Good program and it's frankly astonishing that in 2024 industrial hemp is still being targeted by the mindless DEA. Mr. Nader has been pushing industrial hemp for many decades, including working with Ron Paul to initiate an industrial hemp bill, announced at the NOFA farming conference in a debate setting.

On the microplastics issue, fortunately there are many gutsy people fighting industry on the dangerous proliferation of these health-impairing products. One area of activism has been against athletic fields and the astroturf fields sold as good for the community and the environment; the truth could not be further away from that. A riverkeeper organization successfully fought the installation of a natural turf field last year: https://vimeo.com/803691477?fbclid=IwAR39u4RpcPSXqCLNpQWa1QfgqIMtC_OHzvXWtCw3uc-3Zh6c3lzQ_BjLY80

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When will we ever hear real good news? Not just this really bad thing or another one wasn't as bad as expected. Repugnikins want no pot, no sex, women out of sight in the kitchen or the nursery and no contraception. More babies to enslave in their short tragic lives Sure thing! We've got 8 billion people on a crowded dying planet. But they tell us no escape from the horrors with sex or harmless drugs. And G-d appears to be absent, but if we pray hard in church in school, in sports, he'll come back? Mother Nature herself has about given up on humans that have no humanity as we poisoned and pillaged her beautiful planet ad are in the final stages of strangling ourselves. As planned by filthy rich people addicted to money and power. It's sicker than the book 1984, because that was fiction but this real. We could have intervened once but the evil went undercover and only now, millions are waking up to it But armed cops, militias, the military and all the other instruments of torture are killing and maiming us.There are very few patriots who will give their lives to save us and the world. I'm mad and I can't take it anymore.

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Thanks for touching on a subject of such importance. I will contact my rep. in congress Ami Barra and see where he stands. Not just yes I agree. He must understand who's standing in the way of true progress - DEA & Dep. of Ag. I'll do my part! thanks again, Bob Jesse

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On the YouTube channel for the RNRH, there is a character named Nomen Nudum. He keeps bullying me and others for no reason at all (but he especially keeps bullying me), and he has also done this activity on other YouTube comment sections too. He also calls me a bot, even though I am a human being. In fact, I think I would know my own humanity more than a complete stranger and overall jerk like Nomen Nudum would. And for some reason, he also replies to me with stickers of Parrots. In any case, he behaves no differently than my middle school bullies such as Hayden Garrison did back in the day.

I realize I am in no position to dictate what to do with your YouTube channel but even so, I, frankly, am getting sick and tired of having to endure his bullying. Thanks for hearing me out and sorry to go off-topic, btw.

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We're looking into it, Ryan.

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thank you Steve for looking into it. Ryan deserves your help in the matter! bob

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All plastic, namely the materials that are derived from petroleum, eventually can no longer be recycled. That is, depending on the type of plastic, it can be recycled between once and ten times, and then it becomes waste. So the petrochemical plastic industry, besides shifting the burden of recycling onto the public, is also not informing the public that eventually all of their plastic products become waste that doesn't biodegrade. Instead the industry puts a recyclable symbol on the item as if to say that they are being environmentally responsible.


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Hi Mr. Nader and staff .. thank for providing a space to discuss thoughts..I will watch air pollution.

I am discussing the ‘ in case you missed section ‘

Point 1: I would not call it ‘ disastrous’ I would called ‘ you were not in the zone or not on top of his game’. He does work with an administration, cabinet… Unfortunately, super red Texas public school history , at least when I took it was all about Santa Anna general from Mexico. Since he discusses future wishes, he forgets the history regarding Panic 1893 and also the Gilded Age-and how disunity destroyed the chances of Democrat William Jennings Bryan winning vs Republican McKinley. The policies were Similar. Jennings was about the following:

1. Reduce tariffs

2. Break monopolies

3. Control railroad robber barons

4. Take a bimetallic stance ( gold and silver)

As history would have it, republican mckinley won the industrial workers while conducting his front porch campaign from at home. His campaign manager did the legwork. Jennings won the farmers. ( not enough to win)

Does this sound familiar?

Another prominent person stated the 13 keys to the White House. He states it is about Governance not campaigns or debates.

Yes, one of major keys is charisma such FDr, JFK , teddy , and 2008 Obama, as Mr. Allan pointed.

13 keys to keep in mind.. need 6 or more

1. Party mandate - democrats lose this one

2. Incumbent charisma- no one has this one , as far I am concerned

3.short term economy - democrats

4. Long term economy per capital growth-democrats

5. Policy change- democrats

6. Scandal- President only, not family- democrats

7. Third party- ?

8. Social unrest - ? Although there was an insurrection caused by ‘ ghost’

9. Foreign military failure - ?

10. Foreign military success-?

11. Challenger charisma - I am not into cults

12. Incumbency- democrats lose this one with bait and switch or substitute face

13. Contest- democrats lose this one with bait and switch or substitute face.

And biased media outlets don’t help the cause.

Hope this helps your informative decision making process when it really counts.

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