It is disturbing to hear that Paul is one of those anti-vax nutjobs. Makes me suspect this mosquito program he talks about is really very different from how he describes it, because he has revealed himself to be unreliable. It is literally insane to oppose well established public health measures, so those who do are obviously suspect because they are clearly being irrational in at least this one way. It is sad because it undermines the good work he is doing for democracy. But sorry for him, he will discover that democracy wants vaccines, the public wants public health. Nice that agrees with democracy as the goal, and hopefully others will be able to use that model. As long as they are really committed to democracy.

On nuclear, I intended to be a fusion researcher when I was young. Did not go that way, luckily as it has become an obvious dead end. And it is disturbing that the effort serves the great evil of weapons (if it could work it really would change life for everyone on the planet so the people who pursue it are trying to help billions of people, but they are used as tools of war too). Why anyone thinks fission is a solution is beyond me. They seem to just decide they will ignore the issues of time for construction, waste, terrorism and accident. Pathetic really. It is just obviously the worst idea behind doing nothing and could be worse than doing nothing.

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It is always comforting to hear a PhD use the term "nutjob" in the first sentence of their argument! Did you get your degree on the back of a cereal box?

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I believe that when referring to people whose consciousness is not bound by reality to the degree they accept irrational ideas that are dangerous to the person holding the idea and those around them that the technical term is in fact "nut-job." Words are meant to convey ideas and sometimes people find the technical language to be difficult.

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Why don’t you dust off your PhD and cite one peer-reviewed paper that shows

the Covid vaccine prevents transmission from one person to another (no pre-print s.v.p.).

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Hey! You got yer PhDee from Battle Creek, so did I.

Mine was on the back of a box of Cap'n Crunch! Wuz yers?

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Are you trying to argue that anti-vax nut-jobs are not simply insane? OK, you can try to argue that. But arguing that demonstrably insane people are not insane is a tough nut to crack. And it really doesn't help anyone, least of all the insane, to ignore mental illness and pretend that holding irrational views is not irrational. It is deeply disturbing that so many people around us are prepared to risk their lives, their children's lives and stranger's lives because of irrational beliefs. If they were not insane, they would be among the most decidedly immoral people on the planet -- willfully risking other people's lives so carelessly is a deeply immoral behavior.

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Herr Dr.

Here is peace-offering and a way out of this conversation:

November 2022,

Saint Anthony Fauci ran around the airwaves with his hair on fire telling people,

“If you have been vaccinated, you still have to mask-up and be very careful around grandma this Thanksgiving!”

"Anti-vax Nut-job” (sic) Dr.Peter McCullough M.D said, ”if you have been vaccinated against Covid, it is quite safe to enjoy Thanksgiving with grandma.

The Vaccinated have so little spike protein in their nasopharynx that there is very little chance of infecting grandma, have a good holiday".

Which man makes more sense?

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What are you talking about? Who is seriously maintaining that peer-reviewed science shows the Covid vaccine prevents transmission form one person to another?

Hint: Don't ask Albert Bourla

You are welcome to keep repeating blather about insane people and nutjobs, but you do so

without evidence.

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Hi Richard, I sent this letter to Ralph:

Aloha Ralph,

I know you care about endangered wildlife, so I am writing to refute the absolute nonsense communicated by your guest Paul Desjardins on Maui about the release of Wolbachia-incompatible male mosquitoes, also known as Incompatible Insect Technique (IIT). Although I respect Paul for his community organizing efforts with the Maui Pono Network, his statements regarding this project are unfounded. IIT has its roots in decades of sound, peer-reviewed science and tested practical application. Hawaiʻi did not have mosquitos until they were accidentally introduced in the early 1800s, but since then have been causing havoc on our endemic forest birds by vectoring avian malaria and pox, which in most species causes over a 90% mortality rate. I want to emphasize that these are species of birds found nowhere else in the world and many have already gone extinct.

Of the remaining surviving species, due to climate chaos and habitat loss, the native forests that these birds have evolved in and depend on for their survival have shrunk, and their populations have been pushed up to what little high elevation native forests remain in the state. Normally too cool to support mosquito populations, an ever-warming world has also allowed mosquitos to live in these high elevation rare ecosystems. There is no room for these birds to go and their populations have plummeted severely. The situation is so dire on the islands of Kauaʻi and Maui that although IIT has finally been approved through a very long regulatory process (which mind you, included multiple public input periods), it already may be too late for the birds on those islands.

You know from your work over the decades, that if there is a genuine threat to the public, you can always find publicly minded experts who dissent. In this instance, the dissenting line comes entirely from conspiracists. Desjardins does not have a good looking record regarding vaccinations and 9/11. I know that the rampant corporatization that has infiltrated so many issues important to our lives can cause a lot of knee jerk skepticism, but I wanted to point out that this project is essential to saving what little native wildlife remain in the state. This intervention has been planned by hard working public and environment minded biologists who just want to save our birds, and who have no scary ulterior motives.

Interested listeners and readers can find out more on this specific issue at: www.birdsnotmosquitoes.org.


Hilo, Hawaiʻi

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“Trusted, practical application" is a phrase that means absolutely nothing without citation.

"Sound, peer-reviewed science" is usually followed by reference to cited research.

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I recently received a medium-sized mailing envelope in the mail. It contained something firm. I did not recognize the name on the package, and I was not expecting it. Should I open it? Did I need to have it tested for Anthrax? I opened it. It was a free copy I had requested and had forgotten about of a book recommended by a recent RNRH program. "Tax the Rich: How Lies, Loopholes, and Lobbyists make the Rich Even Richer" by Morris Pearl, Erica Payne, & the Patriotic Millionaires.

I thought it got off to a slow start, but then it went into certain specific provisions of tax law and how these provisions are designed to further enrich the already wealthy, and my interest perked up. For instance, there is a provision about a 1031 like-kind exchange that relates to taxes on the sale of an investment property (not a personal residence). If one sells such a property and reinvests in another such property, which can be done repeatedly, taxes on the income from the sale(s) can be postponed (possibly forever, i.e., until death). These tax savings are a benefit of having the money to invest. This is one example in the book (there are many others) of how wealthy people get ahead legally, while the rest of us get left behind, and the imbalance between rich and poor keeps increasing. It turned out to be an interesting book.

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So I live in Hawai'i and have for over 20 years

My wife is Native Hawaiian from Hana Maui, where we used to live. We now reside on Moku 'o Keawe or Hawaii island. We have been watching what has. Even happening on Maui County over the past 5 plus ears'with excitement at times. The biggest thing we noticed was all the young local people getting elected. That has been one of the biggest changes we saw. Ok, so let me preface what I am about to say with it is really awesome to see what has been accomplished on Maui recently but what your guest either fails to recognize or failed to mention at the least is the impact t of the local culture. None of what has happened in Maui would be nearly as achievable if it weren't for the unique local cutout find here in the islands. People know each other and if not are quickly able to figure out who is who and where they come from and what their background and agendas are due to the intimately interconnectedness of the communities here. Big business can't ring in saboteurs because the locals will quickly be able to figure out they are not from Maui or even Hawaii due to the cultural aspects of being connected to place by family and community ties. You do not find this on the mainland. Without the local culture and how it all ties together what was done on Maui could not so easy be replicated in communities on the mainland. Otherwise why didn't this guy do it in California where he is from?

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Well, I see from the comments so far that the nuke advocates and climate change deniers are out in force. I'll be providing some back-up to the technical case against Generation I-III and most Generation IV nuclear reactors, including related SMRs, on my substack https//stephenschiff.substack.com starting September 5th. Tune in for free if you'd like access to the full story, including links to peer-reviewed journal articles.

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Ramana is featured in the excellent new documentary ATOMIC BAMBOOZLE: The False Promise of a Nuclear Renaissance.

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Aug 19, 2023·edited Aug 19, 2023

Thanks , a constructive comment in a sea of nonsense. America is always looking for that magic pill to take.

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Aug 22, 2023·edited Aug 22, 2023

Another inspiring show. Greetings to all from nuclear free New Zealand!

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Where do I find Paul Deslauriers online or on social media??

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Thank you, Ralph.

I lived through terrifying drop drills in grammar school due to cold war fright. When the teacher suddenly and unpredictably yelled, "Drop!" we were to immediately hide under our desks, which was somehow believed to keep us safe against the threat of an atomic bomb. Instead, it served only to instill terror. At that time, people were thinking about building a bomb shelter in their back yard to protect their families from an atomic bomb, should one be dropped on us.

Later, a lady who had lived through Hiroshima came to to tell her story in our high school class. The suffering and inhumanity of her experiences was forever impressed upon me. I read much later that Truman said he did not lose any sleep over his decision to drop the bombs.

The irrational illusion of being able to protect ourselves from such inconceivably massive radioactive power has apparently not diminished by the escalation from atomic to nuclear energy.

The power and danger of nuclear energy is much greater than that of atomic energy, and anyone who has seen the mushroom cloud knows to some degree the inconceivable power involved. We still have no safe way to dispose of radioactive waste. The people of the world have absorbed to our detriment the fallout of serious uncontained explosions at nuclear facilities.

I believe that humanity needs to be protected by eliminating all traces on earth of this unsafe energy technology, and where that is impossible, to use our best practices to isolate and contain as safely as possible what cannot be eliminated.

I suspect the military-congressional-industrial complex of the irrationality of proposing nuclear facilites for profit, so it was interesting to hear that the people interested in building them often also have coal facilities. Our world, our people, and our democracy are being destoyed in every way for profit. This is one of them. I stand strongly against any use whatsoever of nuclear power and of nuclear weapons.

I want to mention here that the Doomsday clock is now seconds from midnight.

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Bill Gates is the fatal example: vaccines that kill people, agriculture that isn't intelligent is harming land, nuclear that is a lie. Naomi Klien is bought off too. Follow the money.

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Bill and Melinda have more money than God.

They got divorced cause they can’t stand to live on the same continent.

Melinda takes it upon herself to tell African women how many kids they should have.

Bill's experimental vaccine on girls in India didn’t go so good.

Oh well, sh*t happens….I guess.

Nuclear Power....trust the experts?

As Mark Twain said, an expert is just some guy from out of town.

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Fun fun navel gazing. So, without socialism and without food security, stopping sanctions, stopping these EuroTrashLandians and their Ukraine sickness, oh, all those cloud servers gobbling up energy, and alas, hows that working out, War and War, and now Namibia finding vast amounts of oil, and so here we are, Whitey and now Indians on the Moon, while 11 million children die a year of gut diseases, and, those big time elites, those Naderians, those elites, just yammering without any true ground truthing.

Undesireable aspects of wind and solar, ahh, those electric companies, and who needs nuclear weapons when we have MIC running the show and the complete (almost) take over of the average human mind, entrainment, and, GAD, and so much wasted in this wasteful society.

Check out the Canadian Patriot. The think tank Frontier Center recently wrote of Germany’s energy debacle:

“Construction of solar and wind “farms” has already caused massive devastation to Germany’s wildlife habitats, farmlands, ancient forests and historic villages. Even today, the northern part of Germany looks like a single enormous wind farm. Multiplying today’s wind power capacity by a factor 10 or 15 means a 200 meter high (650 foot tall) turbine must be installed every 1.5 km (every mile) across the entire country, within cities, on land, on mountains and in water.”

Fear of radiation is a fraud pushed by a Malthusian lobby whose goal has been to dismantle the sovereign nation state by getting its victims to undermine their own basis of existence. This is the realization of the Trilateral Commission policy announced by Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker who called for a “controlled disintegration” of industrial civilization in 1978. This is the program of Maurice Strong as he decapitated Canada’s nuclear program in the 1990s and called for the collapse of industrial civilization. This is the policy which is at the heart of the Green New Deal being spread by London bankers like Mark Carney and Prince Charles which is really just another name for de-population.

This is the program which China and Russia have rejected under the emerging global framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. China is planning to triple its nuclear sector by 2032 to power its vast growth program and Russia’s ambitious nuclear energy program is tied directly to Putin’s recent decision to challenge the Liberal Malthusian order by name. Any nation committed to raising the living standards and productive powers of its people cannot tolerate a de-carbonization or de-nuclearization plan for even a minute.


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The Frontier Centre for Public Policy (FCPP) is a Canadian public policy think tank,[1] founded to undertake research and education projects in support of economic growth and social outcomes that enhance quality of life.[3] The group claims to be non-partisan, however, their views have been interpreted by some as neoliberal,[4] or right-libertarian.[citation needed] Among the positions promoted by the Centre is climate change denial.

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Speaking of warmed- over Lyndon Larouche,

remember when Tarpley called Melania, a former Manhattan call-girl?

When Webster showed for a meaningless pretrial motion at

the imposing New York City courthouse; there sat the First Lady, in her

powered-blue ensemble, flanked by her five attorneys.

Tarpley spent the next three years cowering under his coffee table….

Good Times!

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Th fellow is so patronizing, so not of the people and for the people, calling all others naive? In 2023? So the voice of Wind and Solar God speaks. Of course, savagery or socialism, and getting the MIC out of the picture -- MIC is the large monster of academia, energy, banking, finance, real estate, food, ag, chem, mining, surveillance, AI-VR-AR, law, insurance, entertainment, media, Press, engineering, retail, prison, K12, medicine, pharma COMPLEX! Oh, those elephants in the room, those elephants in the room.

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Nader has been wrong about nuclear power for decades, but he has been right about most other issues.

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Lol at the title card.

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And, so, how do those cloud servers and how do those drones and tanks and F-16s and the other merchants of death crap get built? Solar panels? Man oh man, so, nationalize energy, get colleges to be universities again, and take out the Oppenheimer Monsters of the world who never ask "Why Do I or We Need to Split the Atom and Build Japanese Civilian Immolation Bombs" and get real socialism going NOW.

Oh, those climate drum beaters, like sheep dog Sanders, loving those build back greener US Military Insanity. Green Bullets and Solar Wedding Party Killing Drones!

Sanders has unequivocally stated that he supports the Biden administration’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Within hours of criticizing the “bloated and wasteful Defense Department that cannot even pass an independent audit” on Twitter last month, Sanders had voted against a special inspector general audit of billions of dollars in Ukraine war funding. Prior to the Ukraine war Sanders had spent years pushing cold war Russia hysteria and lending the illusion of credibility to the baseless mainstream conspiracy theory that the highest office of the US government had been infiltrated by the Kremlin.

It’s not uncommon to see mainstream liberals of the political/media class pushing back somewhat against the China hawks, even while they cheerlead fanatically for nuclear brinkmanship with Russia.

Meanwhile normal human beings whose brains haven’t been turned to clam chowder by propaganda from either mainstream faction would much prefer to avoid giant world-threatening confrontations between any nuclear-armed nations. Economic warfare between nations of immense economic consequence will hurt ordinary people all around the world, proxy conflicts will amass mountains of human corpses, and nuclear brinkmanship leaves us dangling over a horror too terrible to even imagine by a thread that gets thinner and thinner the more tensions escalate.

Caitlin Johnstone!!

Climate change my ass. Senator Bernie "Bernays" Sanders has a new article out in The Guardian titled “The US and China must unite to fight the climate crisis, not each other,” in which he argues in favor of de-escalation measures comparable to those reached between Washington and Moscow after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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I recall the protest movement against the buidling of the Seabrook Niuclear Power Plant in New Hampshire in the late 1970s that roughly coincided with the Nuclear Freeze Movement of the 1980s. Nuclear power is being sold once again like a dangerous automobile (with a nod to Ralph Nader). I live in western Massachusetts where wind turbines could produce lots of power, as the hills are many here and sparsely populated. I recently inquired about installing solar panels on my roof and the cost was about $20,000, which is absurd. Some solar panel companies try to intice home owners wth the promise of no money down, a sort of come-on intended to get a person or family to put those big bucks down. Where’s the state and federal government in this? Electric companies here support the Mass Save program that makes homes someqhat energy efficient, but will never support solar or wind power.

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Another great program. I remmeber the protests against the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant in New Hampshire that coincided roughly with the antinuclear movement of the 1980s, the Nuclear Freeze Movement. Nuclear power is being sold once again like a dangerous automobile (with a nod to Ralph Nader). I live in western Massachusetts where wind turbines could produce lots of power, as the hills here are many here and sparsely populated. I recently inquired about installing solar panels on my roof and the cost was about $20,000, which is absurd. Some solar panel companies try to intice home owners wth the promise of no money down, a sort of come-on intended to get a person or family to put those big bucks down. Where’s the state and federal government in this? Electric companies here will support the Mass Save program that makes homes someqhat energy efficient, but will never support solar or wind power.

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What happened to the monsoon rains there in Maui? How could it have burned when there was that much water coming down every day? Has the climate become dryer?

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