No, Secretary Blinken

Dr. Tariq Haddad, a practicing cardiologist in VA, was invited to a roundtable mtg w/ U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken to discuss the war on Gaza — he refused. Read his profound response: https://here4thekids.substack.com/p/no-secretary-blinken

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If PEACE is The ENEMY, you miiight be “Living” in a Criminally Depraved, CorporateFascist-InsiderTrader WEALTH $$upremacist’s,


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Love listening to CounterSpin, and this show too!

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Thank you.

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Since the unregistered foreign agent, AIPAC, was allowed to exist (1950s) and influence every institution, news group and elected official, ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) became real. We even have a senile old puppet in the White House who proudly proclaimed he is a member!

A vote for Genocide Joe, or traitor tRump is a vote for genocide. I'll continue to post the solution to ZOG and an end to genocide...

Jill Stein For President 2024! Green Party for all other elected positions 2024!

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At some point, Ralph, I hope you will focus on the monetary system as Dennis did at your Breaking Through Power event, because money is power and thus it is the governing factor, as Harvard's Christine Desan said. As such it determines all our public policy. We have a privatized system issuing all money as interest-bearing debt, a form of slavery, and this causes there to be 4 times more debt than there is money in the world. Money should be a public function for public need not a privileged private scam for personal gain. monetaryalliance.org

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Zionism was condemned World-Wide as Terrorism, until GenocideJoe got into the U.S. Senate. Is it a coincidence that LyinBiden hold the record for Congressional Representatives taking Israel Lobby BRIBES. Menachim Begin called Biden more Zionist than even he himself was. Biden is regarded by DC insiders as the “meanest” man ever known. He was the Architect of the past TEN YEARS of Congressional Funding, Corrupting and Arming NaziUkraine to Groom UkraineNazis for EthnicCleansing of Ukrainians of Russian Heritage as prelude to this Proxy War with Russia that’s resulted in GENOCIDE of Ukraine. ALL to “Defend Security” of DCs CorporateFascist, InsiderTraders Global Profits MONOPOLY.

❓ Are Military Age People of Taiwan prepared to FOLLOW their Ukrainian counterparts to the Grave for DCs DEPRAVED CRIMINALS’ Global Domination, ResourceRape-RegimeChange, PROFITS❓❓❓

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Thank you Ralph and thanks to everybody on your radio hour.

My deepest sympathies to Dr. Haddad.

I am afraid the number of the killed is far greater.

The type of bombing used till South Africa called in the International Court of Justice, was of a type designed to pulverise building with all and everybody in it.

“Multiple strikes with heavy bombs on the same target” “a well recorded warcrime”

Also, I worked from 2007 to 2011 moderating the site and youtbe channels of the only international humanitarian worker in Gaza during casted led.

Is name was Vittorio Arrigoni.

Vittorio explained me that both the PA and hams are under threat by israel which tells them to give out a smaller number of the dead than the actual one, or they will kill, still and destroy even more.

What we assume is that the number given now days, is the one of the bodies which have been recovered.

Than again that is clearly a small percentage “probably 10% to 20%” of the real number.

That has been the same in both Gaza and the rest of Palestine since before 2008.

Vittorio was supposed to be witness at The Hague as only international witness of the “casted led “ operation, he was killed in Gaza in 2011 before he could testify.

The israeli regime as committed way too many atrocities to be lett to continue

to carry on and this madness must end now!

The Genocide and the apartheid must be stoped and the United States which have armed and protected who have now publicly and for the all world to see, turned out to be a brutal, inhumane and by the ICJ criminally indicted genocidal entity, have now the duty to enforce such command.

It is the United States duty to stop and persecute those who are using its weapons to commit atrocities so great that are already described to have resulted in what is now called , the “Palestinian Holocaust”.

This madness must end!

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Feb 10·edited Feb 12

At least today, CNN and The NY Times have been zeroing in on the Gaza genocide.

Israel is planning on flooding tunnels in Gaza that will likely have dire consequences:


Strongly recommend this Intercept piece, even got posted on some blatantly racist sites too:


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The loss of so many family members that Dr Haddad is experiencing, is worse than horrific. My condolences Doctor.

This from Palestinian journalist Walid Mahmoud:

Body of 6-year-old killed in ‘deliberate’ Israeli fire found after 12 days

“I’m so scared, please come. Please call someone to come and take me,” she was heard crying desperately in the call that PRCS said lasted three hours in an effort to calm the frightened child.

The body of a six-year-old Palestinian girl, missing for 12 days after an Israeli tank targeted their family car in Gaza, has been found along with the bodies of two medics dispatched to look for them.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) and the family of the girl, Hind Rajab, confirmed on Saturday that all seven people inside the car were killed, with the Palestinian relief organization saying it lost crew members Yusuf Zeino and Ahmed al-Madhoun in the Israeli attack on civilians in Gaza City.

Family members found Hind’s body along with those of her uncle and aunt and their three children near a roundabout in the city’s Tal al-Hawa suburb, the Palestinian news agency Wafa reported.

Another of Hind’s uncles, Sameeh Hamadeh, said the car was peppered with bullet holes.

“The occupation deliberately targeted the ambulance upon its arrival at the scene, where it was found just meters away from the vehicle containing the trapped child Hind,” said the PRCS statement.

“Despite prior coordination to allow the ambulance to reach the location to rescue the child, Hind, the occupation deliberately targeted the Palestine Red Crescent ambulance crew.”

Earlier this month, the PRCS published an audio file in which Hind could be heard pleading on the phone with a member of the rescue team. All members of her family are believed to have been killed before her, leaving her terrified in the car with the dead bodies of her loved ones.

All the cries that Hind raised to save her life went unheard by the world.

Hind was left alone for 12 days, witnessing the execution of her relatives and the paramedics who tried to rescue her.

Do not cease to speak about these monstrous acts, and do not become accustomed to the scene in Gaza.

Walid Mahmoud


This is what voting Dems or MAGAS will guarantee, until Palestine and Palestinians are no more.

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Hi! I need to report a small victory here in British Columbia, Canada. An anti-Palestinian member of the provincial cabinet, Selina Robinson, was forced to resign. University of British Columbia professor and member of the Jewish Faculty Association, Avi Lewis, stated, “This is, I believe, the first time in North American political history when a senior member of government has paid the ultimate political price for anti-Palestinian racism. …There are already too many people who have been losing their jobs (in post-secondary education) because of opinions that they hold publicly, though so far, that’s almost exclusively been for expressing solidarity with Palestinians, who, once again, are being killed indiscriminately.” I also wrote an article on this (with Avi's stamp of approval). You can read it here: https://troymedia.com/politicslaw/bc-politics/the-selina-robinson-saga-is-a-lesson-in-political-accountability/

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I just wrote a blog post about tonight. This isn't about me or trying to get views. We just want this story to get out, with the hope that others will get the courage to do the same. And of course, to stop the killing.


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gm Everyone!

I have what I believe is going to be a national story.

Tonight our group -- CeasefireNow Roaring Fork Valley -- attended the Glenwood Springs City Council meeting with the goal of asking that the town council adopt a ceasefire resolution.

I'll note that just two days ago our group attended a city council meeting in Aspen. Two members of the city council turned their backs on us. Here's the link:


Here's the press release we're circulating:

On Thursday night, by a unanimous 7-0 vote, the Glenwood Springs City Council became the first municipality in Colorado to pass a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Thursday's meeting opened with the public comment period, during which 5 members of the Ceasefire Now Roaring Fork Valley advocated for the council to adopt a ceasefire resolution, a draft copy of which was passed on to all members of the council. In response to the group’s comments, Councilor Godes brought forth a motion to add the resolution to the top of the meeting’s agenda, seconded by Councilor Kaup, and opposed by none.

Councilor Godes opened the discussion by stating his support for the resolution. While the council’s opinions on the nitty gritty of the draft resolution varied, they arrived at a consensus on approving a resolution that calls for “an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza and [the] Occupied West Bank, immediate unhindered humanitarian aid into Gaza, and release of all hostages and arbitrarily detained Palestinian civilians in order to work towards a long-term peace.”

Glenwood Springs is a working man's town. They unanimously passed our resolution. But in Aspen, a cultural center, two city council members turned their backs on us.

It's unheard of, that a city council adopts a resolution the same night the citizens bring it. Not only that, they adopted it unanimously.

Here's the link to tonight's city council meeting. Our groups comments start at 14:22 in. I spoke.

Then go to 35:45, to see where the city council starts taking this up. It's incredible.


Please help us get this incredible story out. I'm available if you want to talk, as are members of our group.

Thanks in advance,

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Bless you Ralph and company!!! You restore my faith in humanity every week! ❤️❤️❤️

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Heartbreaking. I've never cried while listening to an online interview before. Thank you for so clearly describing your beautiful family members, Dr. Haddad. May they forgive us all for allowing the horrors of genocide, both overt and covert. May they all be at peace. I think of the song, "When will they ever learn?... When will they ever learn?" Thank you Ralph Nader and Janine Jackson.

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LOL, I am familiar with MMT. you should question what you think you know. Yes, the government prints and mints the currency which it sells to the banks who create the money when they make a loan, but physical currency is only 3% of the money supply at best. 97+% is electronically created account money. The government borrows to fund the deficit and is why we have $34T in debt. In fact we have nearly 4 times more debt than there is in the money supply, same globally. Global debt is $305T but there is only $82.5T in the global money supply. You should read The Lost Science of Money, a history by Stephen Zarlenga. Money today has more to do with power than economics. As JK Galbraith wrote: “The problem of the modern economy is not a failure of a knowledge of economics; it's a failure of a knowledge of history." To learn more....






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