I am sure Ralph would be happy to know that I finally stopped procrastinating and divested form a big bank, moved my accounts to a Credit Union. Thanks Ralph!

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Hey y’all I am a huge fan of the show and can’t wait to get my weekly dose of enlightenment. My question isn’t related to this week’s episode, instead it’s about healthcare. I’m having trouble finding a active group advocating for healthcare and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction? Please please please keep up the work that you do!

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Thanks Ralph. I'll be exploring Capital Hill Citizen Assoc along wth Openthebooks.com and I'll stop procrastinating joining the Community Banking, financing co-ops, you aired a whole 730.56 hours ago. That's a month ago, right Ralph?

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Wonderful and unique program!

There is least procrastination if: game is about to start, if sales quota rewards are generous enough and somewhat reachable.... if two people building a life together pursue the(shared) Plan as best they can. If experiments adjusted for its resultant data must now be redesigned and tested... if one reads Mr. Nader or George Will's words to try to understand each political-philosophical "side"(what side? --"it's fractal fool...excuse me...it is not so simple).

Perhaps try to just jump in the cold lake and visualize an outcome (not so cold! And now not 95 humid degrees in there or, phew, benign polyps removed) but motivated by one's own gravity! (if that makes sense) ---if one is DEVOTED to, say, attaining your first or fifth black belt or scrutinizing local or national or international issues from different mind-sets or viewpoints, this all gets such doers off said couch all the time. Why is all that "easy" to do? So maybe clarify your seemingly crappy task's purpose and voila: a more personal action is possible, and the lake is so refreshing--- like your new cut lawn.

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Let me begin this comment by just briefly reminding all the fellow RNRH listeners of the 50th anniversary of the US and UK-led overthrow of the democratic government of Chile which occurred on September 11, 1973. With all the pledges of allegiance to democratic ideals, domestically and abroad, we hear from politicians, we must remember the reality that the US has ensured that democracy fails when there are economic gains to be had by the US from the failure and destruction of democracy.

It is difficult to discuss anything else after this somber reminder of our mostly forgotten recent history, but in an effort to avoid procrastination, I must go on with this comment. On a completely different topic, I was appalled by a news report I read this week at the website of one of the local TV stations here in Houston, KTRK-TV. The link to the report is here: https://abc13.com/ercot-texas-power-grid-riot-bitcoin-miners/13753300/

According to the report, ERCOT, who operates the electrical grid in Texas, gave a Bitcoin mining company in Texas $31.7 million in energy credits for reducing their electrical use in August due to there being high electrical demand in the state due to the record high temperatures and the resulting threats of rolling blackouts and such. The state has been welcoming of crypto mining and, to that point, there is this ‘shocking’ statement in the KTRK report: “...bitcoin projects accounted for 33 gigawatts of energy compared to all Houston households combined using an estimated six gigawatts per year.”

This is appalling from a corporate welfare perspective, but it is even more appalling from an environmental perspective. Crypto currencies are useless currencies and there is no reason for the state to be trying to attract crypto miners as I’m sure it’s hardly a major source of employment. Certainly crypto isn’t a source of productive employment. Clearly the state government has failed if they are trying to attract this type of energy consumption in the state rather than the sensible action of banning it outright. Cypto mining is so useless that I would not even advocating taxing it. It needs to be eliminated completely and it probably needs to be banned federally.

Anyway, perhaps this is something for Francesco to consider for his segment next week or perhaps it should be a featured topic for a future RNRH episode since I’m sure Mr. Nader will have a lot to say about this subject.

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Placed my order. This is gonna be fun. Thanks folks.

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We have seven (7) layers of skin.

We have one CONTINUAL TUBE goes from

one ORIFICE (intake of food opening) to the ORIFACE (opening pooping out the food).

The health of the skin depends on the elasticity of the smooth muscles., ie, such

as if a person Is taking chemical medicines instead of food as medicine. These chemical medicines make the cells work (expand & contract) but dry the skin & smooth muscles because the cells, tissues & organs are not

“Fed” “after they have worked.”

This the cells get drier leading to possible cracks in the cells on the cell wall, such as an inflammation of a weak area of SKIN in the Tube that can fester as an anaroebic infection that the endocrinologist will Lazar.

This is why a 1/2 T Oil with sprinkle of ElectroLytes (Sea or Pink Hymmalian ElectroLyte MineraL Salts 2x per day

is so important. The Oil feeds your INVOLUNTARYSMOOTH MUSCLES

and the Minerals feeds your RBC so 0XYGEN feeds your amoebic & anaroebic cells as the oxygen rotation to feeds our body is every 60’seconds.

What happened to N.W.WALKER & SHELDON’s healthy use of COLON THERAPY (?)(?) With our Disposie Speculums, we saw what was coming out as it flowed thru our glass window. We saw if it was Bloody & Noted the COLOR & All Details right then & there. All the SOAP NOTES went to the Doctor in Patient’s File.

Hope this Helps with Colon Cancer Research.


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Hello Mr. Nader,

I am writing today to inform you that after a week's long procrastination I have written and mailed my 3 letters off to request a physical copy of the Congressional Record. It was somewhat difficult to pen the Honorable Mitch McConnell: my brain kept glitching as I wrote and stared at the result...

I look forward to the next collective action and will follow up with my responses if given any.

In Solidarity,

Jason Goetzinger

Louisville, KY


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I know Steel was just answering Nader's question but does anyone else out there lose their shit when people refer to Branson as a sort of example of success? Because I see Branson as the epitome of our problems—with his air, space, and water polluting contraptions spewing out massive quantities of toxins which, in some cases, are the main cause of learning and developmental disabilities. That said, I am quite glad the guest mentioned that demand is part of the problem as well.

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In your recent blog on the consequences of the War on Habitat you correctly conclude that citizens must wrest control of our government from the big money interests concluding with "- no more than one active percent of the citizenry, representing the majority public opinion, can quickly make a large majority of those 535 Congressional Senators and Representatives fight first and foremost for the public interest."

As long as those 535 Congressional Senators and Representatives are financed by the big money interests they will fight first and foremost for the big money interests and not the public interest.

If we want the 535 to fight for the public interest we must elect politicians that are financed by small contributions from ordinary citizens.

Unfortunately many advocates of getting the big money out of politics that 80% of citizens want propose action that is actually procrastination.

These proposals involve future legislation or Constitutional amendments that enable citizens to procrastinate by voting for politicians that procrastinate by promising future legislation or amendments rather than citizens taking action now by demanding small donor candidates and enforcing that demand with our votes to force politicians to take action now by financing their campaigns with small donors.

How much longer will you procrastinate organizing that active one percent of citizens to make this demand now by having me on the Radio Hour to discuss this approach as you said you would on Washington Journal (10-24-2018)?

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