 100 trucks per day (just a few days ago)—which were only providing for less than 10% of the population’s needs—to just 87 in the past two days alone.

This illustrates Israel’s determination to disregard the ICJ ruling, the rights group said.

Nothing, absolutely nothing about this in our pathetic MSM. I wonder why...

"Disregard of the ICJ ruling..." Hmm...

Funny, when I think about it, I remember Israel disregarding every UN resolution too during my entire lifetime. And every human rights organizations on the planet too.

Yep, if there's one thing I've learned over the last 3 months about the current Israeli government, it's that they do whatever the hell they want to do. Especially Netanyahu.

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Not often do I get excited wth those thumb up approval’s. Folks this one I’ve filled my tank with HOPE, my hands gripping the wheel, horn blowing “get the heck out of our way.” Ralph buckle your seatbelt, I have a hunch we’ll be speeding - do you see an option? Genocide = the deliberate killing of a large number of people, with the aim of destroying a group……..

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Hi Ralph - Just listen to Bernie Sanders on YT, his speech " Netanyahu's Government is Starving the Palestinian People". I left a comment "Bernie get yourself onto the Ralph Nader radio talk hour". Hopefully we'll hear from Mr Sanders "grass roots".

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Netnyahu Accuses Israeli Hostage Families Of Aiding Hamas


You've got to hand it to a man in the middle of an out-and-out genocide taking time out to shamelessly smear the very people who are having nervous breakdowns over the safety of their loved ones.

But I guess once a slimeball, always a slimeball.

And treasonous spy Jonathan Pollard said it was the duty of Israelis to keep their mouths shut during war or to have their mouths shut for them...

Well, I guess that accounts for the three young Israelis waving a white flag and talking in Hebrew being shot by their own troops. They should have "kept their mouths shut."

Seems that's what they want to do to us Americans as well: "Shut your mouths or else it's the skunk sprays or losing your job!"

Netanyahu: "Everyone, just shut up! Only I get to talk or else you are Hamas! That includes everyone on Earth. Maybe after total victory you can say something. I'll make that decision!"

Says the man who created and funded Hamas himself.

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Obama’s now steering Genocide Joe’s NaziUkraine / ZioFascist Titanic❓

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❓WTF happened to the Constitutional demand for Chinese Wall SEPARATION between Church and State❓

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95 years of RABIDLY RACIST ETHNIC CLEANSING GENOCIDE~ J. Bowyer Bell’s 1977 St. Martin’s Press Book, TERROR OUT OF ZION:

The Violent and Deadly Shock Troops of Israeli Independence, 1929-1949

cites ZioFascists from 1929-1949 as “the most Violent UnRestrained Terrorists of the Modern Era.”

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Thanks for all the courageous voices on this grave moral issue! It looks like there are more and stronger voices coming out that have an influence.

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