Jan 1, 2022 • 1HR 33M

Play Democracy!

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Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader talks about what’s happening in America, what’s happening around the world, and most importantly what’s happening underneath it all.
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David and Steve spend the hour reviewing the past year with Ralph and discussing what needs to be done for a better 2022. Topics include a potential military threat to democracy, Joe Manchin, plutocracy, Boeing, and Big Pharma. Plus, Ralph answers more of your questions not covered in our live Zoom from two weeks ago.

“The more you get involved the more positive you become. The more you get involved the more expert you become. You want to start learning how to play bridge, you’re not an expert on the first day. But the more expert you are, the more you like to play bridge. Well… play democracy.”

Ralph Nader

[This year, the Democrats] put the Republicans in a position where the Republicans are on the record opposing child financial help… They oppose the rebuilding of America… Republicans are– 100% of them– “No, no, no.” What is exceptionally strange about this is there are no defections. It’s like a cult.

Ralph Nader

Now [the merging of America’s older corporate plutocracy with the new authoritarian fascistic oligarchy] can be prevented. Because we still have our basic institutions. And they’ve got to be taken over… by the people who sent them there. By the people who they’re supposed to vote for. And so, while we have to be very vigilant about worst case scenarios… We know that the power constitutionally is still in the hands of the people. We, the people. And we also know that people have enormous assets. In terms of the commons, the public lands, the public airwaves… And, of course, we’ve got the vote. The corporations don’t have the vote.

Ralph Nader

You can join the Congress Club here, or the American Society of Apathetics here. If you’re looking for a resource to jumpstart your civic engagement, Ralph Nader and Katherine Isaac wrote Civics for Democracy: A Journey for Teachers and Students. You can find legislation currently being considered in Congress here.

Here is some of the civic action we featured on the show in 2021:

  • Warm Cookies of the Revolution is a Civic Health Club that engages folks in Denver to discuss and debate and organize and act around the community issues that affect their daily lives.

  • The Climate Museum, founded by Miranda Massie, is an institution focused on the intersection of art, climate science, justice, and activism.

  • Anpetu Wi Wind Farm, managed by Joseph McNeil of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, is designed to ensure energy independence, protect the environment, and promote economic growth in the region.

  • Get Lit, Stay Lit, founded by Devin DeWulf, is a campaign to crowd-fund and install solar panels and batteries on local restaurants to provide the neighborhood power during outages.

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